Everytime I wish death on someone..

Everytime I wish death on someone..

Everytime I wish death on someone I apologize to god. I fear that one day he will punish my daughters for the things iv said about other people.

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  1.  by  Amy

    Then stop wishing death on people. Maybe you should see a therapist about that. There’s only been one person who I’ve wished death on in my life, and it gave me a very bad taste in my mouth.

    The fact that you make a habit out of it is worrisome.

    Since you obviously believe in God, just start saying things like “God will take care of it”. Leave it in God’s hands (since it already is) and stop sullying your conscience by wishing for horrible things.

    Note: by “He’ll take care of it” I mean that God will choose to punish that person in whatever way HE sees fit. Not you.

  2.  by  Shar Joy

    Please know this is merely a “reflection” of of hating something about yourself….a nudge from God. Resentments are only a reminder that we have unfinished business to tend to within ourselves……period. Set a great example by taking care of yourself and you won’t have to be concerned for your daughters…..Love & Light

  3.  by  Erin

    I agree with Chris, surely if there was a god he/she would have reacted already if you think you’re that bad?

  4.  by  Tamsin

    A) There’s no god. Humans create them to help them deal with fear.
    B) Anger is ok, just another emotion. The only thing you can control is your response to it. You didn’t kill them, problem solved.
    C) Stop being afraid of your emotions, thoughts, and urges. Guilt is pointless.

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