Even though I say I’m fine.

Even though I say I'm fine.

Even though I say I’m fine. I’m not.

3 Comments on “Even though I say I’m fine.

  1.  by  Elaine Baker

    I completly understand.. I would love to speak with you. Maybe I could help, I mean I’m no shirnk but I might be able to do SOMETHING.. I just want you to know you aren’t alone and If you feel unloved or anything like that I love you. Your beautiful and Anyone is lucky to have you

  2.  by  Shar Joy

    PLEASE know when these emotions arise it is just to let you know something is trying to change & grow within you. Spiritual transformation is a never ending process. When we are resistant or overwhelmed by the pain of our Fear of this, it can be natural to want to be rid of what we THINK is the source….our “bodies”. Unfortunately, those who have had a failed suicide attempt will tell you they knew it was not the “answer” the moment they tried this. In reaching out like you have just know you ARE ready to transition & keeping it inside makes it huge & unbearable! EVERYONE is there at times….you are NEVER alone….EVER! You are deeply loved and have your place in the this world. Please know we need you to do your part….and may I be the first to say thank you for being here….;)

  3.  by  New Start

    In a society that is obsessed with the need to make everybody ok, it’s hard to tell people how you really feel. It’s ok to not be fine-you can’t control how you feel. All you can control is what you do when you feel that way. If you can’t do anything to make the situation better (which is often the case) then focus on what you can do that won’t make it worse. Sometimes, that’s all we can do.

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