While everyone my age got presents for christmas..

While everyone my age got presents for christmas..

While everyone my age got presents for christmas..I got the relief knowing that I can live in my house for another month.

7 Comments on “While everyone my age got presents for christmas..

  1.  by  Shar Joy

    Thank you….I saw this JUST after sending an email to the person helping me to not be foreclosed on. As a spiritual minister teaching gratitude and simplicity as a foundation for life…I honor you for sharing so poignantly what truly matters….YOU are the gift…..

  2.  by  normanthecow

    When i was 8 a truck came to deliver packages to us, i was so happy to have presents. It was food, i was even happier.

  3.  by  Christel Platt

    This is America, we are supposedto be able to do anything, but why can’t we get our own off the street, and help keep those who are struggling from losing their homes? When I was little I thought 2012 would be flying cars and moon vacations, I never dreamed we would be a poor, hungry, jobless, cruel, full of greed America.

  4.  by  Chrispy

    The “little things” to some, are the “BIG THINGS” to others. The “gift” of a thankful heart, and an appreciative eye, is one that keeps on giving. You’re much richer than your peers.

  5.  by  Steph

    And you think those kids valued their toys more than you valued keeping your house?

    No fucking way. Merry next Christmas.

  6.  by  June

    I agree with Chrispy. I grew up completely broke (still am) and I really believe it made me who I am.

  7.  by  Jade

    This was a constant for my siblings and I growing up. My mother had an extreme gambling addiction and would put that over our happiness, food, clothes, and yes presents too. I understand your pain. It used to hurt a lot when kids would walk around the neighborhood with their toys and I would stay inside so I wouldn’t have to explain that it was either food or toys. She still gambles to this day

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