We were highschool sweethearts

We were highschool sweethearts

We were highschool sweethearts. It’s now been four years since this photo. I’m now married and happy. To someone else.
I still love you.

4 Comments on “We were highschool sweethearts

  1.  by  Shar Joy

    My high school sweetheart and I are business partners and best friends…..39 years later 🙂

  2.  by  Shar Joy

    I should mention that we too married other people….and we feel so very blessed to share the relationship we do

  3.  by  Tom McG

    It is a wonderful thing to still have some of the love you felt for another. For whatever reason you are not together but you still get to love them and I hope they still love you as well.

  4.  by  David

    I just found the first girl I ever really loved on fb. She has a baby. Married. She looks so beautiful. I wish it could have been me making her smile the way she smiles on those pictures. I’m married. and I love my wife. Why won’t this feeling go away?

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