I’m 16 and I told a bunch of my close friends that I miscarried..

I'm 16 and I told a bunch of my close friends that I miscarried..

I’m 16 and I told a bunch of my close friends that I miscarried…I LIED.

I guess I just want a baby that bad.

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  1.  by  colleen

    I’m 30. I really did have a miscarriage at age 23. When I was 26 my doctor told me I can never have children. I understand your desire to have children. I feel hurt that you would lie about something like that.

  2.  by  Silverwave21

    You are a heartless bitch to joke/lie about something like that. One day if you really do miscarry it will be justified by your horrid lie.

  3.  by  pualanikam

    Youre 16, a baby will change your life in a way you can’t imagine, can’t be ready for. Wait for it so that when it really happens you and the baby will both have a good life.

  4.  by  katherine

    I’m 18 and i have made the decision to have a child, just because we’re younger doesn’t mean you’s would be better at it than us.

  5.  by  Elise#

    Get the fuck off this site. All that you do is spew negative crap that doesn’t need to be said. People write on here to be listened to and understood or at least to have a release. Do you remember what it’s like to be a 16 year old girl? And then to wish a miscarriage on someone that just wants to be a mother? You are a terrible person, you should not have to right to go on postsecret if all you do is judge people and give no room for understanding. Go get a soul and get the fuck off of this site.

  6.  by  nyomi1990

    I’m 21, currently trying too concieve with my partner. I’ve always wanted a child and sometimes wished I would get pregnant when I was a teenager.
    I’ve had 3 miscarriages in the last 8 month and now my depression is the worst its ever been, I’m scared ill never get the chance too have a child.

    I feel so sorry for this person too feel the need too say this too her freinds. I know how it feels too want a baby so young and now at 21 I have many more reasons for it too happen.

    People will always judge what others have too say and what others feel, I haven’t judged this person and I hope she never does suffer a miscarriage.. Its one of the hardest moments I’ve had too deal with in my life and I hope I never have too again.


  7.  by  dreaminrewind

    Bravo, Elise. Your post made me laugh out loud! Silverwave obviously needs to kick others when they’re down to feel good. People like that hate the person in the mirror. Just ignore it, and it will go away.

  8.  by  living2lives

    As a grown woman who has miscarried, I can tell you that it’s something I wish no one had to experience. Painful both emotionally and physically. Look inside and figure out why you have this void you’d like to fill with a baby. And find something healthier that won’t affect someone else’s life.

  9.  by  Dude

    Nah, I am with the chick who said she wishes she has a mis carriage, to lie about something like this is like lying about cancer, sick, and twisted, and karmically, the only thing that should is happen, is for their lie to actually happen to them. It is the only way they will truly realise how messed up their lie was.

  10.  by  Bee

    Not to judge, but you should wait until you’re older. There are a million reasons, but most of all so you can have a childhood. Don’t give up on that yet, stay a child as long as you can.

  11.  by  PA Mary

    Please please please wait until you are older and mature enough to raise a healthy and happy child. I see so many children raising children it saddens me. Live life a little beforehand. Travel, find what job you want, give back to society.

  12.  by  Leanne

    I don’t think that you want a baby so much as you want attention. Being a teen mother would do that. But lying about a miscarriage would be so much more dramatic and interesting.

  13.  by  Kitty

    Maybe nobody should judge her at all ! you should never wish a miscariage upon anyone it is the most horrible experience ever ! and if you guys really know what it is like to DESPERATLY want a baby, then u will understand that you do and say silly things that you cannot take back ! so you have no right to judge her

  14.  by  Demmers

    Im 20 years old and my partner and I are trying to conceive. I’ve had 2 miscarriages in the past 2 years and its probably the hardest thing I have gone through. That being said, it still doesn’t make me angry that people lie about this. I don’t necessarily understand it but I do get the attention thing, and I understand wanting a baby so bad even lying about it can make it feel real for a few seconds.
    People are on a site that’s dedicated to people telling secrets l, things they want to get off there chest and your going to get super pissed about it? Get off the site!

  15.  by  Louise

    I had a miscarage a year ago I’m 20 it was the hardest thing I Eva whent threw I know I had a boy Harry he grew his wings 16/11/11 the night I almost grew my wings to but the ambalance got me three on time I lost that much blood I was seconds away from being with my angel baby I’m glad I didn’t die beacouse I love my family but I do love my baby in heaven u sould Neva lie bout these things beacouse one day it might happen to you

  16.  by  Ava

    I’m 17 and I’ve recently suffered a miscarriage, I had experienced some of the signs of pregnancy but convinced myself I wasn’t childishly not wanting to face the problem. Now I feel like even though my child would probably of not had a good quality of life as I’m so young, I’ve had the choice taken away from me before I could even decide what I wanted to do. Reading your story I’m not gonna lie I’m confused as to why you would lie about something so seriously and life changing but I’m not gonna lecture you about how you shouldn’t of done it, enough of the previous comments have done that for me, I just hope you never go through a real miscarriage and that in the future when you do try for a baby you are successful.

  17.  by  Fee

    I wanted to have a baby since I was sixteen. Now I’m 36, trying for years and years,3 miscarriages later,7 IUI’s and now comes IVF. I hate it when people lie about a miscarriage.

    Greetz frm Holland Fee

  18.  by  Stacey

    When you are ready to have a child God will grant you the gift of holding another’s life.

  19.  by  Kaydee

    i’m 17 and I got pregnant having sex for my very first time. I had a miscarriage at 9 1/2 weeks. I was so excited for the baby and finding out that I had a miscarriage was the hardest thing ever for me. It dropped me into deep depression and I had to go to counseling. Please don’ t joke about having a miscarriage because for someone who has had one, it’s like a sharp knife getting stuck in your heart… It kills me every time I hear about a baby or see a new born. I’m very happy for people who had the baby, but it hurts knowing I should have mine right by my side. I wish it wouldn’t have been taken from me. I pray every day God holds my baby tight and tells it every night I love it and will see it again some day. I hope you never go through a real miscarriage in life because it’s a sad, sad feeling.

  20.  by  Kelly

    By telling everyone you’ve miscarried, your just making it look like you might not be able to have your own Children!!

    When in actual fact, you never even Miscarried!! I Miscarried Feb 2013, one of the worst things I have ever had to go through!!

  21.  by  Emily

    I’m 16 and I have had 2 miscarriages , back to back . And it sucks it does . And it does feel like a knife going through your heart. But as a 16 year old girl , I would do the same if my friends found out . Because when people found out I was pregnant I just got stressed our and overwhelmed . I regret ever telling my mom and fit because they judged me and stressed me … I would never wish the pain on anyone . Although it does hurt emotionally and physically I would rather lie them everyone find out and stress me like I was .

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