I fake my own social life

I fake my own social life

I fake my own social life so I don’t have to hang out with my actual friends because I’m scared they find out I’m boring.

4 Comments on “I fake my own social life

  1.  by  Shar Joy

    While you may feel “boring”….my guess is you are a sensitive & stable soul….introspective & an observer of life. Your friends could use a gift like you….Love & Light 🙂

  2.  by  Chrispy

    I hope you’re getting a decent paycheck for all that work. You must be exhausted, by the end of the week. Get a real job, and you won’t have time to be bored or boring.

  3.  by  Julie

    What makes you think that you’re boring? If you’re young and don’t have all that drama in your life the young have – that isn’t boring – that’s the way life should be. Go hang out with your friends. Maybe, the truth is that they bore you and you need to find some new ones.

  4.  by  meghd

    I do the exact same thing. I have always felt like a lunatic. You have no idea how much better it makes me feel to know I’m not the only one that does this. Thank you, whoever you are.

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