9 thoughts on “I broke up with him because of the teasing”

  1. You are a coward. You were teased because you were with someone you love so you left him? I hope he finds the person who really loves him and who wont hide because some idiots make fun of her.

  2. Ive done that too, I felt loosing life long friends over someone who may not work out was too big a risk once. @Silverwave I think its cowardly for someone to stalk others secrets and berate them for sharing them on a site specifically for that purpose.

  3. the teasing was not right. but i promise you that i still love you more than anything in the world. you were and are my everything. if i ever i get the chance i will make things right. i promise.

  4. I broke up with him 2days ago. I fought to make it work but when you have to choose between friends & family and the one you love you’re going to lose either way.

    I know he’s the one, and it kills me.

  5. It’s been 13 years, since I broke up with the last boy I dated before meeting and marrying my husband. For years after, I continued to lead him on even while dating my now husband. My parents hated him, my friends hated him, but I wish everyday that my husband was more like him. He was so romantic. I still dream about him. No one knew how much I loved him.

  6. Why dont you go back to him. If you truly love him. If he loves u, he will take care of u forever. Because true love alwayz exists i believe. Might be you cant stay with him forever, but you can share your joy, your happiness with him alwayz. So go for him. Else forget him, forever. Don’t hurt your precious heart else he will get more hurted.

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