His very last words to me were “I love you too.” then he ignored me..

His very last words to me were

His very last words to me were “I love you too.” then he ignored me instead of breaking up with me.

I hope he lives a long life, never knowing true love, and wishing he never killed THE ONE PERSON who would have done anything for him, to see him SMILE.


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  1.  by  Anonymous

    I had a similar situation happen to me. We never said “I love you” to each other, but I was on my way to hoping that one day we could love one another… But he chose to break up with me by ignoring me.

    Where is the maturity and courage? Is it really that difficult now a days for a guy to admit he doesn’t want to date a girl anymore?

  2.  by  mirror

    Im sorry to say I’ve done it to a few girls, the thing is the three words by themselves are harmless, but when used in the phrase I Love You to either him, or you when one of you isn’t ready for it is basically a 50/50 chance. A chance at extending the relationship into a newer more intense, and lets say magical phase where sparks are flying, and nothing in this world can bring you down:), or an extremely frightening, and confusing stage…where in some cases for some individuals expectations that cannot, or will not be fulfilled. In my past I’ve been told it, and I’ve. Said it…I’ve been told it by girls I don’t really love in that way, and I’ve said it to girls who didn’t love me in that way:-/ it ended the same each way, by slowly phasing to a joke friendship, to Facebook friends that never talk. All in all I think I Love You should be used with great care, and used(like a weapon sometimes) when you can look in that persons eyes, and just know. Sorry to go all Dr. Phil on this, bit I’ve read numerous books on love, and its still a mystery to me. Some of us are just not ready sometimes, and walking away is the easiest way out. Hope this helps a bit.

  3.  by  2roses

    its gutless and cowardly.’ I am just not ready’.. is not that hard to say.. Karma mate karma.. If someone is that gutless they are not worth your time.

  4.  by  dean

    It’s very presumptious to think that you’re the only one who could ever love him that much..

  5.  by  Love lost in Portugual

    Wow. This is my story. His last comment to me is that he loves me and misses me a lot and that he would BRB (on Skype)…..2 weeks later, I have not heard from him, emails ignored, blocked on Skype.

    What the f.ck? The pain of the absolute dissapearance with no explanation, nothing is worse than “this is not going to work, lets move on”. 🙁

  6.  by  Lonely Hearts Club

    The pen is mightier than the sword! For all the people out there; say what you mean and mean what you say. Be honest with yourself first otherwise you can’t be honest with anyone else. And words are really nothing more than funny shapes. We just use them to our advantage and ultimately to others disadvantage. Our actions speak louder than the nicest, kindest, most gentle words. When those adjectives are put into actions, we can mend the broken hearts.

  7.  by  Chrispy

    Unless grounded by the example of stable, loving, functional, and HONEST parents, we tend to be unstable, unloving, dysfunctional, and dishonest, with the world. It’s only after having deceived others and having been deceived, that we get tired of the lies, and choose to grow up.

  8.  by  mistyerin

    i’ve learned that when someone says ‘ i love you’ it actually means > goodbye, you’ll never hear from me again …i think maybe i’m just unloveable. i used to wonder what it would be like to be special..now i just wonder what it would be like to merely be good enough….

  9.  by  joe

    I had this happen to me too. I met a girl, and she courted me, made me feel special for the first time in ten years, and then just left. I called and texted her over and over, and now 2 years later, would take her back in a second.
    I am not angry at her and never was, but I am sad and scared for her, part of me thinks she loved me too much to wait for the time when the relationship would have ended: Like she ran away before it could hurt. She was very sick, but kept it well hidden because she was ashamed by it (i think). The point is, maybe he did love you, and maybe still does. I hope Heatherann still loves me. And I know I still love her… but now, (finally) I am open to finding someone else, someone who would stay.

  10.  by  ibrahim

    east and west flirting is the best..
    look if u gonna love som one.and start caring for them .They gonna leav u .:P y?
    because of expactation.
    even if u got married.but after som tym u got separate because of no understanding. Expectation LOL HE?SHE expecting u so much.which u cant.
    SO NO love in the world.

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