Before he came along, I thought love could never exist.

Before he came along, I thought love could never exist. He helped me get over my rape and showed me what happiness really is.

I thank God for him everyday.

6 Comments on “Before he came along, I thought love could never exist.

  1.  by  Cassandra

    I found someone that brings me happiness I have never known. I still can’t get over my rape. You are lucky, and hold on to the happiness you’ve found.

  2.  by  jmorison

    If you are giving god credit for everything in your life, he also had you raped!

  3.  by  andrew

    im not a religious person, but its beautiful that he has helped heal you through his love and devotion to you, Humans are equally ugly as they are beautiful and kind, you my darling have the latter and should basque in his passion for you for evermore, return the feeling everyday to show him how much you appriciate and love him back, thats true love……enjoy

  4.  by  Ivy

    I sometime wish I could find someone that would help me get over my rape as well.

  5.  by  andrew

    ivy, you have already found that someone, look deep inside your heart and you will see , by doing nothing at all it wont happen, keep faith in people, there not all animals, trust yourself and your gut feelings, start something new with someone new, extend your beautiful personality you will receive that help you need, trust is everything dont lose it completley, try to build it back slowly, i know you will do it,

  6.  by  nikki

    bone chilling how much i relate to this, i got raped less than a year ago, and my boyfriend now has seriously saved my spirit because he loves me despite that hideousness…

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