9 thoughts on “I watched my daddy kill himself with pain pills and alcohol”

  1. I’m watching my best friend do the same thing, and no matter what we say or do, they don’t see it. So all I can do is watch and wait and put him to bed after he finishes puking his guts out, and clean it up so that he doesn’t hurt his family anymore then he already is.

  2. Dont let the guilt destroy you. use this to help other people.
    Ask God to give you the streght to go throught this trial. you can’t erase the past, but God can use it for something great.

  3. Don’t blame yourself, you are not alone. Being guilty for something that wasn’t your fault is stopping you from living life… ENJOY YOUR LIFE. And never forget the good things you and your dad did together, but this you have to let go.

  4. [email protected] says:

    My mother and I were Meth addicts together. She died in her addiction over 20 years ago. I had tremendous shame and guilt from this-and it almost destroyed me, until I got help. I have now been clean almost 6 years and am happy for the first time in my life. Please don’t blame yourself- blame the addiction!

  5. This is my secret too. I was the one that found my sweet daddy. I am sorry, but so glad I am not alone………. <3

  6. I can only imagine how terrible this must feel, but you know the feeling. I´m hoping you know it well enough not to wish it upon anyone else. I know there´s nothing anyone can say or do to bring your dad back, but there´s a lot you can do to keep this from happening to someone else. Get help. Quit on the drinking, the smoking and the pills. You´ll save someone from posting something similar one day, or even worse, from not even posting it and just keeping that pain for themselves.

    Someone is suffering for you right now, I can assure you. Even if you don´t know how much others care right now, I can assure you, people care, we just don´t know how to deal with this things. It´s frustrating and we have the worst reactions until it´s too late. Please don´t do this to any of us. Heal your addiction. Get help.

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