Good riddance…

Good riddance...

I let you walk all over me, I forgave you too many times,

I thought it was love and I still think it was,

but it’s not anymore.

15 Comments on “Good riddance…

  1.  by  sd987710

    I went through this exact same thing! I know exactly how you feel! Getting rid of him & getting over him was the greatest feeling in the world!

  2.  by  Anon

    I had the same sort of relationship, good for you getting rid of him, secret sender. It was hard for me, but I did it, and I’m a lot happier now. I also learned a lot about myself, and I refuse to get stepped on by selfish douches anymore.

  3.  by  Wendy

    I will only miss the love…that never really was.

  4.  by  Clara

    I have gone through the exact same thing. He was a jerk but I don’t regret it for all that I learned.

  5.  by  manuela

    i know how you feel but im having trouble getting over the guy i see how he really is but i dont get why i still want him to be mine

  6.  by  Beth

    I am having this issues currently.. with every new step forward I take to getting over him.. I get happier and free. I love to watch him squirm as he loses control and as I live a happier life then I did when I was with him.

  7.  by  ekim

    I know this girl, who drives me crazy! We never really dated, but were intimate, and she is a just an anomaly to me. The few times we dated, and were together the world, and time itself seemed to move non existant. I’ve tried to be just mean to her, and say things I know would hurt her…just to get her to go away! I dunno the way she used to look me in the eyes, and smile at me just haunt me!, and I find myself after a long time needing to talk to her again. Part of me says good riddance, and the other part wants her in my arms. I will hopefully get over her, but if I had just one more time to talk to her I would probably try to fix things for the best, in the best way! She is by far one of my only weaknesses.

  8.  by  UNTITLED

    I pushed a guy that I liked away because I was afraid of not being perfect.

  9.  by  mirror

    Nobody is perfect, its the imperfections that that we fall in love with.

  10.  by  Unanymous

    Lies, Deceit, Cheating. Broken promises. What game did you start playing? You were playing games way before I was.

  11.  by  M Byrne

    I was unhappily married to a verbally abusive guy. I’m now divorced. Cheers to us!

  12.  by  millllllllllaa

    This was me exactly. I regret the wasted time but feel stronger then ever. Congratulations to everyone whose ever kicked someone or something thats unhealthy for them.

  13.  by  jayla21

    It good that you finally realized what you have been blind to see for some time now… so good for you, because you deserve better!

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