The cleaner stole my sex book

The cleaner stole my sex book

The cleaner stole my sex book

But I’m too embarrassed to ask for it back.

26 Comments on “The cleaner stole my sex book

  1.  by  Anon

    My mom stole my sex toys…I’m too embarrassed to ask for those back…

  2.  by  opal

    I found my moms sex toys… not a fun experience…

  3.  by  Melissa

    Ask for it back obviously your cleaner likes whats in there.

  4.  by  anonymous

    My boyfriend’s mom stole his $20 vibrating cock ring…That was 2 years ago, and I’m still pissed about it lol At least she left the condoms…

  5.  by  Amy

    My sister stole an $80 sex toy of mine (Njoy pure wand, and I got it on SALE). I was too embarrassed to demand it back (and honestly, I wouldn’t use it even if she did) so I went and stole her favorite necklace.

  6.  by  Gabie

    It must have been embrassing to ask for it back ?? What sort of toy was it ??

  7.  by  anonymous

    Hi, thank you for sharing your secret. I don’t think it is appropriate to say “cleaner”. I founds very dehumanizing. Maybe “a person who cleans my house”?

  8.  by  Autumn

    One time I did some modelling and the photographer was a huge creep. Afterward, he tried to force me into doing dirty things for money. I was horrified when I got him to leave. Then I found out he stole my silicone strapless bra and was totally grossed out, but wanted it back, and felt similarly mortified and ashamed that I’d ever gotten myself into such a mess.

  9.  by  Amy

    @Anon- Why would someone type six words when they can just use one? If the woman gets paid to clean the house, then for all intents and purposes, she’s the “cleaner”. I suppose the poster could have instead used “cleaning lady”, but really, it’s the same thing.

  10.  by  Someone

    @Amy Or even better yet ‘house maid’, the women really love that word, don’t they? lol just kidding… I just had to add that in there.

  11.  by  Bobble

    This site NEEDS a like button! This was so funny! But seriously, make sure it was your cleaner and then hint at it, if it doesn’t turn up then ask for it! Everybody has or wants something like it, what’s wrong with having one?

  12.  by  Cliff

    I think you should ask her honest opinion of your literature.Then ask if she would like to become involved in it.

  13.  by  Disturbed

    A mexican cleaning lady used my computer to look up dirty porn of young Japanese girls- all in Spanish! I was disturbed

  14.  by  newmrs

    you have nothing to be embarrased about. It is your right to have an enjoyable sex life and theft is theft. Get it back!

  15.  by  jessica

    that is really rude of her! if you would like a new one, email me and ill let you get one at my cost. which means you will get whatever book on my website 50% off! hope that helps you out some 🙂 no one should be without sex advise or toys!

  16.  by  Tony

    newmrs is right. You da boss – turn it around and make her embarrassed for stealing it. She ought to be.

  17.  by  Rhi

    My 50 year old, widow with nine kids, devoutly christian cleaner stole my vibrator… And then about a month later it appeared back in my drawer out of the blue…. Ew!

  18.  by  Tony

    Rhi that’s just downright nasty – I hope you used sterilized tongs to pick it up & throw it in an incinerator. It also confirms my belief that those bible-thumpers are all frauds & hypocrites.

  19.  by  Kara

    Your cleaner probably thinks s/he is “saving” you from all that dirty, immoral sex. Fire the cleaner and buy a new toy. Or, maybe the cleaner UA just a thief. Either way, fire the cleaner and buy a new toy. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

  20.  by  Kara

    17: the race of the person who used your computer is irrelevant.

  21.  by  anon

    what’s a sex book? do you mean a porn magazine (which would be stupid with all of the free internet porn) or do you mean a collection of pictures of you having sex? Either way, I would just go up to the cleaner and say “give me back my sex book, bitch”

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