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  1. Dearjess my lil sister
    U probbly will never read this im sorry I was not a good sister and I was so mean to u maybe it was becaise u were their only their favorite u never got beat or raped or molested like I did I didnt think it was fair they cared and loved u and not me I still can not honestly say they love me but this did and dosnt give me the right to be mean to u im truely sorry I do love u I miss my sister I want a relationship w u I want my children to know their aunt we miss u if u can ever find it in ur hear to forgive me I want to share my life w u please forgive me I was a stupid child teenager if u give me another chance now that we are all grown up I will prove to u that the selfish hurt mean girl is gone and now im a grown women who loves u a better parent then what we have I have no more anger and rage towrds u we were both victems and I just want to love u if u read this u will know its from me please open ur heart I promis I will show u only love and never hurt u or be mean to u agin

  2. My brother has special needs and struggles to make friends. When we were younger it used to me him and me. After I stopped talking to my father we spent hardly any time together.

    Now I’ve left home and all I can do is hope that he’s doing okay.

  3. I already wish I’d been a better sister. Sometimes I wish I never had a little sister, that I could be free from all the family pressure. I’m only 16 and my sister is only 11, but we spend everyday fighting and arguing. The only thing I wish for now is for us to get on, not just for our sake, but for everyone else’s too.

  4. It’s not too late yet. I was kind of feeling the same way and started to reach out to my mid teens little sister who was clearly having an awful time in every way. It turns out she was more than drama ridden and miserable but actually depressed, and now that she’s older she’s told me that I’m the main reason she didn’t end her life when she was 16 or 17.

    It’s gotten better, but she still has her bad times but I’m there for her. We understate it, but we’re precious to each other and the thought of seeing her in a coffin makes my stomach freeze. Good luck.

  5. I have two younger sisters. One of them adores me and the other just likes to rub things in my face. She doesn’t like to believe that I do love her and I know that if she doesn’t realize that then she will move out and never speak to me again.
    I know that you won’t ever read this, but I love you kiddo and I want you to be happy even though you and I have the worst fights and lash out at one another.
    I couldn’t have asked for better sisters then I have. <3

  6. I’m sorry for being mean to you, Tommy. You’re the best brother I could ever ask for, but as a kid I would bully you to make myself feel better. And now that I’ve moved out, I regret it everyday. I want you to know that even if you don’t believe in yourself, I’ll always believe in you.

  7. you were the best big sister you knew how to be. know that its the relationship that you have now that counts. 🙂

  8. Dear Kriste,

    you never set the greatest example, you never remembered my birthday unless Facebook told you, you never baked cookies with me like you promised;
    but you were the best fucking sister i could ever ask for and id never trade you for anything.

  9. i love you so so much, you’re such a wonderful little sister, i know we drive each other crazy and i always say things i don’t mean, but i couldn’t bare this world without you

  10. I was not around for my sister when we were younger and I blamed myself for the trouble she got in. And when she turned up pregnant at 18 I felt guilty. She’s done drugs attempted suicide torn my family apart and i still love her. We are good friends now and I am the proud aunt of an adorable little boy and another nephew on the way. She may never see this but I’m so proud of her!

  11. Brother, I’m sorry that I ever snapped at you or had a go at you for ‘borrowing’ my stuff. You’re just so frustrating sometimes, the little favourite. I work so hard for what I have, and you come along and mess it up. £%$^&D

  12. I am a little sister that knows how it feels to not have the big sister they have always wanted. She hated me when we were younger and still hates me know because I was my mom’s favorite and got all the attention. I got the attention b/c I threw tantrums and had night terrors. I was unstable b/c my mother clung to me and molded me to believe horrible lies about my father. She told me at a very young age things that she should have been telling her friends. She was afraid to be alone after the divorce so she told me that my father molested me, even though he never did. This started at the age of 4. I don’t talk to my mother b/c of this. Even though my sister, now, has my mother all to herself, she still hates me for this. I’ve told her she can have it all…I never asked to be brainwashed!

  13. Every day I wish I’d been a better big sister. She deserved more than a bully, and I will always be trying to make up for how hurtful I was. I hope she can see that I’ve changed.

  14. I wish my LITTLE sister would finally focus on her OWN life and be a better LITTLE sister.

    I was a very supportive older sister for the first 75% of our years together, spending hours upon hours trying to give good advice, listen, intervene on her behalf when she and my parents were at odds, etc.

    It’s only during the last 24% of our years that I’ve become increasingly annoyed with her constant jealousy, nasty comments, etc. She’s the epitome of someone who’s so unhappy with herself that she takes jabs at those around her in an effort to make herself feel better about herself.

    I’m a mother now, with my own family, and hardly have any free time to myself as it is. I’ve no desire to spend any more time than is absolutely necessary (for family gatherings) listening to her shenanigans/jealous/bitchy commentary.

    After all these years, and seeing the same problems surface year in and year out, no matter who she’s currently “friends” with (cause most never stick around longer than a few years or so,) I feel her problems are way beyond my ability to understand/grasp. She needs professional help – and I’ve told her so. She’s in complete denial and (go figure) says I’m the selfish bitch who’s at the root of all of her problems because I’m “not there for her anymore.” Frankly, I’m just sick and tired of her crap.

  15. I know my big sister will reach that conclusion someday. Too bad I won’t give a damn. You were a terrifying sister and daughter and friend. You hurt so many people. I gave you so many chances and you always took advantage of that to use and hurt me more. You tore our family apart with your mindgames. You’re chances are finished. You’re dead to me.

  16. “I always wish I’d been a better ‘Ate’. But I can’t turn back the time.”

    Dearest Adelle,

    Hi Baby AM! There’s really a few chance that you’ll see this, or never will. But I just want to say that I love you so, so much. I’m really sorry that I was a very mean sister to you especially when you were still young. I’m sorry that I made you feel unloved, that I didn’t want a little sister, that I didn’t want your existence, or you being around me because you were super annoying. Most especially when Eugi, our baby brother, came to our lives. Years have passed but still those bad things I’ve done to you still flash in my memory. I’m always blaming myself on the reasons why you’re tough and sometimes really difficult to deal with, snobbish and naughty towards me. We often argue, even for the most shallow things until now. I can handle those attitudes when it comes to dealing with other people. But I’ve come to realize that it really hurts when your own sister turned like that towards you. And it’s my own fault. I hope you forgive me for these.

    I really, like always want to hug you tight and kiss you on your little cheeks. But we’re really distant, and you don’t want getting hugs and kisses from me or from our little brother. Even from Mama. But sometimes while you sleep, I kiss your forehead wishing that I should’ve done this years ago, to take care of you and to treat you right.

    I love you, Baby AM. You’ll always and forever be our baby.


  17. It’s too late now for me to tell you how much I appreciated your quiet humor little brother and how your kindness inspired me to try to be a better big sister. Life is full of distractions, so time passes much too quickly – time I should have taken to let you know that you were a blessing, a gift whose life gave me genial words, kind acts and insightful affection. You knew at the end that I loved you and you gathered your last strength to support me and charm away my fears of losing you – the last person on this earth that truly knew me. I hope you felt that love, feel it now, wherever you are.

    Love always


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