43 thoughts on “I just want to tell someone how angry I am”

  1. Write about your feelings on a paper or say it to a person whom you trust. These two things can decrease your anger or stress. Believe me

  2. so damn angrey don’t know what to do. glad someone feels the same. so many
    people feel this way. lets get some people to help for a change.

  3. Sometimes you can’t help, most the time anger stems from an unhappy couple, and any sort of outside help would not only be unwelcome…but damage the situation further. Especially if one of the two parties is jealous.

  4. If i get really angry about something i have no control over i just beat the crap out of my punching bag it makes me feel foolish but it gets rid of the anger.

  5. It stresses me out to watch others eat and me just silently watching and engulfing the smells but im afraid that if i give in then i will never be wanted by others or even accepted i know its stupid but i feel as if being fat is a set back

  6. Dear Jessica,
    Being fat certainly is a setback, whether it comes to health or to fitting into clothes. But please, don’t feel unwanted! Much of America is overweight. About half of my family is overweight, and it seriously reeks havoc on their self esteems. Two of them have diabetes.. My younger sister was skinny and beautiful but was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Because of that, she lost confidence and started eating like crazy, dressing sloppily, and her grades dropped.
    I am currently helping my older and younger sisters get fit again. I’m tired of watching how it hurts them. My advice would be to get a friend to help you tackle your weight issues, if it truly bothers you. Never give up, and never, ever say or think that you Can’t Do Something. The moment you do, you’re right. Good luck, dears!

  7. Let it out! Go for a walk and tell the world, confide in a close friend, scream about it in a diary, no need to repress it 😀

  8. I want to tell certain people how much they have hurt me and broken me down… But even after everything they did, I still believe that they don’t deserve to feel the guilt. So I shoulder it all alone.

  9. I am also skeptically angry, a girl I was into a a while ago kept hurting me saying her, and her ex were finished…all along he was coming over her house on the weekend! But she says all the are is, or were is friends, and just chilled. This shady shit happened back and fourth for 5months. A lot of bad things were said and we went out bad:-( I do still care about her, and no woman I’ve ever met can look me in the eyes, and smile like her:) just recently she contacted me, and I get a good vibe…what should I do?

  10. I am so angry all th time. Sometimes I think I’m happy until I relaize its and illusion. I sometimes also feel sad, but not for myself,but for the world and other suffers. Mostly I just feel anger, and it sucks.

  11. Bavar, give her another chance, but make absolutely sure nothing like that will ever happen again. It sounds like you still care a lot about her, and since she called you, it sounds like she still cares about you. Go ahead, take a chance, and try to fix what once was broken.
    As for the main secret, we all reach breaking point sometimes. We all just can’t take it anymore at some mark and just get angry. At who, what, or why, it doesn’t matter. But as for telling someone, you should. There is no better feeling in the world then getting a secret or a problem off your shoulders and shared with another. Tell someone, anyone, I have a feeling someone else in this vast world feels the same way about a similar situation.

  12. Well I have tried all I can…I won’t sit by and watch her get hurt over, and over again by this asshole that treats her , and uses her. I just can’t. I’ve always been there for her yet she goes to him. The way I used to feel when I was with her, and the way she looked into my eyes had me convinced I had fond my soulmate! Im ‘angry’ because now I have to start my search anew. I don’t think I will ever talk to her again if she calls me, unless something spectacular happened She’ll realize one day that I care more than any Guy could, and that day will be too late.

  13. When I saw your secret, I immediately thought of how exhausting it is wearing a plastic smile for everyone when inside everything is falling apart. I hope you find a safe person you can be real with. It’s so toxic carrying all of that anger around. My smile is hiding my loneliness. Not very well, though.

  14. I wish someone would see the anger once in a while. I got so good at hiding it that it takes a million things to summon it.

  15. I am so angry at him all the time. In my mind I leave every day, but I can’t. There will be a time when I wake up, and realize I can.

  16. I want to tell someone too. I want to be able to cry and scream and yell about how hurt and broken I feel, and for someone to just sit there and listen and tell me it’s okay.

  17. Thats not actually me in the picture im african american not white and its nice to know im not alone i came home crying today and saw these comments and all i could think was GODDAMMIT SOMEONE GETS IT so thank you

  18. I know that feeling very well, but i’m afraid no one will listen to me. I’m right here with you 🙂 Your not alone

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