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  1. The most important thing you can do is tell someone…..
    I will help if need be…. Because I care

  2. I like to think I’m OK also, my therapist says I’ll be fine but she doesn’t really know how much I hurt. I hear what you’re saying. Get someone to talk with Mabel it will help you.

  3. Telling people i was ok when i really was not almost lead me to take my life. Taking the steps to get help is the hardest things you can do but in the end it is also the most rewarding.

  4. After saying those words for months, I’ve begun to think that this is what ok feels like. I know it’s not. I’ve been lying to myself as much as to everyone else.

  5. Even though I get straight A’s and I’m considered somewhat “pretty”, I feel like no one loves me…. I will never do anything with my life…. and sometimes I think about my death…. and who wouldn’t even notice I didn’t show up one day…

  6. I know how you feel…I do it everyday. I’m on a medicine program and I see a therapist – I only tell them what they want to hear. My mom, my best friend, died on April 5, 2011, and my heart died with her. Please find someone to talk to as quickly as you can – sometimes a stranger will listen better than a friend would. I wish you the best of luck and hope that one day you will feel ok.

  7. I’m sorry you’re not okay. But you know what, I admire you for knowing you’re sad and for reaching out, even if it is a community of strangers. You are strong and so brave. And you deserve countless giant hugs.

    Keep your head up, and take the next step on the path to feeling better. Tell someone you trust what is up and let them help and love you. Don’t do it on your own. There is no need to.

  8. I’m so sorry you are feeling like this. I’ve been there done that. Are you on meds? It took me years to figure out the right amount and right mixture. I FINALLY FOUND IT! Try adding lamotrigine in a small dose. Talk to your doctor about it. It was like my eyes went from heavy and tired to open and alert. I still don’t like getting out of bed but that’s just because it’s early. I no longer feel like I’m putting on a show of normality so everyone will leave me alone.

  9. I feel the exact same way. I try to talk to people, but when I start I decide that they won’t care.

  10. I am going through the same thing, i talk really quietly so that if I say the wrong thing it doesn’t make a big difference, whenever I try to talk to anyone, they look at me like they heard me wrong and say “Pardon” and I hear myself just say nevermind…

  11. I know exactly how you feel. I’d be laughing and joking around and no one would even realize that on the inside my emotions would be in complete turmoils. And then there are days when I can’t hide it successfully because it’s too much, and when people ask me what’s wrong I’d lie and tell them I was tired, of a bit sick, or just had a lot of things on my mind.

    On those days I’m usually about a second away from sobbing my heart out, locking myself in my house, and never stepping a foot outside again.

  12. It just seems like anytime i try telling anyone any problems all they really care about are their own, so its difficult to get help alot of the times. And it doesn’t really help me any. Hopefully it helps other though.

  13. I dont think i will ever actually be okay ! i think of all these amazing things to do that will make me feel better, or change my outlook on life and love and the world and it makes me sick ! i woudl rather sit in darkness, its easier than pretending you are okay anyway

  14. straight up. i have people to talk to, but it doesnt help all the same ! i have too many people to talk to they almost sufforcate me with things that i should do, and things they can do ! bottom line is only money will help me coz i have nothing to offer anyone and so i shut all my friends out coz i cant be fucked !

  15. I am a 45 year old man who sobs uncontrollably way too much. Only my faith in God keeps me from killing myself and knowing that soon he will take away the woes of this broken and desperate world.

  16. i wish i believed in god but i dont ! he aint never helped me ! i need something to keep me from killing myself ! i got a drug habbit and a anger problem but they kinda make it worse haha !

  17. @Sarah Jones- perhaps because you didn’t allow Him to help you. REALLY allow him. Like give Him an honest chance. People often say “I don’t believe in God because he never helped me when I needed him”, but half the time they’re not serious about asking for help. Or they’d go to church one day, full of a million doubts and other negative thoughts, and expect to pray for an hour and have their lives miraculously turned around.

    If you want God to help you then you have to make the effort, too. You have to at least try to believe that believing in Him will do you good. Also keep in mind that God can’t help those who won’t help themselves. If you’re not determined to change your life, then you leave no openings for His help. Just by your tone (and the way you laughed about your drug habit and anger issues) I can tell that you’re obviously not seeking, with your whole heart, to change. For a way to make things better for yourself.

    When you finally make the decision to change, and begin to truly allow God into your life, maybe then you will notice, begin to recognize, the little ways he throws a hand out. Most people don’t even notice it happening because it’s so small, so discreet. But His goodwill is ALWAYS there. You just need to pay more attention.

    Also, and I can’t stress this enough, but you have to realize that God is our Father. Of COURSE He wants to help you. But He wants you to acknowledge Him, too, and thank Him for all He does for you. What father would reward their child for acting badly? What father would do for a child that refused to acknowledge his existence? What father would not try and let their child learn from their own mistakes? He gave us freewill so that we had the choice to live the way we want to. Freewill to make our own decisions. Right now it’s your freewill to be a drug addict and an angry person. Use that freewill to get help and turn your life around.

    Even if you don’t become a religious person, you need to want to change before you can. It’s not enough to say “I wish my life were different but I really can’t put the effort in to make it better”. Believe me, it’s something I’ve learned the hard way. And yes, I understand that sometimes there are situations that make it almost impossible for people to get help. But that’s an almost. As long as you’re alive, there will be chances to change your life. You just have to continue to keep trying and never, ever give up.

    For both your drug problem and your anger issues, I suggest a rehab program and therapy. And then maybe, while you’re on the road to recovery, you can try to visit mass, or talk to a priest. Faith is always good to have.

    Good luck. I hope you manage to turn your life around.

    Oh, and if you are interested in looking for God, I suggest maybe watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQlfOjTu5gQ

    It’s beautiful.

  18. Whoa ! AMY thank you so much for that ! i have never had anyone take the time to explain to me why things are going wrong ! i want to help myself like you say i need to want to but its finding the energy to do so !? you sound like you have been through alot !? how did you maintain stable recovery ! i really want to go to arehab programme but they are very hard to find ! i live in new zealand and i dont think we have those things here !

    i will have a look at the youtube clip thank you 🙂

  19. @ everyone on this forum,

    before I say anything else, all of you are truly beautiful to me, for God created all of us and we are all physical perfection to Him. Every single person is unique and so so wonderful.

    I’ve been struggling with a depression and an anxiety disorder. I saw a therapist and though she and her prescriptions helped, it helped me so much more to place faith in god even though I don’t attend church, and it helped me to listen. Everyone has a story and everyone’s voice should be heard. If anyone ever needs someone to talk to, email me. I can’t judge you because I’m not a better person than anyone else.

    have a wonderful day(:

  20. I don’t know enough about your situation to give you any advice, but I wanted you to know that I hope you get the help you need. I hope things work out for you.

  21. I feel exactly the same way. I’ve tried to tell a person or two, but they don’t seem to care so it only makes everything feel worse. I don’t know what to do anymore. I wish I had never been born.

  22. @Amethyst-rei…That is EXACTLY how I feel. I recently lost my mother and everyone comments on well I seem to be doing. I can go to work and laugh and joke around, but they don’t realize how emotionally and anxious I am on the inside. I feel a little better knowing there are people who feel the same way.

  23. This post shook me because it feels like the phrases I say every day to friends and family.
    I have MS and am always tired as hell, I can’t feel my left leg most of the time, but why would I want to tell other people that? Nobody can make it better, and they just get uncomfortable when I’m honest…

  24. i fucking hate my family i cant stand any of them ! last thing i want to do is talk to them see them or help them ! i going to move to south america and live there for the rest of my life and never ever have to love someone i dont want to ever again ! fucking hate the cunts

  25. I understand how you feel, what ii dont understand is why we and everyone else here feel like its not okay to tell people that there is something deeply wrong within our hearts. when i lived with my parents ( the ones who are supposed to know me best) they never noticed if i was mopy, extra happy, or wanted to curl into a ball and cry for a day which hurt even more. once i told them how unhappy i was they left it up to me to get help, but said that counceling didnt really help anyways and i needed to talk to them. how do you talk to the people who are at the core of your pain?
    if anyone here ever needs someone to talk to, id like to think i am a great listener.
    i hope that everyone finds pure happiness and joy in their lives someday soon. <3

  26. I used those excuses for a long time. I finally decided to get help. I’m not so sure it’s working anymore. Maybe I need something different.

  27. I know how you feel. I do the same exact thing. Every emotion I ever have i bottle up inside of me… even though i know its not the best thing for me to do. We cant be afraid anymore we just have to take risks!! I hope you and everyone else in this situation can find help. Everyone deserves to be happy.

  28. Hey,I wont demean you. I dont know what youre going through. I dont know what youve been through. I cant say it will be alright. I cant say that the choices will be easy. I cant say that theres a clear path. What I can say is this…You must make whatever choices are necessary to be happy. If there is something in your way, you must move it. It is your choice. You are the deciding factor in your life. 🙂

    Sincerely, a psychologist in training!

  29. Im not ok. I pretend I am… Im on day 13 of meth withdrawl. Ive convinced my doctors my spouse my friends… Im ready…. But really. Im not I miss the junk… I miss who I am … Im afraid of who I will be without it.

  30. Why are you afraid of who you are? Confront yourself and ask these questions.Take a look back and examine your two selves. Think about your future and where you want to go. Is the current path youre on going to let you reach the future you want? YOU MUST decide. If you are afraid of challenging yourself, id recommend group counseling. It’ll help. You will get to hear from others who know what youre going through

  31. I’ve never gotten over loosing my ex-boyfriend and now I don’t think I will ever find someone else to love me for who I am. It may be too late for me to start a family and I pretend like all of this doesn’t bother me. I am a really good actor too so no one bothers to ask me about it.

  32. No one knows how miserable I am because I am an outwardly positive and optimistic person. At night all I think about is how much I wish I could just die…. the only thing keeping me alive is knowing my mom wouldn’t be able to handle my death.

  33. I have the exact same well-loved bear. The leather fell off his nose too. Ive had him since I was two and still sleep with him at night (Im 24 and married lol). I think he is the only one that knows how badly my heart hurts and I am using the same excuses.

  34. That is an AG bear..He was a bear that would talk bear talk to you…I have the same well loved bear..smile AG makes it better

  35. You all are incredibly strong. I know you probably thinks this is crap but I read these just to hear your voices.

    >Im with a great man. He spoils me gorgeously and treats me so good. But yet I still think the guy who hurt me physically, emotionally, and mentally.<

  36. There are hundreds of people who want to help you who have probably never met you before and will probably never meet you, isn’t that just an amazing thing in it’s self? I hope you are ok and take someone up on the offer to help and listen. Im happy to listen if you want. I care.

  37. I know. I live this everyday. I am bi polar, and no amount of discription could ever reveal how heavy it is. How alone I am, and how a war within myself is raging. It is exhausting…beyond. and everybody says talk! let it out!
    but nobody can comprehend. nobody has answeres. and all i can think of is that not living would be way easier than facing this life everyday

  38. Not even my therapist can see how screwed up I am.. I consider suicide every single day but nobody has a damn clue. the only reason I dont kill myself is because i don’t believe in god or heaven.. If I believed in a nice afterlife i’d have killed myself months ago.. thank “god” for agnosticism i guess

  39. i know how you feel, i say these things even though i’m not because thats what they wanna hear. i’ll just make them sad and angry at me if i tell them how i really felt.

  40. Hi,we all use that in some point or another, there’s always someone who cares about you out there, please do confide in sombeody and not bottle it up. No matter how hard it is to say it out, just do. Write a letter to a friend or something, they DO care.
    Cheer up! ILY<3

  41. you’re not alone.. other people are out there who feel your pain. I was diagnoswed with bipolar disorder last night and it’s ruined my life but reading these posts and others like it make me feel a little less like a freak for being upset all the time. I;m glad that i have people like you.. although i’ll never meet any of you.. soo many of you have saved my life quite literally

  42. I do exactly the same thing! Even when my parents, teachers and friends ask me, I always say it. My acting teacher says I have to improve mi acting skills, but HEY! You always believe me when I’m smilling.

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