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  1. I did the same thing, but I’m over two years out. Every day is torture and the love I thought I didn’t feel anymore just multiplies exponentially daily. I’m sorry you’re hurting. I am too.

  2. you didn’t let go… you faced your fear, our love can and will survive anything. TRUTH.

  3. i gave it up b.c i didnt think i could wait for him. i didnt realize how much i love him. ive been waiting since july and he knows. he wants nothing to do with me and somehow im still waiting with the little bit of hope that i still have.

  4. I had something like me happen twice like this actually…Only it was reversed, they were the ones who fucked up…But at the time I still couldn’t get away.

  5. if it’s meant to be it will…. our journey started years ago…. I promise you that. It’s worth every second I waited…. just believe, follow your heart…

  6. I know how Brooke feels. I hope my ex feels the same. He treated me so badly and I don’t why I miss him.

  7. Same thing happened to me. We were each others first loves. Pretty much first everything. I got scared and fucked up. I asked for another chance but he has someone else now. Hurts that he moved on so quickly. We say we’re friends but we are the furthest thing from it. He treats me with cool contempt. He was everything to me and part of me misses him dearly.I can’t imagine feeling the love we shared with someone else.

  8. I think you just wrote this from my thoughts. I think about what could have been if i hadnt pushed him away. I hope we can have something again.

  9. this makes me sad..
    it sounds like my (ex?) boyfriend submitted it..
    and we also began dating in sept. 09..

  10. I really wish this was my ex who posted this. She broke my heart and I think about her every day, I still love her and can’t see it ever changing. I haven’t had a decent nights sleep since i have known she will never be lay next to me again.

  11. September was when my ex and I broke up, so I feel like this is even a bigger coincidence. Anyways, our anniversary was in November and he came to my window to try and make it up, on the wrong day. It made me even more disgusted with him.
    Everything I loved about him was ruined by what he had been doing backstage. Every word that came from him, didnt matter and just blows my mind how he would continue lying when I knew the truth.

    Happy Valentines day dick. Hope you thought about me all day.

  12. If your name starts with a “J”…it’s true, you did fuck up. But I still love you. Just tell me you want to be with me.

  13. I know how u feel. And it can only get better from here I promise. it may take time but you will realize that you don’t need anyone to make you happy or make you feel alive.

  14. This situation continously revolves around the gates of freedom in which the world I live. One day I will find the key that releases me from it. I’ll share the results with you :).

  15. I didn’t mean it when I said I fucking hated you. I didn’t mean it when I said you were a worthless piece of shit. I didn’t mean it when I said you were worse than all the others….
    But I meant it every single time I said I love you.
    And I still do even though you don’t want me now.

  16. Awww love. I can totally relate to that (and we split in September too). I promise you it wasn’t your fault, you couldnt have done anything differently, and your path is unfolding exactly as it needs to. Much love to you.

  17. This is so beautiful. I feel the same way… I met some one last September, on a beach, at sunset. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him, but I already had a boyfriend. I told him how I felt, but I still stayed with my boyfriend because I loved him too. We tried to remain friends even though he felt the same way, but we parted ways last night because I couldn’t have him in my life as just a friend. I love him more than I did in September.

  18. I’m in love with my best friend. We are very much in love. We have broken up twice before and mended it before we lost eachother. We learned to be honest about our feelings and not hide shit from each other. We are both married to other people and have children. I can’t break away from him. It hurts to much not to have him in my life. So I balance both men. I don’t know what else to do…and I know to live this way is disfunctional. But I won’t leave him. I’m lucky he lives very far from me.

  19. I want so badly to put this as my profile picture on facebook. I am in love with who used to be my best guy friend, x. I was even engaged to another guy and in love with x, but I didn’t realize it. My ex fiance dumped me over 8 months ago, and a couple of months ago I realized that I am in love with x…he doesn’t believe me because I was “in love” with this other guy who ended up breaking my heart…I’ve had feelings for x for the past 3 years and now he’s in a relationship with a girl from another country with no intention of moving where she is that I know of. He doesn’t trust me because when my fiance broke up with me the first time, he told me “[insert name] had his chance, it’s my turn now” and i ended up getting back with my fiance…now he doesn’t trust me…but he doesn’t get the complexity of the situation…i just wish he could forgive me and admit to himself that he does have some feelings for me still…i know he does…

  20. 7,13 I’m in the same boat as you…I wish it was my ex…..it hurts so much….I hope she feels like this….the thought of that helps me get by….it makes me feel pathetic

  21. I know exactly how you feel. The guy I was with for 4 years and madly in love with left me. He had always said that we would be together forever and he knew I was the one but now it has been 5 months and I can’t seem to let go of the promises he made me, the plans we made. And now he is with someone else and it kills me a little more every time I think about it or talk to him and he mentions her.

  22. if this is who i think it is; yes you did, and that is too bad, what you did hurt too much to forget and i will never forget it. i messed up my life for you, i hurt people for you and you kicked me out when i had no where to go and had no car to get there. as much as i think about you and as much as i miss you, thats how much i hate that i ever knew you.

  23. I wish my ex had written this, but I know she didn’t, and I know she will never say that. She said she never wants to talk to me ever again, and I have no control over whether or not that happens. I will wait forever for her, but I know she will never change her mind. I can’t get her out of my head. I can’t sleep or work or even function. I feel like a total loser, but I’m not angry, because I also feel like all of it is my fault.

  24. this secret was to me two years ago… we were so in love i thought she was my soulmate she was amazing but it didnt work i hope that she has found happiness and her heart feels nothing but joy… I miss her more than words could ever say … but shes fine with out me in her life…i have come to realize 7k miles away… TRUTH.

  25. My ex and I broke up a couple days before my birthday in September. We were only together for a little over a year, and yet, it was the best time of my life, I just wish I knew it then. We still try and be friends, and see each other now and again. She doesn’t know that every time she leaves, I cry. Every time that dagger twists a little deeper, and yet, I still go and see her knowing full well it’ll hurt. I want to marry her, let her know she is my world. I’m just afraid I’m going to ruin it again, and I’m sure she doesn’t love me anymore anyway.

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