28 thoughts on “I’m letting go of all the things that cause me to be unhappy.”

  1. I am proud of you for making such a decision as that. A brand new life for yourself.
    .. I only wish i could do that

  2. i tell myself the same thing everday and then i see him wlking down the hall, realise i’m not over him, was dumb to break up with him and all the crap comes rushing back … … i’ll wake up tomorrow though and say the same thing again….i figure one day he’ll just walk past and i won’t remember to notice,.

  3. mia. idk if ull ever read this but other will i hope. im sorry but i have to say that is a horrible out look. it should be we both can succeed and knowing other people are doing the same thing and going thru something simmilar then ur not alone anymore and theirs alwayse strength in numbers.

  4. I want to believe i too can be happy. But there are times when loneliness creeeps in i miss him so much n i hate myself for it.

  5. I told my husband last night I wanted to leave him… it is time to live for me… before it is to late. Thank you Post Secret… you have saved ME, through all of the post cards!

  6. I wish it was as easy as its said, i’ve tried telling myslef the same thing but their are SO many things that get in the way and i forget im supose to try and be happy. If it wasn’t for post secret i would be even more depressed than i am. I hope everything works out for everyone on this site and good luck to whomever posted this.

  7. Whoever you are, I respect you for being strong enough to abandon negativity. I wish I was as strong.

  8. I understand completely…It took being dumped by a guy that I thought was in love with me to realize…I want to run away…So I’m leaving the college I’m at at semester, and next year; I’m leaving state so I can start 100% over and become a new person… Best of luck to you.

  9. That you recognize & choose to eliminate the negatives is a great big beautiful first step – in the wrong direction.
    Please, I’m not trying to discourage you. You want to be happy. We all do. But the biggest mistake we make as humans is believing that a Permanent State Of Happiness is achievable. It is not. It is a fleeting, transient, temporary feeling. But when any other fleeting, transient, temporary feeling inevitably replaces it (anger, fear, shame, sadness, etc.) we view it as a disappointment. A failure. A let down. So we keep chasing after it, wasting precious time and energy, like an addict chasing a high. If we could instead – in the course of eliminating all the negatives – strive to find Contentment in our lives and within ourselves, I believe we’d all be a lot less “unhappy.”
    Seems to work for me.

  10. I support you one hundred percent. After you have found happiness, do what i do. Try and make one person smile everyday. If that won’t make you happy, I don’t know what will:)

  11. Happiness can be found through our experience with adversity. HOW….honest, open & willing…. we are to meet our challenges, equals another lesson learned in this school of Life. Just know that embracing your triumphs & tragedies equally and without judgement is the key to happiness/contentment. Instead of “why me”….”why NOT me”. It begins to get a little easier each time you can acknowledge that every experience is an opportunity to “let go” of distorted opinions that are not true for us in particular….while gaining more wisdom, clarity and compassion in order to appreciate being a divine spirit having a human experience….period. Will meet in the closest sandbox….:)

  12. Tony, had a feeling you would resonate with this. Am very grateful & feel so deeply blessed to be connected to Source and to assist others in their own healing that it brings me to tears….like right now. I love you and everyone here dearly. Let us meet in that field Rumi talks about. You remember….the one beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing…..
    Namaste 🙂

  13. Shar Joy thank you for the kind words you have for everyone here. Me thinks you’ve passed through here more times than most, and might understand us who are only just
    now become aware for the first time. I would have us meet in that field, yes. And learn more of this new awareness; if it pleased you to teach me.

  14. Tony- Am always honored to be of service. Your humility touches me deeply…..as does your insight. It would appear that you have passed through a few times yourself. You may contact me through my website @ drsharjoy.com….Love & Light my friend 😉

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