36 thoughts on “I tell myself that I’m not pretty, I’m worthless….”

  1. To Jesus,

    You are a cruel and crude man to call anyone that. No one deserves to be called that way. No one deserves hatred and cruelty and abuse.

    You are the kind of person who makes others despair at the future of humanity.

  2. To add to that, supposing you really think you’re speaking the truth of Jesus (though you’re more likely a troll or trying to do something controversial), I might let you know that is completely opposite of what Christ would say.

  3. Every woman does crazy things just to hear words like “you’re beautiful” and “i love you” i have yet to hear these words, which is why i like to show myself on omegle.com

  4. To Cassandra, I did the same exact thing with omegle until I realized that I am better than that. I go on still sometimes, but just to talk to people. You will find someone who loves you, just don’t give up or get lost on the internet.

  5. Oh my gosh, I can’t Believe someone would say that! That’s crazy & VERY messed up! Grow up!

    I can relate to this, I feel very worthless & unbeautiful. My negative attitude is pushing the most important person in my life & I hate it! He’s my world & I love him so much, but before him my relationships were shit & I don’t know how to react to him treating me the way he does, he’s amazing! I wish I didn’t feel the way I do about myself! </3

  6. I get where your comign from here,
    I was in a relationship for 4 years and my boyfriend beat me but I stayed with him because I thought no one would ever love me, and I would be alone forever.

    I started sleeping with our neighbor one night because one night I took our dog for a walk after my boyfriend kicked my ass and I was crying and he looked me in the eyes and introduced himself and flat out told me I was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen….

    And he gave me the strength to leave my boyfriend and I thought it was just a booty call till last week he admitted hes been in love with the entire 9 months we’ve known each other <3

    and I am pretty sure he is my soul mate because I have never in my entire life met someone like him,

  7. I’ve always felt the same as most of you here. I feel worthless and not beautiful, just completely unwanted. But seeing as how I have a man who loves me and tells me I’m beautiful everyday (I don’t always entirely believe it, but I definitely do when he’s holding me close) I KNOW YOU ALL WILL TOO.

  8. I feel ugly all the time. My boyfriend loves me for the way i am but i have been through shit before and idk if i will ever see myself as pretty all the time.

  9. You are not stupid and you are not a whore. I have been there too. In fact, most of have.

  10. @Jesus
    Jesus said, “Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone”. So unless you are perfect, leave her alone.

  11. Attention ethnocentric white people: Jesus is also a common name in several cultures around the world. Maybe that’s just his name.

    Regarding the postcard: what an awful and selfish attitude.

  12. I used to think i was ugly until i met my gf. she gave me confidence in myself. im melissa a beautiful lesbian your beautiful too sweetie

  13. Reading these comments made me sad. It hurts me to know that so many young women, and old alike, feel unworthy to love themselves. Call me nieve but I thought I was the only one who felt that way; unworthy, unloveable and ugly. But I now know for a fact, that when I look around in a shopping center at the variously different people, and more than half are considered “pretty”- so many of thoes girls are suffering from self worth and depression. It tears my heart apart.
    I learning to accept me, so why can’t any one else? No more excuses.

  14. I also feel unloveable un worthy and UGLY. But ppl do love me and i dont understand how they could when i dont. I lfeel like im letting them down because they love me. I feel toxic , i blame myself when things go wrong even when i cannot control the situation i wish my mother wouldve aborted me.

  15. I can relate a lot to this. In the eyes of the world though, I am ugly (society doesn’t like big people). I am unloveable; I get bored in relationships and if a lover can’t hold my interest, we aren’t going to last very long. My current b/f, though; I’ve been called stupid and trailpark trash most of my life and it sucks because he calls me those things too. At the end of the day some days, I have thought about committing suicide just to make the hurt of not being pretty or normal or really loved go away. Doesn’t all of it have to end? I know someone’s going to post something like you have to accept yourself before you can ask others to accept you but how do you do that when everything you see reenforces the self-hate?

  16. I used to hate myself, after being abused by ex partners! i left everything behind and now i have the most happiness in the world by looking after children! they do not judge and they love you for who you are… through doing this i have met the one man i dont think i can be without!! looking after and loving other people helped me to love myself again!

  17. Let’s face it. Men will say and do anything to get laid. It’s a fact of life that this is all they really care about.

    My bet is the guy she’s with just feels more comfortable not having to bullshit about it, and the guy she’s in love with was still in that “gotta lie to her to get some” phase.

    Wise up, ladies. Men don’t care about anything but sex. All of them. Not one of them is capable of love without it.

  18. how we all feel, is really sad….sad that we feel this way, sad that someone has done or said something so painful and hurtful to make us see ourselves in such negative ways, said that we actually believed these lies…however, i am glad to know that i am not the only that is so negative about myself.

  19. i have felt this too after i was raped when i was 14 i “put” on my very own fat suit and now even thou i did it too myself i hate being the big girl. but ive now found a loving man who always tells me i am beautiful every day so the hurt doestnt hurt so much anymore

  20. My sweet, friendly, down-to-earth best friend overcame an obese childhood to become the hottest, handsomest sexiest man I know. People tell him all the time. But his self esteem hasn’t caught up w/the rest of him because that fat, ugly loser still lives deep in his mirror & in his mind. Pointing out his internal qualities gets me no where…I’m at a loss as to how to reach him. My point? Ahhh…its so damn cliche y’all can figure it out.

  21. Anoni,

    If this is how you truly feel…… I feel sorry for you that you haven’t met a man that isn’t like that. I have and it has been the best 4 yrs of my life! Now for the secret…. every girl and woman has felt this way. Young, old, every race, creed, and religion. There is not one woman on this earth that is not pretty in some way. I have had people tell me I was pretty my whole life but never felt I was. Until I looked in the mirror and stopped looking at the outside, I looked inside and you know what I am Pretty! you are pretty too! all of you that have posted are pretty! Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise! I love you all, so everyone on here knows at least one person loves you!

  22. I like how these people think their hurtfull comments matter when actually they are alll fucked up dip shits who have no idea how to live life right….

    A life of a closed minded person is hopefully very short.

    GO to hell those who condem others for their life experiences!!

  23. I used to feel that way until I truly learned that “I am wonderfully made” I am a child of God and he does not make junk!!!! Don’t let society rule your life – what do those people know anyway? I have learned that my character is not a reflection of how you treat me, but of how I respect myself. I am worth loving and getting to know. If you do not agree with me, that is your perogative. What a loss for you. I have a beautiful life no matter what you may think of me!!!!! 🙂

  24. I have only every felt this way once. After a really bad break up with the man I loved. But while I hated myself and thought I was the ugliest, I had friends who would tell the complete opposite. How beautifu, gorgeous, fun, bubbly I was and how it killed them to see me hate myself. Don’t hate yourself, don’t think your ugly, don’t do any of that. Because someone somewhere things you’re the greatest in the world. You just have to fine them. But you’re never going to do that if you’re wallowing in self pity! You have to know, you have to love yourself, before anyone can love you. So get up and go be your beautiful self for the world. People who hate you are just jealous. Love yourself and you’ll find the one who loves you.

  25. Do you guys realize that Jesus is actually a name that is still used in some parts of the world? Including in some parts of America.

    Relax. The comment was douche, but the possibility that he’s named Jesus is not so small. Possibly with different pronunciation.

    The likelihood that the sender is following the comments in the archive is also slim to none. There’s not even a direct link to the archive from the mainpage. You’ve somehow got to Google it or find it by chance.

    As for the post itself, if you’re in a relationship where you don’t feel loved and beautiful, get out.

  26. I Just hope one day you can Realize you’re not ugly. I Hope one day, you can get back on your. I hope One day you can get your self confidence back.

  27. No matter what happens, you’re beautiful in every other way. If you think you are ugly, beauty is only skin deep. If he doesn’t treasure you, move on!

  28. i keep gaining weight and can’t bring myself to live a healthy lifestyle.. i agree w/ the ugly thing. but its my own fault. No will power. i just hate putting in the effort.. im lazy :S but i know its making me uglier every day.

  29. Hey for people who think like Anoni you realize not all guys are like that right, hell most guys I know have been with their partners for years and never once so much as asked to have sex and also there are so many guys who feel almost the same as some of you do, that feel like they are worthless and that they are unwanted and like no one will ever love them and feel that they wouldn’t be worthy of love even if someone told them that they weren’t so useless so if you truly believe that all guys would do anything for sex you are so very sadly mistaken.

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