70 thoughts on “I shouldn’t of left you….”

  1. You left without telling me you were…We got engaged 3 years ago today, do you remember? Like i do. Sadly, I don’t think you loved me the way i loved you. I will always remember you. I hope one day you have a reason why and you apologize for all of it. Ps, i still have your stuff and your ring and i don’t want it anymore.

  2. I miss you every day and I hope that one day you will find your way back to me and realise that I was just lost in the person I thought I should be, and that’s why I stopped being the person you loved. I’m back to who I was and i’m moving forward, but I don’t know how far i’ll get without you. I wish you would tell me you made a mistake and every day that goes by hurts more when you don’t call.

  3. I miss the ones that I left because of something stupid or something my family or friends said and i’ve regretted it every day of my life

  4. The first time we hung out I knew we would be great together. I should not have listened..I should not have asked..Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how happy we could have been. Now you’re thousands of miles away in a place we spoke of. I have never wanted to find you more than I do now to tell you, “Please take my hand and walk with me. I have changed and I want you in my life.”

  5. I broke up with you because i felt ignored but i think back and wish i never let you go. I dont go a day without thinking about you. When i try to move on and be short with you i get butterflies when i see you and cant resisit smiling and falling back in your traps. I want you back but i dont want to get played because your always flirting with girls…

  6. you broke up with me a week and a day before our one year anniversary. i’ve been hurt so many times before, but all that pain was happiness compared to the pain i feel right now, losing you. you act like there is still a chance, but push me away at the same time. i just want you back. you mean more to me than anything in the world. god, i hope somehow you see this and come back…i love you, my teddy. forever and always. love, your angel.

  7. alyzza, i shouldve never left you, you were my high school sweetheart and i left you because i ” wanted to see what else was out there” now i realize all i was looking for was you, its been 4 years now and i have regreted it the whole time, i miss you alot, and even when im with other girlfriends i still think of you everyday, we spoke recently, you have a new man, i know youre not happy, but i hope your happy with your decision as well, cuz i still and will always regret mine, i hope we get together eventually, just hope its before we turn 30…

  8. We have known each other since we were teenagers. Almost 15 years. We have had the best of times and the worst of times. But I wouldn’t trade them for anything. First day I met her I told her I was going to marry her and I really meant it. I know I hurt her because I was struggling with demons of my own. How I wish I could go back just a few months and make things right. The only woman I have ever loved. You are with someone else now, but in the deepest recesses of my soul I know that you still love me as I do you. What I would give for just one more chance with you. I would give you the life I promised and the life you deserve. Every day I think about you and it tears me up. If I ever had the chance again I would marry you on the spot have children with you and grow old with you. I have never been the same without you. But some strange reason I am embarrassed to tell you these things so a part of me hopes you never see this. If you actually knew how much I loved you and missed you…

  9. I’m still in love with my ex though I don’t deserve him. My boyfriend knows but he stands by me. I don’t deserve him either.

  10. i love you.

    i will always love you.

    it hurts and i’m so sorry, but i know breaking up was the right thing. we weren’t good for each other anymore.

    i think you still love me.

    i hope i don’t beg.

    if i do, i hope for our sakes you’re strong enough to say no.

    i’ll always love you.

  11. i got my x-gf pregnant and she never told me till she got an abortion. i’m still in love with her and i badly want her back more then anything in this world but i don’t think i can look her in the face again. I hope she dose not hate me for what i did to her but i know she dose.

  12. baby im sorry for everything i did to you. i cant tell you i will never do it again but i can tell you ill try my best to never do it again and ill never stop loving you just like i have never stopped loving you since we meet in high school 13 years ago.

  13. I looked at this post a month after my partner left me to explore the world- and I wished it was him that had sent it. Even though I have moved on, still, sometimes, I feel a stirring in my chest, wishing that he could have loved me that much, as much as I loved him.

  14. I am a very closed person, I don’t show my feelings much but I have this one friend, I can tell him anything and he can tell me anything too, I feel safe when I’m being held tight in his arms, I would wake up every-morning with a text from him saying ‘Hello You’ and that would just lighten up my whole day no-matter what happened. .. After about a month I told him I would do anything to make him happy, that I would meet him in the pouring rain if he needed be to be with him, I told him I would die for him. He said that my feelings for him sounded like ‘textbook love’. I was in complete denial. that same night he told me that he cared for me the same as I do for him…. Did he mean he loves me too? He is dating my best friend :/
    For my birthday we 8 friends and I including him (after he sneaked out of his house to be there) and the girl he is dating were there, we camped out in a tent all night. he slept with me and not her he told me that I was the only person who made him feel wanted… He almost kissed me that night but I moved…
    I told my other friend about my feelings for him and how I did not know what to do and everything else about if i should tell the girl he’s dating or not… anyway she (the girl) found out and then for 2 months all of my close friends did not talk to me… the boy and I had a horrible argument about how I had broken his trust and that he won’t believe anything I say ever again. I cried for days up to the point my mother asked me if I was depressed…

    Well it’s passing and I am meeting up with my friends again just I have not seen him since July. I miss him. I love him. I will still give my life to know that he would have at least one happy day without having to get drunk to have a good time.

    Hello You.
    I miss you like crazy
    I’m sorry that I upset you, you are the last person I want to see cry. I love you and you are the only thing ever on my mind. I remember when you said to me that we would post some postcards to postsecret together and only you and I would know what they say.

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