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  1. I am in love with the idea of loving someone, but every time I get close I sabotage it so I can move on to the next idealistic partner and then in turn leave them when they don’t meet my impossibly high standards…because of this I fear I will be alone in the end.

  2. sadly meet too. It’s like a drug so addicting, I’ve gone through the “been burned” withdrawal and I’m afraid to try it again…

    *2nd rhcp993pc

  3. I love to read, watch and hear about romance and love. I wonder if I’ll ever find it truely for myself….then push away every oppurtunity I get because I’m afraid of the pain I’ll feel if it doesn’t work out.

  4. I love the pain of being in love with somebody and I can’t have him…being already in a relationship myself.

  5. Please do not afraid of live. From now on please I rather afraid to die than to live….
    I brave to be a life now,that’s how i will find my love just surrender of the faith….

  6. I think I love him but I like him to much to tell him because I don’t want him to stop talking to me, he’s the only person that can make me forget everything and get me to focus on being human… I know that he could never like me and sometimes I think I might be okay with just being his friend…not very often though…

  7. i feel as though every relationship i’m in it ends badly and even though i know i deserve better i still miss them. But at the same time in knowing i deserve better these guys always some how make it seem like it was all my fault that it didn’t work out, like i’m crazy. i don’t think i’m crazy but what if i am. I feel like this is driving me insane. I don’t know what to think and i’m always left feeling heartbroken about the result of the relationship. Could it be i just always attract bad men or am i crazy like they say i am?

  8. I give every relationship opportunity everything I have because I am all or nothing. I love the feeling of love and I was broken, shattered to a million pieces by the one I wanted to spend my life with. I found someone new that I felt I could love and have a relationship with. He said he liked me too. Now, he is so distant and hardly talks to me. This makes me wonder…am I scaring every guy I ever like away because I look at every guy I like with the hope of love? I fell for this guy and now he makes me question why I ever allowed myself to feel the potential of love again.

  9. I love being in love too. I give my all to men that just want to be between my legs. After many failed attempts at love, I think I have finally found someone who loves me back. However, I had to learn to love myself first.

  10. Thanks for putting into words exactly how I feel. I’ve been burned twice as well and though I’m hopelessly optimistic about the idea of love between two people, I’ve completely given up hope for myself.

  11. I have been hurt before and I have seen my best friends go through hell because of relationships gone bad. However, I would never want to not have loved. I am in a relationship now and the love is worth it the worry of getting hurt. Don’t sell yourself short, I know it is hard to put yourself out there, but do not let the fear get to you! I am sure you can do something to put yourself out there. Loving and being loved this the BEST feeling every. So just go for it 🙂

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  14. COMMENT 2….A girl just did this to me.

    my secret: She desecrated me but I still plead in my heart that she’ll beg forgiveness

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  16. Agreed. I love the feeling of being in love, but when it crashes down and burns I’m so afraid to let myself love someone again.

  17. I love to love and give love, but I dont get love in return. I am married and have three wonderful kids. I feel so alone!

  18. To love someone and be loved back awakens the soul…I had missed out on so much until i met *J*… the love we feel for each other is a love like no other..I have without a doubt found my soulmate…The one person you only meet once in your life that you don’t ever want to let go of..Throw cauntion to the wind people..allow yourself to love…you might just miss out on that one true love..

  19. She is on my mind from the moment i wake up & until i go to sleep why do i not have enough courage to tell you this.
    You tell me you dont feeel the same way but in my heart i think you do.
    If only i wasnt married

  20. i have loved so may times i am scared to get close to someone again.. on top of this fear i am a lesbian of the age 21 and its like i cant find any else who is gay to just talk to and open up with i feel so alone in the world!!

  21. You cannot choose who you love…and you certainly cannot choose where and when. So regardless of how scared you are, if you are meant to fall in love, you just will…just like that. Point to be aware of- the person you fall in love with might not love you back. . . might not fall in love with you.

  22. I am in love with idea of love too. I am young but I am a massive Jane Austen fan. I would love to be able to fall in love once and to have someone there not because they are sexually driven, but because they are in love. The oppurtunity to love has risen but when getting closer I just ignored him because I felt embarrassed. a few months late, I would talk to him again and I have no idea why.

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