Build me up, buttercup

Build me up, buttercup

You broke me….

and I still love you….

13 Comments on “Build me up, buttercup

  1.  by  PregnantJuggalette

    Broken but still his…in every aspect…I’m in love with him

  2.  by  MotownNonExpert

    I thought it was “just to *let* me down”… Of course, we could both be right, such as if one phrasing or the other was a different band’s cover that slightly altered the lyrics…

  3.  by  BlueCrimson

    You may feel broken but in fact you may just be that much stronger. I’ve been through some pretty emotionally destructive s*** but I’ve pulled through. It may have taken me quite a while but I did it and I know you can too. Don’t settle on a love that hurts you, but don’t believe that love will never hurt.

  4.  by  Ella

    This could have been my post card. He broke me too and I still love him. But it’s time to let it go and begin putting myself back together. It hurts like hell but the only place to go is forward until it doesn’t hurt anymore ….

  5.  by  BeL-Om

    I’m going through the process – working my way out of his twisted emotional abuse. I used to be strong but he sucked it right out of me because he is weak. Some days I wish he would have hit me instead of the mind F**K he slowly used to break me down with. “Stay Strong & Carry On”

  6.  by  sakura

    i lovesoemone who has a gf. i cant get him out of my mind evry time i see him but am too shy to say hi. id rather be goood friends but we never hang out 🙁

  7.  by  kyoung

    i know exactly how you feel. i was dumped by the same guy 4 times in 4 years and i almost went back for round 5. almost. . . . in a terrible way it feels good knowing that it kills him knowing that he is the one who screwed things up.

  8.  by  Zephros129

    This is me. Except I’m a guy and she is a girl. It just hurts so much. I hate admitting it but its the truth

  9.  by  Zephros129

    This is me. Except I’m a guy and she is a girl. It just hurts so much. I hate admitting it but its the truth. I still love her and I wish to god that she still loves me

  10.  by  Mia

    If I see this, it reminds me that after 3 months it still hurts that he traded me for a other girl. On the other way I know by now I don’t want him back. I can get better than that

  11.  by  Molly

    Hey, Post #5- good for you. When they gaslight you, it’s harder to get away. Hope you can stay clear.

  12.  by  Silverwave21

    You don’t love him you just want to show him that he can’t hurt you. It is a form of revenge that the brain can’t process and cause confusion that you construe as love. Now get out there and get your revenge.

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