Sometimes I wish I was a bird so I could fly away

Sometimes I wish I was a bird so I could fly away

I’d fly so high into the sky no one would ever find me

21 Comments on “Sometimes I wish I was a bird so I could fly away

  1.  by  thom delahunt

    i’m not a bird. but i have an adult tricycle, and i’m old enough to cross the street.

  2.  by  Roy

    One time our English teacher teacher asked us “If you could suddenly float into the air and be taken to any place you wanted, where would you go?” When she asked me for my answer I said, “I would just stay floating in the air all day”

  3.  by  Sparow

    That’d be amazing. To just get away from it all.

  4.  by  Calico

    I wanted so badly to leave.
    Now that I have, I’m wondering if I didn’t make a mistake.

    And even though I’m the one who moved,
    you’re the one who left.

  5.  by  Swallow

    I feel like that sometimes too… Its like there are wings growing in my back. I get so restless I start distancing myself from everyone so they won’t notice when I fly away.

    And part of the reason I want to fly away is because I’m not close enough to anyone.

  6.  by  Vanessa

    I agree bc I know that on most days I wish I was a bird to so I could get away from heartache and pain if only I could fly I would be free

  7.  by  dawn

    I’ve always felt this way too. I wish there was a place I could be, where I could be completely alone, no fears of anyone walking in to my private space.

  8.  by  Courtney

    None of these are secrets. Just a barrage of vague, self-absorbed whining. “You hurt me. Now I’ll never love again.” ….k….

  9.  by  J-Dub

    Me too… but only I would shit all over the world while I was up there!

  10.  by  BritG

    I think this all the time…Birds sing and live high up in the trees with the beautiful view…

  11.  by  Katie

    I just feel the need to fly every time I am up high, every time I look at the mountains, a tall bridge, the sky. The sky pulls on me like a magnet. It isn’t about going somewhere, or away from anyone, though that is an attractive prospect too, it’s about the view, speed and heights, and the grace. I wish I had wings so I could dance on the winds for the thrill of it, dive fast towards the ground and catch myself, glide low over the surface of the ocean or alone under the stars or even just to take a closer look at something, or see the world from a new perspective. It is a silly wish, but it never leaves. I just wish I could fly so hard it hurts.

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