28 thoughts on “I feel guilty when I think about my own problems”

  1. this is exactly how i feel. I just had this discussion last night. My eyes are still burning from all the tears.

  2. there’s so much pain revolving around my self hatred… and I don’t understand how it got there. Can’t I make it go away? I hate feeling so weak.

  3. Thats how I felt too, but after I opened up, I found out that no problem that hurts you is stupid.

  4. I felt the same, but began to open up and realized we are all human, going thru life. And life is a challenge, whether you’re rich or poor. Have people in your life or no one… We all matter.

  5. I feel like that as well, but that was because of years of my mother telling me how much worse everyone else has it, so even tho i’ve lived my entire life being abused sexually, physically, and mentally I feel guilty whenever i complain.

  6. I’ve felt exactly the same way, and I said to my friend, “I’ve got lots of things to cry about, but I feel like I don’t have the right to because there are so many people with much worse problems.” You know what she said? “You’re not allowed to say that ever again. Your problems are real and important to you. They matter.” So, remember that, your problems matter. And you know, a whole lot of people love you.

  7. The best thing to do is to talk about your feelings with people how care about you, like your friends and family. And always remeber that everyone is living their own life and has their own problems to go with it, and they would love nothing more than to talk about what it is theyre going through. Never be afraid to talk and never hide anything. You will feel amazing afterwards, and never feel your problmes are insignifigant because everyones problems are big to them no matter what they are

  8. I feel guilty when I complain. Mainly because I know I’m egotistical, an attention-whore, and probably a little narcissistic. I hate it. But I still complain, I still want to tell people about the shadows that fill my life. I want to tell people how repulsive I am, how convoluted my thoughts are. I want to have someone pull aside the curtains and take a peek at the ugliness inside of me so they could tell me I’m just a fucked up human being. I want to hear this, hear it from enough people so they say “go kill yourself” and I’ll finally be dumb enough to do it. But I can’t. After all, if I don’t, who will tell all the sad stories and sit in melancholy moods contemplating all that happens around her? Who will take care of my younger siblings? Who will carry the baby of the family back and forth from her wheelchair to the floor and make sure she’s seen to? Who will do all that?
    I want my family to just hate me so I can spiral into a world of desolation that yearns for release and spurs me into doing something, instead of just not caring. I want them to say “yeah, I do actually hate you” instead of say “I hate your attitude.”
    Now I feel guilty. Who am I to say such things? Maybe I am just a foul attention-whore. Maybe I’m trying to do something. Help me. Love me, love me, love me. I don’t care what I have to do, just love me like nothing else. Or hate me. Just say you hate me and for me to just move on and stop posting such terribly sad things to people who don’t care. Oh look, 9:11 again. I see 9:11 twice a day, every day, not that it has to do with anything. It’s just the time. God, Jesus, tell me you really hate your daughter, because this love is stifling. Strike down my filth and send me to the depths of Purgatory so I may try to work myself to your good graces, or let me visit the Circles of Hell where I know I shall forever wallow in misery. This good earth doesn’t deserve me.

  9. To sonja (comment #12). Hang in there honey.I know i don’t know you, so i can’t pretend to know what you’re going through at the moment, but it just sounded like you have your hands full at the moment.

    So i just thought i’d say sometimes i feel that way too…like you’re doing everything you can to keep going to keep functioning, and you want some recognition for that, but at the same time you don’t want to do it anymore and that fills you with guilt and self loathing.

    But i’ve come to realise that all you can do in this life is be the best person you can be and try your hardest. It’s ok to be angry, its ok to be tired of it all, just don’t forget to give yourself credit for getting this far, don’t forget that you should be proud of yourself for still having the courage to keep going xx

  10. Don’t feel bad about your own problems; sure other people have it worse but that doesn’t mean your problems dont hurt. I felt that way too and it lead me to try suicide. Your problems DO matter and if anyone laughs punch them in the face and walk away. The people who truely matter won’t laugh – they just want you to be happy. Start an awkward conversation, end in tears, but it will be okay.

  11. Ya know that feeling of nervousness and self consciousness when talking to others, or talking in front of groups? Feeling like what you may want to say is unimportant? Yea, you do, because we’ve all felt it a time or few in our lives. In the last 5 years, I’ve felt it once or twice. The secret……is live in the moment, give up inhibition and just do/say what you want, and don’t look back for approval. It’s so FREEING. Try it. I used to be shy, now I’m one of my city’s famous bartenders, and it’s so much fun, I’m on stage every night I work, and people come to see me. It’s awesome and fulfilling.

  12. In the words of a Great Man… Do you see the picture’s been the same all this time running and blaming and longing for nothin but replacement of fears in an eternally discontented mind we have tried to be far beyond what we simply could be.. a flame in the grey, a tempory bandaid, for far to many years of misery but we failed to see that it would only be a matter of time that we also would be reason for change in an eternally discontented mind, do you see now that this pictures the same as before, running from the roots, beneath the guilt and the hurt and the pain that have been caused…..If I could see excactly what I could see you would be see..it’s a great mystery………Xavier Rudd……………

  13. I feel this way too. Lots of times I push it to the back of my mind and think-“Why should I sit here and complain about my own problems when I could be out helping someone else with theirs?” I think if people thought this way then everyones problems would be a little easier to deal with.

  14. Me too! I never get around to telling anyone my problems because I know that they have their own problems that are probably worse than mine. and I really don’t want people to see me any different because I like the relationships I have with them all ready. I totally get where you’re coming from.

  15. I know this exact feeling, last year i would try top keep in my secrets so bad because i felt like they were stupid problems and no one would take them seriously. It got pretty bad though ,and i ended up being tired all the time and just started crying in school when i saw my best friend and i finally went to a social worker and she told me there isnt such thing as a stupid problem, and even if there are worse out there it doesnt mean you’re not allowed to feel upset about the things that upset you. I consider you one of the nicest people i’ve never met for considering other people’s problems when you’re feeling pain for your own at the moment. I really hope that you can see that for yourself, and tell people what’s bothering it, whether it be someone cut you in line, or someone told you to jump off a cliff and die, i love you and hope that you can accept yourself one day, and feel free to let your problems be expressed. be free

  16. I dont know if anyone will care or read this, but i feel the same way. my complaints hurt but i feel worse when i think about the even lesser fortunate.

  17. I felt like this for a long time too but then it all got too much and I had to tell someone.I told my best friend and she understood and it turned out that she had some great advice that really helped.

  18. It’s okay to be sad.
    It’s okay to be weak.
    It’s okay to cry.
    It’s okay to ask for help.
    It’s okay to cry in front of people.
    Other people will help you if you give them the chance.

  19. Your problems aren’t any less just because other people may have worse ones. I figure part of being strong is having the courage to show your vulnerable side (especially if you’re ashamed of it). The people who really matter will appreciate it.

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