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  1. I felt the same way for a very long time. Not too long ago, I was put in the the hospital to get my appendix removed. The only people that came were my immediate family and my boyfriend. The only time he left was to get something to eat, and even then not for long. It made me feel good to know that just he was there. :]

  2. I always think about this too. But then I start to worry about if i didn’t see the people I was hoping to see by my side then I would just wanna die. Or worry that I’d see everyone I wanted to see by my side and die anyways from whatever put me in the hospital. So I think I’ve come to terms without knowing.

  3. same here..then i was in the ICU for a week and the only person by my side day/night was my younger brother.. Friends were all talk but when it came down to it only my brother was there.

  4. I’ve felt this way ever since I first read “Tom Sawyer” and he mentions how he wishes he could die for a day just to see how bad everyone would feel and who would care. Even though I got over being suicidal, I still have a certain amount of envy for those who will know, before they die, that they will. In fact be missed.

  5. I keep wishing this now, I really need him to come see me. I wonder how close I am to doing something to find out, every day.

  6. When I was young, I felt the same way… I was never sick and I was always obliged to help my brothers and my sister when they were sick. It was until I learn I was diabetic… Then, I try not to wish something else like that because I know that this can happen for real now… but I’m not able… Now, I wish I can have an accident or something like that, just to see everyone’s afraid for me at least for seconds… I don’t know… I think I need to see that someone really care about me. Same as you finally. 😉

    **Sorry for my english, I’m french!

  7. ive been in for anorrexia treatment and the only person who came to see me was my best friend but she just came to say that she actually hated me

  8. i was in the hospital for a week getting park of my leg bone replaced with metal, it was a massive surgery, i learnt who my real friends were, the numbers went from 30 to 3

  9. I felt this way once before last yeah I landed myself in a coma for seven days. Three more days in the hospital once I woke up. They made a list of everyone who came to the hospital to see me, a year later I lost contact with all of them. People come around when your dying but once you get better they get ‘busy’

  10. I am a cancer survivor. Months and months or hospital stays and chemo treatment. Near death isn’t “cool”. Something about this confession stirs feelings of intense anger and embarrassment in me. The world of people gets stranger and stranger.

  11. i also wish this but i also wish i could die and turn into a gohst and be at my own funeral and see who actual comes

  12. i used to day dream that i would get hit by a car and the guy i liked would come out of nowhere take me to the hospital and hold my hand the whole way there.

  13. I’ve always felt this way and today things are a little more complicated, and I’m holding my self to not crash my car on pourpose…

  14. Never wish this upon yourself. I thought that way before. I ended up in a coma and the one person I wanted at the time to come never came.

  15. I still day dream about getting injured to be put in the hospital. Not because I want to hurt, but so that I won’t have too worry about all the responsibilities & those who I take care will have to take care of me. I wonder if people only like me because I’m reliable, not for who I am.

  16. I did too, until I saw my grandma in the hospital and realized how much she hated that place. I still wish that it could’ve been me that went instead of her. I miss her dearly.

  17. I got news for you. Been there, done that. No one cares. Get over yourself before it’s too late.

  18. I see where you are coming from and that’s because i’ve always felt that same way. Sure, people tell you they love you. But, how do you know what they’re saying is true. I never feel like anyone cares.

  19. When my Dad died I was saddened by how few people came to his funeral and it made me thin about who would come to mine and I realized it would be even fewer. Not because he wasn’t a nice person or I am not a nice person but because my whole family has never really had friends. Not sure why except we never pursue friendships because we are insecure and wouldn’t want to impose. We don’t call because we don’t want to bother anyone. We assume you don’t want us as a friend. It’s a lonely existence.

  20. I do the same thing, I often thinking about crashing my car on purpose… i’m not suicidal, i just want to see if people really care or they’re just lying.

  21. I got news for you. Been there, done that. No one cares. Get over yourself before it’s too late.

  22. Finding this postcard was a relief. Over the past 2 months, I have sunk back into a deep depression; after losing my job. I have been wondering a lot lately if I even would have visitors if I got sick, or something happened to me. You are not alone

  23. I didn’t know I was loved until I was severely injured and in the hospital over a week. (My left hand was severed and reattached) So many people visited, so many people cared. I felt very blessed and still do, the accident was 15 years ago. I learned then that I am here to bring love and joy into the world and as strange as it seems, I am no longer afraid of being female.

  24. I had a seizure in 2008 due to an extremely low blood sugar and I didn’t remember anything except waking up surrounded by my family. I never have felt more loved than I did on that day.

  25. I often feel this too.

    The other day when crossing the road I actually thought it might not be so terrible to be hit by a car, I’d be taken to hospital, I wouldn’t be alone, I’d be looked after and I’d see who cared.

  26. I hate being visited in the hospital. I kindly ask people to wait until I’m home before they visit. The hospital is an unhealthy place for anyone, and frankly I rather enjoy the solitude.

  27. I think about this all the time, but too scared to as well in case that one person I want to be there for me isn’t. and I know he won’t be. but I cant do anything but hope that he would.

  28. i think about this too sometimes. whenever i feel really alone. i know, in a factual way, that people do care about me. but sometimes it feels like i’m alone.

  29. I sometimes wish for that too, but I don’t want my boyfriend to show up, I want you to care

  30. I used to think the same thing until I met her. Now I know she would show up and the idea of her worrying like that kills me. I go out of my way to be overly cautious just to be sure she’ll never has to visit me in a hospital.

  31. I was hospitalized last year for emergency surgery.
    Other than my children… only 3 friends contacted me to see how everything went.

    They are the only 3 people I make an effort to help now.

    One was diagnosed with lymphoma this year and sadly found out that only 4 of their friends … blah blah blah

    We both feel the sickness was a life lesson.

    Friends are about Quality not Quantity.

    Skip the hospital and just pare down your friends according to the qualities that best compliment a healthy, happy life style. : )

  32. I always think the same thing sometimes but who knows exactly why a person wouldn’t come visit you. For all we know that one person who you wanted to visit you could have been hit or injured coming to see you and they could be behind the curtain and in the hospital bed beside you all this time. Whether they come or not they probably feel guilty, but you can’t just sit there and mope, especially if you aren’t sure if you’ll make it or not.

  33. I feel the exact same way right now i wish i can think of a plan to end me up in the hospital without hurting my family in the process i wish i can just be somewhere where I don’t have to do anything and people will take care of me like the nurses and doctors have to cuz they get paid and maybe someone else would come visit me to

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