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  1. why would you wish that??maybe you’re life werent how it supposed to be.not that it’s not good to have a normal life,not beaten and kicked out,but you know,everyone has a hidden weird stuff we wanted.sometimes I think just for a change of things.I suggest this person to really see what happens to people who in reality have a life like that..would it be good??I bet no.

  2. For a the past 12 years I’ve been depressed and crippled with anxiety off and on and not knowing why or having a reason, such as those listed in this post secret, to be depressed can be very disheartening. I have a feeling the writer is experiencing something similar where he/she does not have a reason to feel terrible about themselves so they created fake reasons to justify it to people. I too have thought to myself that I wish I had a worse childhood so that I would actually know what the main source of all these thoughts and emotions are.

  3. thats a little harsh since you dont know this person’s life or situation. i have felt like this before because i want someone to reach out to me. i want a reason to feel the pain i do. i want someone to care since it seems that i dont have a reason.

  4. As somebody who experienced these things my whole life, not just as a child but then from my ex boyfriend (the only serious relationship I ever had) who I moved in with when I thought I was escaping years of abuse just to find out I’d put myself in a situation of worse abuse. Please don’t ever wish that on yourself. lying about it belittles the plight of people who are in this situation.

  5. I feel like my previous comment may have been a bit harsh I was just surprised that anyone could believe they wanted that for themselves. sorry I didn’t mean it in a mean way. but believe me I would swap places with you a hundred times over.

  6. I understand normal could be boring, but to wish for abuse? If you were actually abused, I’m sure you’d wish you weren’t… And anyway, this desire proves you’re not normal.

  7. I totally understand how you feel. i suffer from severe depression, and have no reason to be depressed. I constantly feel guilty and put myself down for feeling the way i do. I’ve had people tell me to just get over myself and to not be so dramatic. I wish I knew why I feel the way I do.

  8. I used to get anxious and depressed a lot for no particular reason, maybe I would think that life was a little too overwhelming or that my friends didn’t really care about me. I knew that none of these things were true, that I had a great life. That just made me feel worse, that I was feeling this way when so many people had it worse and they actually had a reason to be depressed. Then I got cancer. I don’t get depressed anymore.

  9. was beaten and abused and yelled at, but never kicked out! i wish i was kicked out so i could have an excuse to never see them again

  10. I exaggerate my childhood emotional abuse stories for sympathy. But I think I do it because I really never got enough compassion as a child.

  11. To Everyone who feels this way:

    Depression is real and normal. Its okay to want a reason for your sadness. Please talk to a doctor. I tried 16 different antidepressants before I found mine… but now I can finally wake up and smile in the morning.

    I don’t need to lie to myself or anyone else ever again.

  12. trust me you dont.. ive been through thos things and what it did to my entire family is horrible. id ruined the relationship with my mom and my siblings and i are about as close as a child in alaska and a child in florida metaphorically speaking.. the way i feel about my family is birthed of those situations and its not good

  13. As someone who actually went through such things, I don’t understand why you would actually want those things to happen to you.

  14. i completely understand wanting those things to happen, because then, there would be a physical reason as to why depression, anxiety, pain and hurt were there…

  15. To everyone saying that this person shouldn’t wish such things, you just don’t know how they feel. I understand completely. No one cared about me unless something really terrible was going on. But even after you tell that lie, all they say is ‘aw, that’s too bad.’ and then carry on with their own lives. So you start to think that maybe if it was real, they’d be a bit more bothered.

  16. Perhaps the people who wish this pain for themselves would learn to appreciate their “normal” lives if they volunteered to work with victims of real abuse. Seeing what it really does, to real people, might make you see your own life in a new light.

    I was a victim of longterm, systematic abuse of various types which was denied to those outside and blamed on me by my abusers. “You brought it on yourself, you asked for it, “nice” girls don’t do that!” The scars are still there, inside and out.

    Trust me, you don’t wish the stories were true.

  17. Don’t ever wish for this! One of my closest friends get abused alot and she almost NEVER complains about! She feels like she needs to be strong and get through but some days it’s just soo bad she gets really sick and it makes me cry!!!! SHE EVEN GIVES US ADVICE WHILE SHES GETTING ABUSED if we text and wont tell us what happened! She is an amazing friend and i love her alot it makes me so sad when i find out her dad abuses her while we text:( she huds it all too… But she cant hide it all…Only ignorance would make u wish for this!!!! The worst part is not being able to do more than comfort her bcuz her dad is so freaking cunning that he fools everyone including the authorities!!!!! don’t wish for this please:(

  18. I was abused as a child, but not alot and my whole family was supportive…
    sometimes (not often) I wish something worse had happenedd so that their would be a reason for how fucked up I feel.

  19. i feel that way sometimes. and especially since i get depressed a lot, i wish that my life was worse than what it already is so that i have more of a reason to feel that way. ive been in a mentally abusive relationship and i felt terrible the majority of the time. i felt like it was my fault but now im scared to get close to anyone because i feel like its going to happen again. really, being abused isnt something to wish for, but i understand how you feel because i have and kinda still am going through the same thing.

  20. i needed to see this…. i started feelin like the only one wit this mindset and these lies…
    im so ashamed of how i feel, i gave a fake email so i dnt have to see this ever again

  21. ive wish 4 those thing wen i was younger … well wen my family found out i was lez i got it… im happy now … but i dont think its a good thing

  22. I understand where you are coming from. I do this. It actually has made me lose several friends.

  23. Being someone who actually grew up with nothing but this for 20 years, and being someone who finally got out and lost every bit of “family” I had left because no one believed me, never wish this on yourself. Everyone expects the abuse and the kicking out to be like the movies, it’s not. It’s an awful experience that stays with you even when you escape the environment. It made me fail my first year of college, ruin nearly every loving relationship I’ve ever had, and forced me into attending counseling. My only saving grace was finding a man who can deal with my constant mood swings, crying/screaming fits, and taking my 20 years of hurt out on him constantly. A lot of people never get out of it, and it ruins your life for good. Never wish it upon yourself. Things can always get better because once you hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up. There are people out there who will listen to your problems, even if you’re not sure why you feel the way you do.

  24. There are many kinds of abuse in this world, even in Normal homes. Emotional abuse can leave you with pain you can’t understand. No bruises, just pain. When I’d break a bone it hurt my body but my mind relaxed. People could see my pain. You are not alone at all. You just don’t know how to see or understand your pain. Find someone to talk to. You’ll meet 10 idiots and one good person, so you have to keep trying. Its worth doing.

  25. Me too….
    I can’t beleve I’m not alone
    I’m trying to stop, because it’s ruining my relationship with my fioncee… but the lies are just an addiction now…

    Me too…. I never thought I’d say that about this.

    Thank you for sharing <3

  26. Now, I know what you mean. I feel the same way, in a funny kind of way.
    But what these people are saying is wrong. Because they have no clue for your reasons, just as you don’t know theirs. Only difference is that yours might be that much harder to understand.

    It’s hard to heal a problem that cannot be found.
    Live on.

  27. when I was little I was mildly abused, no rape nothing from my family thank god. Just people I thought were friends and random people at my school were sexually abusing me… Every one thinks i am so strong, that I’ve dealt with it, but the truth is, it has been years and still I just sit and hug myself and cry, trying to figure out why some one who I loved like a sister, was my best friend could hate me so much that she could hurt me like that. I feel broken but I don’t know why, I know that there are people who have it so much worse and when I feel bad about myself, I feel even worse because I have no reason to.

  28. There are others out there like me?
    I thought I was alone
    a wrap my hands or arm in bandages to say i have an injury iv told numerous people my mother is abusive and the I cut myself but i don’t have the guts to cut myself
    why do I do this?
    Is it really to make a physical reason for my pain
    I never thought of that
    although my mothers not abusive if I told her I was depressed she wouldn’t believe
    God it Hurts to not be hurt

  29. I think you are so brave in stating this. I honestly never thought anyone did the same things. Having lied, but also experience after placing myself in abusive situations I pick the abuse. I want all the lies to be true!!!

  30. It comes from depression. I know how this person feels. He/she is probably mentally abusing themselves and thinks they need it physical. This person probably feels like they need to be punished.

  31. i’be lived through 20 years of abuse at home and make out everyday that i had a normal family…..

  32. If you want those lies to be true ill come to your house and yell at you and kick your ass within an inch of your life. You are worthless trash for lying about a subject like this.

  33. My daughter did the same shit and ruined my life. You’re selfish and should at least tell people that you are the one abusing yourself instead of lying and blaming others. Child abuse is a serious accusation and if the police get involved your parents lives will be ruined. Grow up or get help, but leave innocent victims out of your sick fantasy.

  34. I thought I was tge only one. I always wanted an excuse to rebel, one night stands, do heroin. I’m on meds now and am content. I hope you find peace wiyj ypuself.

  35. P.s how dare you people judge them for their feelings. Postsecrets are a way of expressing their feelings with no negative judgements. Shame on you. @Manney ritz your daughter ruined yooour life, Pfff.

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