We’re together because no-one but you wanted me

We're together because no-one but you wanted me

20 Comments on “We’re together because no-one but you wanted me

  1.  by  Rach

    I feel the same way about my boyfriend and being wanted is a great feeling 🙂

  2.  by  NoOne Worth Knowing

    Atleast you have someone that wants you, i dont and i envy the people i see in relationships.

  3.  by  Winter

    I got in my first ever relationship because I thought the same thing but after a few months I couldn’t take it anymore and I dump him. I don’t regret it!

  4.  by  lostinthewoods78

    Why don’t you come home?

  5.  by  hmmm

    cant decide if this is really depressing or really lovely

  6.  by  Alison

    I want someone to want me but I don’t want to only want them because I think no one else will want me….

  7.  by  Hopnob

    Atleast you’re in love. I think I’m only in this out of gratitude.

  8.  by  Melissa


  9.  by  Hopeful

    I want this so bad… Ive had some close calls but im ready for the real deal not some fake short term guy…

  10.  by  Molly

    This is my story, too, but he fell out of…infatuation with me. He used me for a decade, now I’m begging him to leave me alone. We have a beautiful son, but he just doesn’t love us. I almost wonder if he stopped loving me exactly when I started loving him…

  11.  by  just me

    OMG this is the only reason I stayed with my husband at the beginning of our relationship – but he sobered up to keep me when I finally threatened to leave, and now I can’t imagine being with anyone else. 11 years and more in love than ever!

  12.  by  Humbug

    I was in that situation. But suddenly the other person realized who I really was, and left me. Now no one wants me anymore.

  13.  by  lonely

    I wish I could say that I have this… But i dont, I want this so badly.

  14.  by  Love

    I hated myself for loving you because I was afraid we were just stuck together, now I know we were just meant for eachother

  15.  by  Eva

    Lovely…! I’m happy for you and know what you mean.

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