6 thoughts on “I wish you’d bite like she does”

  1. This is awful. If it’s your girlfriend or partner you’re aiming this secret at, i’m sure they would be heartbroken if they knew you wished they were like someone else. You should be ashamed.

  2. Hey man (or woman), I respect your secret. That’s what this is for, right? To get it out of your system. BUT, if I were you, I’d either be honest with your partner or dump her/him. I honestly don’t understand what cheating’s for; if we’re all adults then we can take responsible decisions concerning others, or be responsible for our own actions.

  3. I think this every time I meet someone new. But they’ll never be her, and she doesn’t want me anymore. NOTHING will compare to the way she bit me… Sometimes it makes me feel like I’ll never be able to truly give myself to someone ever again because I’ll always be wishing it was her.

  4. @Myro: Even if the writer was referring to an ex, it would still be cheating on his current girlfriend as he shows that he is not truly in love with her by thinking of another woman. If he can’t forget his ex, he will never be able to dedicate himself to his new girlfriend which makes her sort of deprived. He should just figure his feelings out before starting a relationship with that someone new.

  5. Did you ever think that they just like being bitten and the current girlfriend doesn’t do it? It’s not cheating, not unresolved feelings, just a sexual desire. I’m not saying that is true in this situation, but it’s possible. You can still be dedicated to someone new and still remember the past, isn’t that what they call memories?

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