24 thoughts on “I stole 100 bucks”

  1. I never thought post secrets turned into a website that you could be hurtful in your comments to those posting their secrets. I’m sure if you look within yourselves you have all done terrible things. No one is any better to judge ANYONE who posts their secrets. Think about that one!

  2. What? Of course people have a right to judge others. If someone does something bad, they should feel bad, if only so that they will not repeat a wrong action. Acting like nothing is wrong does nothing to improve the situation for anyone.

  3. @ L.

    I think people should stop being judgmental. If someone has done wrong, they know and thatsy they are posting it here..

  4. that is disgusting and sad i don’t see how people can have no shame or not feel bad about hurting someone else… but karma is a bitch and they have it coming

  5. Why is everyone judging? These comments make me cringe. There are ten million things worse than stealing 100 bucks which i guarantee those judging have indulged in. When I read post secrets, I just smile and think about how they reflect my own life in someway. And no matter what they always do.

  6. Stealing is bad but cheating is far worse. That being said the seeming lack or remorse might be the worst part of this entry.

  7. Postsecret is a place for secrets, not a place to hide what you’ve done just because it’s shameful. You all have no right to be terrible to this person, the obviously feel bad in some way because they posted it, you only post secrets here that eat you away, turn you into a monster, how do you people know that this secret didn’t help this person? you don’t, and if you have any humen compasion then these terrible naisty comments will stop. Oh wait, I forgot no one in this God forsaken world can think about anything but themselves. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  8. you guys really kinda suck… isn’t this a place to share your secrets? isn’t that what this website is for? my ex boyfriend stole 100 dollars from me while we were living together, and then screwed his baby momma in my bed. sooo i actually relate to this one from the other side.. but hell.. i like it anyways. 🙂 YOU GO GIRL!

  9. Kat I have got a question for you. Lets say someone someone got on here and posted a secret about how he raped one of your friends and he said he enjoyed it, you would not judge him? Now you think about that one.

  10. Sex is meant to be between two people that love each other and would never do anything to hurt each other. People that sleep around or have sex without commitment are the most disgusting wastes of human life on this earth. People like this make me lose faith in humanity and makes me wonder how many girls out there are lying cheating mentally retard cum dumpsters. There is nothing more disgusting than a girl or boy that sleeps around no matter what the situation is or what intoxicant there on. People like this cause so much pain and heartache in the world. They have no self respect or any type of thought process for the feelings of others. The only thing people like that think about are themselves and how they feel,there wants and needs. I wish every single person on this earth that has ever done that gets put in a single dark cage with no food or water till they starve to death and rid the world of there presence and destruction.

  11. This is why women can never be trusted, poor guy. She is forcing him to live a lie while stealing from him. Women like this should be executed.

  12. AGS# are you serious? Maybe she did something wrong but, seriously? Executed? What the fuck is wrong with you? And “this is why women can never be trusted” Because men never do anything like this? Lets not generalize, ok? Because when you generalize you’re being ignorant and close minded.

  13. @ justin.

    you might be the most stupid ranter I’ve ever seen. Did you just learn to use cuss words? Did you just hit puberty and your youth group leader is telling you what to believe?

    Sex is Primal. Sex is lust, emotion without hesitation.

    You all should stop the banter. Judge her if you will, but no need to impose your judgement. Last, no he didn’t literally mean execute her…

  14. @ justin

    P.S. God does not exist.

    P.S.S. People who have sex are the least of the world’s worries. The ones who are intolerant such as yourself are the ones bringing an end to our world. So, way to go Champ!

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