22 thoughts on “I saw a boy bleeding to death, hit by a car…”

  1. I saw a man and a pregnant women crash their motorcycle into the passenger side of a car that turned in front of them. She died there in the street.

  2. You can never forget a memory that you are TRYING to forget, it is easier to keep telling yourself that it was just a bad dream. After a few years it works and you can believe the lie. Trust me on this one.

  3. Poor baby! You will NOT benefit from pretending an alternate reality (in my experience/opinion). I saw a man decapitated in a motorcycle accident and it can NEVER be unseen, mis-remembered or forgotten. I don’t actually know what to tell you, other than, eventually, the horror of the memory may fade somewhat, but the trauma and raw, gut emotions will probably be with you forever. Your humanity will make your progress difficult but not impossible. The silver lining may be your dreadfully poignant appreciation for the fragility of life.

  4. I saw a dog get hit by a car that kept going. I stopped and took the dog to a vet. I called the vet later that day and the vet told me the dog didn’t make it. The image of that dog flipping sideways is stuck in my mind. At least he didn’t die on the street.

  5. Agreeing with Mr. Jack (#4)
    Accepting something traumatic is a lot better than forgetting it. Trust me, I know from experience. There are some things from my childhood that I had forgotten, but when I remembered (and at some point you will always remember, one way or the other) it was a whole lot worse. …Then when the same thing happened when I was older, the memories of both the previous incident and this one were overwhelming. It was hard to accept everything and even though I knew everything to be truth I still tried to lie to myself. I gave up on that accepted the past and now I feel like everything will be alright.

  6. Similar to montez (#7):
    My mother had a chiwawa named Petey. She considered him her son because she has all girls and has always wanted a boy, and just like a little brother he was cute and annoying and so much fun to be around. …but one day he took off outside and didn’t come back. We look for him everywhere, none of the neighbors had seen him. When we found him, he was dead. I saw it myself and didn’t allow my mother to see, though she was in the car. I did tell her what I saw but I didn’t want her to see it first hand. I think he may have gotten hit by a car or some strong force to the back of the head because when I found him, his eyes were bulging out of his skull. (sorry from the detail but I just wanted to allow you to know the sadness I felt, especially with how much my mother loved him.)

  7. My brother was hit by a car when he was 9 yrs old and died instantly. I was 7 at the time. I was there when it happened and still remember it vividly. That was 28 yrs ago. The pain still runs deep. I think it has made me the over-protective mother that I am today. My daughter cannot go anywhere without me and I am sorry for that because I am afraid I am sheltering her….but I can’t stop. I can’t imagine going through the agony that my parents did.

  8. I used to feel this way.
    Just remember blood, bleeding, pain, getting sick, even dying … it is all part of nature, this is what make us living creatures.
    I had to struggle with myself, but I had a guideline: is something natural, part of nature, part of normal life?
    Is it possible to live without accidents, not getting sick, not dying?
    Good luck!

  9. With me I have the type of memory where I never forget anything I see, and I saw a car accident happen in front of me, and Ive been in two car accidents with a month of each other and that was almost 4 years ago and, sometimes I relive it in slow motion. You willl be fine but you cant habour on the idea of it.

  10. You wont ever forget, but the memory will be easier to handle eventually….take it from someone who has been living with terrible memories all her life…

  11. I saw a kid die my sophomore year of highschool. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. I was the only person to see it and I don’t wish that I’d forget it. It was something that will always be with me

  12. While driving a saw a cat who’s lower half had just been crushed by another car, I made eye contact with it, and kept driving. It’s been decades and I will never forget that and will never stop regretting not pulling over and putting it out of it’s misery.

  13. You won’t ever forget it. 11 years ago I was driving when an 18 year old boy committed suicide by running out in front of my car. I still close my eyes and see every detail vividly. It has never faded or changed. I spent the first few years obsessing about if I could have done something to prevent it. I realize I couldn’t have. I still think about him and his family (who were very kind and gracious to me despite their tremendous pain) every day.

  14. You can never unsee some things… Use those things to appreciate what you have and what you could use. Then maybe you can enjoy the riches in your life before they are gone.

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