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  1. omg I was here if this was in Missouri my brother is the one to the left. 🙂 I am also scared of what my brother will become from what he has seen or done

  2. One of my best friends will leave in a month and i am terrified more than i was when i gave birth

  3. Just pray and love. And never give up hope when times get rough. My boyfriend of six years was deployed for a year when we were both 18. It was a horrible time after he came home. . .BUT we got through it and are stronger because of it!!!

  4. My brother killed himself when I was 7. He’d been suffering with depression, alcohol and drug abuse after he came home from overseas. He was stationed overseas for 2 years straight. I’m praying for you and hoping that he doesn’t make the horrible decision that crushed me at such a young age.
    Good luck.

  5. My boyfriend spent 8 years in the Marines. He won’t talk about most of it. I know he lost soldiers & had to kill people. Everytime he gets depressed it scares the crap out of me. I have seen him be at the point of suicide several times, where even my everlasting love for him wasn’t enough for him to want to stay alive. He’s too much of a “man” to go to therapy. I pray for every soldier out there..it is really hard.

  6. The first night my Fiancee came home from Afghanistan I woke up terrified when I saw him walking around the room. I thought he was going to hurt himself or me.

    He came back with PTSD but in the end he was able to readjust and cope. Now he is doing amazing.

    PTSD doesn’t always have a sad ending.

  7. I wasn’t afraid my husband would get killed over there either, I was scared shitless that he would come back different because I wanted to be with him the rest of my life and I knew if he’d change I wouldn’t love him anymore.

  8. I’m leaving for the service soon.
    This is what I know my friends are scared of.
    I’m not going to let it happen to me….And even though I don’t believe in God all that much, I pray that other soldiers will see that it’s not the way out.

  9. For all who have lost a loved one, not from war but from the destruction they have seen and felt while being overseas.. I would like to say that I hope and pray that each and every soldier has the strength to talk to someone and get help if they feel that they can not deal with the pain. I am an active duty soldier who helps those who have been deployed or not and have tried to kill themselves or attempted to rid the nightmares and the hurt they are experiencing. I pray every night for each and every one of them and hope that the next day I will be able to help them through and they can feel at peace again.

  10. This is what we all hope. When we are luck enough to get them back alive, we have to fight to keep them alive with us. It is a sad and scary truth. Good luck!
    My family came through the other side, i’m sure your family can too!

  11. ive been deployed twice to Afghanistan, i watched my best friend get shot in the head twice, i watched my PL save 7 people by getting in the way of a rocket, and not once have i wanted to kill my self, if you do want to kill your self after war, your just a weak person. and dont deserve to be in the same army as real soldiers that died doing what they believed in

  12. my dad suffers from PTSD i know what you feel like, but my mom does everything she can to make his life better, try the same, usually the soldiers who commit suicide are the ones that are always alone. but know that sometimes you won’t be able to help it, and that it wont be your fault

  13. Like most of you, my husband and some close friends have all served overseas many, my husband included have came backed changed, spoke less and less about what he’d done and seen there. At first it was me that didn’t want to hear it, then it was I do want to hear it because I knew he needed to talk about it. And yet I remember all of the phone calls he gave me while overseas and I knew when something wasn’t right. And after pressing him for a bit I finally got it out of him that he was driving in a convoy and had seen many dead bodies piled along a road they were driving on. Then it was the IED that the sweep team missed and his truck hit- only recently was I able to read his paperwork from that incident. And I know that’s probably not all he’s seen while he was over there, but those are the things I am privileged enough to know about.

    Any who he as all too many of the men and women who’ve served can a-test to the fact that he does suffer from PTSD. In fact I actually did a paper on that last summer for one of my psychology classes that I made him read and after reading he looked me in the eye and told me that he’s probably suffering from PTSD. Sadly he like all too many, refuses the help. And now he’s looking at re-enlisting this September and it’s scaring me, more than ever!

  14. My brothers is in the forces, and him being affected by his experiences in those goddamn countries is something i worry about every single day, and i don’t even know how to begin to stop thinking about it, and i don’t know if i want to becuase surely if i worry then i will know when he has changed, but what if i don’t notice the changes? i am crying as a i write this.

  15. Alex #17, that is absolute BS. I don’t believe anything you said and I think you’re a callous SOB for trolling and saying such a cruel thing to an Army wife who is clearly in distress.

    1) It’s an RPG, not a “rocket” and if you saw action you would know that.

    2) You don’t “get in the way” of an RPG. It’s not like the movies where they come in slow. It’s fast like a bullet even though it’s bigger.

    3) If by some huge stretch of the imagination someone managed to get between an RPG and 7 people… the chances of that saving anyone are almost nothing. It’s not like a bullet. The damage doesn’t just stop because it hit one person.

    4) PLs don’t go out on mission. You go out in squads… not entire platoons.

    5) Your best friend got shot in the head TWICE? You mean he didn’t go down with the first head shot? Did both shots manage to avoid his helmet and happen almost simultaneously before he had the chance to fall to the ground? Or did they decide to give him another shot in the head while he was on the ground even though there was still the rest of your squad shooting at them?

    Your entire story sucks. For the record, I have never seen one single person come back from combat who wasn’t humbled and VERY respectful of fellow soldiers who have seen action. They’re brothers bonded by something you clearly don’t know. You are just a class A jerk who needs to find a better hobby.

    To the person who submitted the secret… PTSD is treatable. If you see symptoms talk to him about seeking help. It’s hard for a long time but it gets better.

  16. My boyfriend just joined the army and i’m also very scared of what will happen while he’s away but like you, i am also more scared of the kind of person he’ll be when he gets back. I’m scared to death of him changing and i would love to spend the rest of my life with him so i pray that he’ll come back no different than the way he left.

  17. I.B.W. this one is for you brother. I miss you every day and the only solace I can find is knowing you are no longer in pain.

    “There are strong people that are placed here to fight for us. Others are so strong that they are needed for a greater fight. You are one of those.”

  18. this is not a website to bash peoples honest thoughts and feelings! if u dont understand, dont comment. venting and being truely honest about what u feel is the best thing to do. these are secrets that have never been said outloud and can only be expressed if theres no one to judge……..

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