15 thoughts on “I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a terrorist”

  1. That’s cause they are brainwashed, but I understand the idea behind what this person is saying. I mean, if I hated my job I would probably wonder the same thing about different jobs, even though a terrorist is a little far out for me.

  2. Is it honestly so wrong to think freely? the only thing left to true freedom is our MINDS. I am so past all of this rediculous politically correct bullshit. Why cant we say what we mean and mean what we say? in a world where the most “polite” people are complete facist pigs, i thing its completely acceptable to wonder what it’s like to be someone or do something. Nothing is wrong with using your mind. in fact, if more people did use their minds, then this who ideal of a happy medium in America.. or anywhere else, would be a natural feeling. When faced with an obsession, or even just boredom, nothing is wrong with saying what you mean. and besides, this is after all a POST SECRET right? it’s not as if he’s telling everyone he works with. And don’t tell me that you all who say hes “sick” minded don’t think naughty things, or forbidden thigs every so often. Some of us are braver than others in expressing themsevles. Come on people… Hiding what you feel is more than enough a burden on the human mind. So if you don’t like this person’s ideals, then deal with it.

  3. @Dillon K: Absolutely nothing. Leave him/her alone. -_- I agree with Katharine on this. Use your friggen minds! It’s the only way you get anything. Someone said terrorists were brainwashed- Lies. Lies and slander. They are doing what they do for some reason or other, unlike you who only say that because you’ve been bribed into thinking it’s ‘right’. It’s just like how people try to distract depressed teens away from suicide- They only make it so that when they hit rock-bottom and think about it, it’ll only catch them offguard. Seriously considering suicide is the only reliable way to detract yourself from it because you can see all that is wrong with it and with enough time to deal with it rather than it becoming a spur of the moment thing.

    Please, think before you do anything in your life, which includes posting comments about being brainwashed or having something wrong in your head. You’re just proving you’re only right about yourselves.

  4. I sometimes feel like this. Not specifically with terrorism, it’s just not my thing, but when I look at other people doing things they really love in general. Especially villains on cartoon and television shows. Most of them are incredibly one-dimensional, and only serve to be the antagonist to the show’s protagonist with no other facets to their personalities, but they just seem to be so utterly in love with their own evil and with what they’re doing that I just can’t help but envy them.

    I really can’t.

  5. hi hate to sound like a pompus ass but here goes: when i hear about these acts of terrorism I wonder what what is wrong in the world – I’m living my best life by helping not hurting – if you want to die and your life is humanly unbearable kill yourself don’t take others with you

  6. I always liked that speech in scarface about people needing to hate him. I admired it as even though he was ‘evil’, he knew his place in the world. Personally i’d rather be aa monster than a nobody given the choice.

  7. Our soldiers are terrorists to other countries. We don’t think of the children and other innocents who are killed/injured when we drop bombs on our ‘opposing’ countries. You want to feel that? Just join the army.

  8. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a unicorn.
    I hear their horns have healing powers.
    I can’t even get horney anymore, let alone get anything from it.

    Honey, stick to your day job.

  9. Of course terrorism is something you do to others – that others dont like, being terrorised. How about being a fighter for other’s liberation – that takes real courage?

    Anyway who says that terrorists like what they are doing? Maybe they are driven – & are a slave to – their hate? ~ There things that are meaningful and constructive, being a sociopath is not one of them.

  10. OMG Holmes sent this one in the guy who murdered 24 people at the Midnight Premier of The Dark Knight Rises.

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