17 thoughts on “I made your mom show me pictures of your dad”

  1. This is sad and symptomatic of our society. 1st, baldness runs on the mother’s side of the family. You should be checking her father or his mother personally. 2nd, What a man looks like isn’t necessarily connected to what his father looks like. The genetic imprint is greatly varied with men unlike women.

    Case and point: Your mother and father may actually have depth and possess IQs greater than that of a shoelace.

  2. Shoelaces come in pairs? Hahaha, how very troll, or droll.

    A poorly used idiom, if in fact that truly had been the case, in no way hammers the nail into my dullard’s coffin.

    Case & Point, are interchangeable and although you are correct that in legalese Case In Point is the preferred term, both are true and valid. The POINT makes the CASE. However the Case is or can be developed or proven based upon a single point or smoking gun.

    So Case & Point is indeed valid as is Case In Point.

  3. No, “case and point” is simply an error. You’re right, though, that the lid to your dullard’s coffin is still wide open, allowing fresh air in and your dullard’s words out.
    Being a bit confused on the intricacies of male pattern baldness seems less embarrassing than upbraiding strangers in semi-literate English, but to each his own. (And to make matters worse, the whole business of inheriting the trait from the maternal grandfather is uncertain, and given that it may be polygenic, and that more recent studies suggest association on both sides of the family, it seems to be a pretty poor choice of topics about which to try to bully a stranger. In other words, your grasp of the genetics involved is marginally better than your grasp of the idiom.)
    Your mother and father may actually have depth and possess IQs greater…oh, you get the point.

  4. The “phrase” you mangled is actually “case in point” and doesn’t really mean much where you have used it. Even if you had used the right phrase it still wouldn’t have made much sense. What was that about IQ? shoelace?

  5. don’t be mean guys jesus, jerry A was obviously just frustated by how superficial the whole world seems to be and felt the need to express their feelings :/

  6. I agree. Plus, by the time you’re older, the thing you value (or despise) most about your spouse will have NOTHING to do with his physical appearance.

  7. I don’t believe the thing about baldness coming from your mothers side… My dad is bald, his dad was bald, my brothers are balding… and my Mom’s dad has lots of hair.
    I’ve been watching how men age for a while… and it seems like the guys that are hot in high school end up bald and fat… and the guys that a geeks get hotter with age.

  8. I’m so shocked ! How could you care about someone you loved going bald ?
    …and you are worried about them growing ugly ! OMG !

    I don’t know what you look like on the outside but on the inside you are ugly and sadly that won’t be so easily visible to your future husband until it’s too late.The most ridiculous thing is that he may not look like his father…as he ages he may take after his mother.

    I wonder how you will age and I wonder if your husband is shallow enough to care if you about how you look when you are old (personally a small part of me hopes you lose your hair and grow a beard !)

  9. Exactly Casidhe…

    The guys who posted a comment earlier were clearly friends of the woman who posted, and/or subscribe to the notion that such behavior is acceptable since they saw my comments as somehow more worthy of vilification than the original comment I was responding to. Could there be any other reason for vehemently perusing the trees and not the forest?

    I am happy to see that others can appreciate where I was coming from.

  10. I’m sometimes tempted to date boys who’re utterly hot in every way and reject the ugly ones simply because every single relationship I’ve ever been in with someone who seems sincere, whether they’re cute or ugly, has been disastrous, and the way people are nowadays, I’ve all but given up on a serious, meaningful relationship. It’s impossible to find one at my age [20] that isn’t centered entirely around sex. Especially if you pay attention to things like the Trending Topics on Twitter. The other night, Girls Who Don’t Give Head was trending, and like 95% of the Tweets were akin to “Lose their guys” or “Don’t stay in stable relationships”. Actually, one of the Top Tweets was “#GirlsWhoDontGiveHead lose their guys to #GirlsWhoGiveHead”.

    Seeing as it’s impossible nowadays to find a decent guy, I’ve decided that it’s inevitable that I’m going to get screwed over, so I’d rather get screwed over by a smoking-hot guy than by a monkey-ass ugly one.

    Good men are like unicorns: You hear a lot of stories about them, but they don’t exist.

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