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  1. I used to wish I was gay for the same reason… now that I’ve figured out I’m bi, I can’t seem to tell either of my parents… or anyone else, for that matter.

  2. Just tell them…I realized I’m bisexual as well and it was the most amazing feeling when I told my parents and they turned around and said, “who cares? That’s fine!”

  3. I know I should… I always thought it would be so easy, too, and that I’m the kind of person that wouldn’t think twice about telling everyone that I thought should know… Part of it is that I feel like I’ve somehow let them down, and feel terrible because they’ve given up so much for me.. in short. I don’t know how that translates as being logical in my brain, but apparently it does… :\

    well I’m glad your experience was a good one 🙂


  4. Yea I got lucky that my experience was a good one because I have some friends who weren’t as fortunate as me and had a terrible experience with their family. You’re not alone in feeling like you’ve somehow let them down that’s a daily thought in my mind, but my parents say “that’s something I have to get over,” cause that’s not how they feel. I thought it would be easy too but in fact it’s one of the hardest things to do and once you do it, it just gets easier, I’ve slowly told friends and each one I tell get’s even easier than the last.

  5. I love papyrus. Made me smile to see it, because I know the feeling. Well, the “Let’s piss off dad!” feeling, not the, “I wanna like the same sex…” feeling.

  6. That’s funny. I wish I wasn’t gay just about everyday, because it’d please a lot of people including my parents.

  7. My mom keeps telling me that I am not trying hard enough to be straight. I can’t imagine not being gay because I think women are beautiful, but when she calls me disgusting I want to be swallowed by the ground and disappear.

  8. I don’t think we should care what others think, and I do admit to liking both genders…

    But I must agree…

    It does hurt to be a disappointment to my father…

    …but from that I realized I should live my life and make ME proud of my life. Not what would make him happy.

  9. You’re beautiful, and don’t let her tell you otherwise. You are who you are, you can’t change it, and you have the choice to try to make others happy or live your own life as it should be, the way it will make you happy. (i know that advise is way harder to follow than it sounds, and i’m rarely able to follow it, but it’s a good one to try to take to heart)

    and sometimes it helps to remember that you’re not alone 🙂


  10. Get over yourself. You’re trivializing something that is a real struggle for some people. More importantly, get over your childish desire to piss off your parents, and maybe try to appreciate them. They won’t be around forever.

  11. Jesus, I know. If his dad were a typographer he’d have kicked his ass from here to Wednesday! Papyrus is a sin second only to Comic Sans.

  12. @Incredulous You don’t know what their problems are, so don’t go pretending you do. Maybe her/his dad constantly mocks gay people and s/he feels like it’d be a good lesson for him to learn. Maybe his/her dad beats her, or drinks constantly. Perhaps he deserves to be pissed off. The point is: Don’t go judging the people who leave secrets on this website. It takes alot of guts, and a good amount of self-awareness, and this is just a little (albiet guilty) thought. Leave them be.

  13. I agree with Ryan. Not all parents are worth cherishing, and Incredulous has no idea what the life of this card’s author is like. We cannot judge this person because there is so much we do not know.

  14. This card is striking because the author seems to communicate a couragous or nieve position around coming out.

    For me, coming out required that I accepted everyone (even my family) leaving me. Some people did and others stayed. I still feel pain thinking about those who left.

  15. You can tell this guy ISN’T gay because gay guys have taste. And don’t use Papyrus. Jesus, Allah and Buddha!

  16. Oh papyrus, you dirty whore, you. Since hipsters have taken over the world now, does that make it now like “retro sheik” haha pun not inherently intended, but misspelling chic worked out to my advantage

  17. you should tell someone, even if it’s just one really close friend. it feels so much better after you do. the relief will give you more courage…just make sure u tell an open minded person. find out how they feel about gay people first…i usually ask their thoughts on gay marriage…because usually ppl just say, sure as long as theyre happy…and then you know you’re good to go! =] goodluck!

  18. To A_Dyke

    It will get easier. They have support groups in most cities for gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered people. They help when you aren’t getting any support at home.

  19. my mom is very bi and shes always asking me “so have you figured out if you are going to be sleeping with girls in the future or not?”
    Im straight but would have no problem with liking a girl if they were ‘the one’,
    I just wanted to say a small thank you to my mother for being so open minded and say for everyone who hasn’t had it so easy that one day every one will be a little bit more open minded about these things…
    btw, im 14

  20. Just wanted to say I know how you feel. Actually, I am bisexual and I fantasize about one of my family members walking in on me with a girl, just to see what their reaction would be. To either piss them off or surprise them, or let them know I’m not the boring little innocent person they thought I was. I know it’s stupid and kind of insulting to people who have problems with coming out, but I honestly believe my life would be a whole lot less boring if I came out that way…plus, I’m not ashamed of it at all, and if my sister decided to shut me out of her life because of it, well then I’d be fine with that cause I wouldn’t want her in mine either.

  21. an excuse for what?

    and no offense, but how would you know? do you really think that thousands of kids have commit suicide over an excuse for… something?

    i will never understand how people can say that

  22. sometimes i wish i was lesbian to piss of most of the world, then i realize i’d rather be bisexual.. and that wouldn’t pis s off half as much people

  23. Your wrong that it would piss your Dad off, it would break his heart. I know how it feels because my daughter is gay and our hearts are forever broken.

  24. Ive had these thoughts but then i think… i dont need any approval from my dad. he was never there for me why give him the satisfaction of even telling him anything about myself.

  25. thats how im beginning to feel towards my family…. if they’ve made me feel like i need to hide something from them or change it, then they don’t deserve to know that about me.

    (to be honest, its nice to know that someone else feels the same way)

  26. Oh gosh! Only if i had you face to face you will know everything i went through that made me realize if i was homosexual or not. Matter fact not even that i actually realize that im a human being and not classify as one different thing!

  27. To the girl who said she’d rather be bi, I’m pretty sure that’s worse. I’m not gay, but it seems (from the outside) if you are 100% gay/les then you are “accepted amongst them” but if you walk straight down the centre (gay/straight) than you are not “accepted” by straight people, because you’re not straight and the gays/les won’t accept you either. I’m pretty sure bi’s get screwed over and the LGBT community, is very “pick a side” about it.

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