46 thoughts on “My best friend and I recently stopped talking.”

  1. Hey, mine too. And you know what, I’m happier too. Sometimes we have to let go of the weeds that wreck out lives. Good luck finding your own way in the future!

  2. 🙁 My best friend in high school broke up with me when we graduated. By the end of it, our entire relationship was about drugs and alcohol and being slutty so I guess its good that its over but still part of me wishes that we could watch eachother get better together too. She deleted her facebook, cut all of her friends out of her life. Me and my bf have been going out for a long time he helped me get sober and clean, he is my best friend. But sometimes I still get lonely and I wish I could see what shes doing. I have new friends and better hobbies but I can’t help but feel nostalgic

  3. This exact thing happened to me recently and its the best decision i made. I hated her more and more for months, everything she would say was so against my own morals, believs and felings etc, so i eventually told her i dont like her. We lived together at the time haha. The things she said to me when i told her that, really showed how horrible she is, and always will be. Im so glad to have a person like that out of my life forever!good on u!

  4. I can completely relate to this one. I knew my best friend from 1st grade until we graduated high school. After graduation, I told her what I really thought of her. It’s been two years, and it’s a little sad but… I don’t miss her one bit.

    She treated me like absolute shit because of her own insecurities. Nobody understood why I stayed friends with her. But I just did, for some stupid reason.

  5. My best friend and I have been friends for 8 years. I love her dearly, but she is very opinionated, judgmental, and always assumes she is right about everything. She also assumes she knows me better than I know myself. For the past several months I have found it easier not to confide in her with my problems. She is moving to another state soon, and I can’t say I’m terribly disappointed about it.

  6. My ‘best friend’ and I parted company over a year ago. I was always a bit unsure as to what I was getting from the relationship, she had my confidence, my house if she needed a place to sleep/hide/come and cry, in fact I was a bit like a mother when ever she fell out with her own and a husband whenever she fell out with her own and even a boyfriend whenever she fell out with her own etc etc – but thankfully without any sex!!
    When we argued about my kids, I was relieved to be able to yell at her, and finally put a wedge in the way of continuing our very lop sided friendship. It was like shedding a very uncomfortable skin. I can now concentrate on the real friends in my life. Phew….

  7. Re: ipax
    Having a best friend is similar to being in love in that when the friendship ends it can be just as devastating as breaking up with a boy/girlfriend. When you break up with someone you have shared so much of your life with, it hurts about the same, or can be just as liberating.

  8. I’ve had the same BFF since 6 th grade…14 years now. She moved in with me as a favor which nearly destroyed our relationship. She saw me do things I should not have been doing and we pretty much avoided each other for the whole year. Luckily we talked it out a few months after moving out. However, I had been replaced. While we still have a special relationship her new BFF is her maid of honor at her upcoming wedding, and apparently the godmother of her future child. While I understand completely why this happened I admit I am very jealous of their relationship. The new BFF is doing all the thing we had talked about growing up. Now I have no BFF aside from my husband.

    The moral of the story being, if you want to keep you best friend, DO NOT LIVE WITH THEM!!! Someone warned me if that fact prior to us moving in together but I ignored it. Very sound advice.

  9. I hope this never happens with me and my best friend. We’ve known each other almost 18 years and I cant ever imagine living without her.

  10. This recently happened to me as well, and I totally agree with you. It is like a weight has been lifted off me. I wasn’t so much her friend as her aliby. I would get txts and emails from her telling me to tell anyone who asked that she was with me the night before….WTF!!!

  11. My moms best friend calls me fat. I just want her to dump her already. She is really bad into drugs and my mom always takes her in no matter how shitty she treats my mom.

  12. I can totally relate. I cut off my best friend of 4 years after graduating this year. She was convinced she was a gift to the world and even threatened physical harm if I didn’t stay in touch with her while at college. Now none of our other friends will talk to her either. She got what she deserved and I finally feel like myself again.

  13. This is the EXACT same situation I have… I haven’t talked to my best friend since 2nd grade since high school graduation, she was insecure so she tried to bring me down with mean rumors and lies, and she tried to drag me into her new life of drinking and partying (unsuccessfully) >:( After graduation we just stopped talking. I love not having to deal with her. All my friends didn’t like when she tagged along.

  14. I was in exact same situation for a year since my best friend and I spilt up after HS graduation and went to different colleges. She turned into different person so I was, too. And lately she was so judgemental and acts like she knows it all because she is completely serious about her life and I am not. I am tired of having to lie to her all of time to not be judged now we aren’t longer best friends and I’ve been never happier…

    but I am going very difficult situation right now and don’t have a best friend, I am pretty much alone so I think I maybe I wanted to take her back again.

  15. i have recently fund myself in the scariest situation that i have ever faced, so natually i went to my best friend (since the 4th grade). Only to find out from another friend that doesnt even know her that she went and told my exhusband.im lucky that he is the person that he is because he could have made things much worse. I had never felt more hurt or alone. Luckly I have an amazing lil sister that was by my side when i jus wanted to give up. There is no way i could ever repay her! I love you so much! thank you for everything.

  16. I wish this was me. I want rid of my so-called “best friend” so badly it hurts. I think I hate her…

    But she needs me.

  17. i wish i wasn’t the so-called “best friend”. it hurts even more knowing that he wasn’t even sad when he left me. i cried myself to sleep for a week after that. its been a month and i miss him more then ever and hate myself for being the reason he left. i have never felt this much pain in my entire life nor have i cared more about him then anyone in the world (including my family) the worst part is that he works with me and we have the same friends every time i see him i go home even more depressed then i already am.

  18. That’s more because of what you were doing though when you were living together, I don’t agree with this advice, I have lived with my best friend for a year and we are better because of it.

  19. Yeah me too… earlier this year I finally found a good reason to stop talking to my BFF of 6 years… It’s been 6 months since I last talked with her… and even though I still think about her every day, I couldn’t be happier to be rid of that phony relationship.

  20. My “best friend” and I stopped talking a month ago, but the relationship fell apart about 4 or 5 months ago. This is the happiest I have been since I was in grade 5, actually.

  21. I pretty much told my supposed “Best Friend” off about 6 months after being in college. She was loud and would feed off of anything remotely intelligent (few and far between in high school, lol)I would say, like a leech, then repeat it louder and frequently to make it sound like it was her idea. When people would laugh at me, she would laugh with them. Whenever she needed emotional support, I was there. Whenever I needed emotional support, she was busy. She would ignore me until I would stop trying to make contact, then “hey! What are you doing?!”. I finally just shot her a message telling her psuedo-religious, whiny butt to quit complaining all the time, and actually follow the bible she so proudly proclaimed to believe. I wish we had left on better terms, but I don’t regret not being her ‘friend’ anymore. She was a brat.

  22. The same thing happened to me. My “best friend” treated me like garbage for years. She shared my secrets with other people, ridiculed and judged me as often as she could, tried to control me, and acted as if she was superior to me…all the while referring to me as her “sister.” When I finally stopped talking to her she wrote me a nasty letter. In it she accused me of being the sole reason as to why our friendship fell apart (using as much lingo she could remember from freshman psychology). I never answered her letter, she doesn’t deserve a response. She’s so delusional I don’t think that she’ll ever realize the reason I stopped being her friend is because of how she treated me. Now that I’m on my own, I’m elated! That horrible experience has helped me to realize it’s better to be alone and happy than having someone to hang out with and be miserable.

  23. It seems like breaking up with a best friend is about the same as breaking up with a boy friend. I find that interesting.

  24. I wish i had the guts to do this. My best friend treats me like crap most of the time and usually pushes me to the back burner. I’m usually her go to girl if she has no other plans and it makes me feel terrible. Good job for having the guts to actually do what i’ve been trying to do for over a year now.

  25. I have this friend, shes my best friend and last year we were pretty much inseparable,I gave up all chances of hanging out with anyone else to be there for her, she would do most of the talking (complaining mostly) and I didn’t really mind cause I’m quiet anyway.
    this year though we had a fight, she hand started to do some hardcore drugs and I kept reminding her about when she freaked out because one of her other friends did weed.
    we didn’t talk for a week…i finally apoligized for acting like her mother and I thought we were good… now we never hang out and I feel like she’s just cast me off like an old coat… I miss her so much and now I have no one when things are actually starting to get hard… she was self centered and some times a little thick but she was all I had.

  26. I know what you mean. My “best friend” of five years recently out of nowhere just stopped talking to me. Since then I’ve realized it was never a good friendship because I was always there for him but could never rely on him to be there for me. I feel so much better now!

  27. i “broke up” with my best friend of four years, and it was the worst choice I’ve ever made. i miss her.

  28. im in love with my best friend. she and i met in 4th grade. im in 8th now.i am not sure if she would be bisexual.

    if i ask her and she says yes, she will be my first love.

  29. I don’t know if I should say sorry or congratulations. I also lost my best and dearest friend about two years ago. I realized we had grown apart into two separate people and we slowly drifted apart. I was lonely for awhile but I didn’t really miss her. But then I met my current best friend and I couldn’t be any happier. She is truly the best thing that’s ever happened to me. We’re like two halves of a whole, the same, different, complementary. Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll find another friend who’s even better than the last.

  30. I love my best friend but he is “in love” with me. We’re still best friends as I couldn’t stand being without him. He is the constant in my life when many of my other “best friend” relationships turned to shit. It may be selfish to hold on to him when we feel differently and I hope dearly it doesn’t hurt him but he is truely my best friend and I could not be without him.

  31. About a year ago, I found out my best friend had been cutting herself and had never been able to tell me for fear that I would hate her. She tried to commit suicide and I was there with her as she recovered. I helped her get onto medication and even continue the therapy she hated. She became the happiest I’v ever seen her. Now I am severely depressed and debating suicide. I came to her and confided in her. One week later she told me that we were no longer friends because I was bringing her down. I told her I was depressed, and apologized. I told her I thought she would understand. She told me to grow some balls and stop being an attention wh0re. I cried longer than I think I ever have. Then I recieved a text from her telling me how much she has hated me all of these years. I have never wanted to die more in my life. She was the only reason I hadn’t gone through with one of my many plans for suicide. Now I’m scared that I will because there is nobody there to stop me. </3

  32. Almost a year ago I broke up with the girl that has been my best friend since the third grade. I earned a scholarship and went away to college. She didn’t and had to stay in our hometown to work and go to a local technical school. I may not have always been the best person for her, but I was always there for her and I loved her with all of my heart. I think she felt like I abandoned her by going away to school. She even told me she hoped I’d get kicked out or flunk out so I would have to come back home and go to school with her. While I was away, I missed her so much and realized that I just couldn’t find another girl that I could feel as comfortable and free with as I did with her. Every time I came back home, we would get together and do my favorite thing: ride around in her car, listening to music and talking. But something changed between us. It became strained and awkward. She was no longer the sweet, down-to-earth girl I once knew. She became a very self-centered, vain, vindictive, hurtful person and yet, she started to call me a spoiled bitch because my parents were supplementing my scholarship so I wouldn’t have to be in debt when I graduated. She assumed that I thought I was better than her because I was going to college. I promise that thought never crossed my mind even for a second. I was actually jealous of her because she was working, paying her way through technical school, paying her own bills and had finally found a great guy that treated her the way she deserved. I let her know every time I saw her how proud I was of her. But she never seemed to reciprocate the feeling. I was busting my ass in school so I could work towards being my own woman like she did, just in my own way, but she never seemed happy for me. One night we had a stupid argument and she ended our friendship by calling me a worthless, pathetic bitch without a life, and she said she was better than me and would go farther in life. I don’t think I did anything to deserve that, but I honestly can’t help but think she was right. I don’t miss that person she became in the end at all and I’m glad that relationship was broken off because it wasn’t good for either of us to prolong the misery. But I do miss that bond I had with that sweet, sensitive, selfless girl I knew throughout my childhood. That is the girl I hold as a standard by which I unintentionally compare every other new girl that comes into my life. I believe that I will never find another person I can share my most intimate feelings with like I did with her. I don’t know why I’m writing this. I guess I’ve needed to get it off of my chest. Maybe I secretly hope she will stumble across this someday and know it’s about us and that this is how I really feel. I know that chapter of my life has closed so there’s no need to keep looking back, but I can’t help feeling nostalgic when I pass by the places we used to hang out or when I hear a song we used to sing together. A piece of me will always belong to her. At this point, all I can do is keep moving forward, be happy with the accomplishments I’ve made, and work hard to make myself a better person. I wish you all the best.

  33. My best friend and I recently broke off our relationship and I’m not sorry that it happened. We tried to hold onto our childhood friendship but we were too different and just grew apart. She changed into someone I couldn’t relate to. She was so condescending and vindictive and I couldn’t stand to be around her any more. All I have to say is good riddance.

  34. We were friends for 7 years…. We even live next door to each other….. Its so hard now that shes gone, but I wouldn’t change it. From what she said to me, it was clear that she was never a true friend. That doesn’t stop it from hurting….

  35. My ex bestfriend skipped my sweet 16 party to go hang out with her verbally abusive boyfriend. Then she lied about her moms blood sugar to make it seem like she couldn’t get a ride to the party. We were friends for 6 years. Then all of a sudden this piece of crap guy that treats her like shit, changed out friendship FOREVER!

  36. i had a best friend of 6yrs and all hell broke lose because she wanted to go to a party and get wasted and whatever else i tried to help her with her boyfriend issues and try to get our old bond back to how it used to be then she bitches at me because she wants to party and does not give a f*** about our friendship its like she changed all of a sudden distant cold… then telling me thats her and her bf are ok but me and her are not..i texted her from the kitchen telling her to talk to me face to face and she sat on her a** txting her bf instead of working the friendship out i cried at the kitchen trying to get her to talk to me she would not do s***! her mom asked if i was ok i lied and said yes when in reality i wanted to tell her mom wtf she was doing and all she cared about was her stupid a** party :(( at a “good friends” house… I sometimes wish she would wake the f*** up and realize what she did and how much of a b**** she is but then i know she was never worth it from day one knowing all this would go down..fml

  37. I had a “best friend” for four years. Since freshman year. We were inseparable, we got along so well. I was so comfortable around her. Everyone would tell me that she was a fake friend towards me cuz she would talk crap behind my back but I always ignored those rumors. Last year was so awesome we both had passed to go to sixflags so we went like a million times. I would always buy her stuff cuz she never had money, offcourse I didn’t mind.i would even invite her out to eat such as resturants like Olive Garden, chilis all those good resturants. A month ago we were getting prepared to graduate high school just a day before graduation she found out she wasn’t going to graduate. Offcourse I was very sad and dissapointed but not of her but the school I mean my best friend wasn’t going to go on stage with me and share that important moment with me. After that day that she found out she was graduating , she didn’t talk to me. She still doesn’t idk why. I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if it’s just cuz she doesn’t want to have communication with those who did graduate. She probably feels ashamed but she knows I wouldn’t judge her. I miss her so much I always call her but she won’t answer I text her as swell but won’t reply. Idk what to do anymore. Everyone tells me to move on that she was a total fake anyways and that she was never my friend but no one understands. But now I’m starting to realize that sometimes you have to move on things happen for a reason and it’s a part of life.(:

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