I want to live in Germany…

I want to live in Germany...

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  1.  by  Koyasha

    Where do you live now and what makes you want to live in Germany? Why doesn’t the person you love move to Germany with you, if it’s your dream, maybe they love you enough to follow you?

  2.  by  Chris

    I really don’t want to come across like I’m preaching to you, because I’m not. But when I was 18 I gave up going out of state to a really great college to stay near home to be with the girl that I loved. I’m 26 now and regret that decision more than anything. I’m engaged to the most wonderful woman I’ve ever known and never speak to my high school love anymore (mutual breakup). I know you truly love this person but I implore you to please follow your dreams. You’ll meet so many people throughout your lifetime and you’ll change so much you’ll shock yourself. Remember: never let ANYBODY stop you from doing what you want. And there’s nothing saying things would have to end between you two. As somebody who was in your same boat just a few years ago, my advice is to head to Germany.

  3.  by  Kaitlin

    I want to live in Germany too…I’m glad I’m not alone…

  4.  by  Brad

    Does that person know how you feel, if they don’t you should definately let them know, and be very direct about it 🙂

  5.  by  Del

    I’m 18 too and I just got back from a trip accross Europe with my boyfriend. Berlin was definately my favorite city. It was AMAZING the people were so nice and everything was so cheap, it was almost surreal how perfect it was. I was entertaining the idea of moving there too.. But my bf is in school and I can’t picture us being apart. Experiencing Europe and Germany was the best time of my life and I’m sooo glad I got to share it with him. Maybe you and your lover could plan a similar trip. It is DEFINATELY worth visiting but moving somewhere so far away is such a big step when were so young, And it would be a scary transition to do alone as well. Maybe he would want to go along with you? You guys should definately plan a trip and if you really like it and want to go back than you should do it!

  6.  by  Lee

    thanks a lot to author and Cris! I took a lot of decides of this theme despite the fact that I went to this site first time.
    my English slightly worse – i’m from Russia. But I want to speak English free and I do it! And.. I dream to live in Germany too. if circumstances permit it I necessarily go to Germany. it’s the choice of my heart. maybe and your heart too? 😉

    “Remember: never let ANYBODY stop you from doing what you want.” (с) Cris

  7.  by  jenna

    I’m going through the same thing–I want to go to Germany but then I don’t because I’d never want to leave the one I love. Don’t forget that you can always study abroad for a little while and come back, that’s what I’m doing, and it’s not so long that he won’t wait for me. Maybe your loved one wouldn’t mind the wait either (there’s always skype!)

  8.  by  Human Female

    DO IT! I am moving to Germany at the end of August… You dont have to leave forever…. but TRY it… I thought I wanted to live in Spain, but I liked Germany better. So you never know what place will be the proper one for you, until you DO IT!

    I will give you any advice I can. Get in touch with me…. check out http://www.toytowngermany.com lots of info about moving to Germany on there.

  9.  by  Wannabe expat and patriot

    Love is overrated, adventure isn’t.

  10.  by  H.

    Don’t get stuck on the idea of finding happiness at some fixed place. I’ve lived in Germany for all my life and I can’t wait to leave…

  11.  by  Meg

    I’d love to live in Germany too. The thing is, I’m too afraid to try b/c of the few people i dont want to leave behind.

  12.  by  Sarnia

    You really could have both!

    I’m engaged and moved to another country to follow my dreams. If the person you love really loves you back then they’ll wait for you.

  13.  by  Human Female

    I commented back in July that you should do it…

    I did it! I have been in Germany for 3 months, I love it! I took a couple of cheap language courses through the “volkshochschule” and I have a job in a pub 🙂
    Das Leben ist schoen!!

  14.  by  MdR

    I take it that you mean that you love the life, not a person.

    I, sometimes, wish that I would have loved my life more before globe-trotting to escape the one with which I grew.

  15.  by  OMalleytheAlleyCat

    Deutschland is great. I’m sitting in Baden-Württemberg as I write this…
    I always wanted to study abroad, I’m going to Austria tomorrow to start to the University of Salzburg.
    I was gonna stay here until I met my love.
    I’m gonna go back.

    But its okay. We both want to leave and go elsewhere once we finish school… so we’re gonna go together.

  16.  by  Nym

    I know how you feel. I have the intensity of just jump around per country and gain so much worldly knowledge yet I’m not willing to do these things because it means dropping everything plus the one I love.

  17.  by  Annon

    I moved to Germany right after graduation. I was 18 as well. I planned on staying one year and traveling. I did not want to fall in love, I just wanted to travel before college, because then I wont have the money to do it, and when I do have the money, I wont have the time. Now I am 3 years here. I am now married to the most amazing man in the world. If I had chosen not to come here, I would have regretted it the rest of my life. Now I am happy. I work hard everyday so that we can make it here and so that we can get his college paid off, but we will be moving to the US soon and that is LOVE. That he is willing to leave his family and friends. His country! To be with me. Just like I did for him. Go for your dreams, and dont let ANYONE stop you.

  18.  by  XOXO

    The likelihood of someone you’re dating at 18 being “the one” is very slim. If you don’t go you’ll regret it. If you don’t do it when you’re young, you might not do it at all once you start having to take on real life responsiblities (job, bills, if you get married, if you have kids). Just do it. If it’s meant to be either he will wait for you to return or he can move too. Just don’t not do something b/c of a dude (or a girl).

  19.  by  Fawad

    I want to live in germany Iam married I have one son . Iam afghan now i live in afghanistan Iam working in sama medical hospital as a Lab technician and my wife is working az a nurse but our life in risk we can not live any more in afghanistan.
    14 years ago i injured in kabul our GOVERNMENT sent me to germany for treatment of my hane i was about 2 years in germany now my hand is right it works better like the past in this cause i lonve germany and thier lovely people

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