29 thoughts on “i thought you were a good idea”

  1. I thought it was a good idea, until you took my virginity…

    Then I knew.

    I love you baby, a little bit more each day.

  2. Aww. I empathize, but I was lucky enough to lose mine to a man I truly loved after a year of dating. We’re still together and I’m happy. I wish that could have happened for this poster.

  3. You gave me so many reasons of why i should leave you…
    but i didn’t want losing my virginity to mean nothing… so i didn’t leave.
    I thought that if i stayed with you, things would work out eventually….
    but things only got worse. I put the thought of you away in the back of my mind… Hoping to forget everything. But i know i can never truly forget you because of what you took from me.

    you were a horrible boyfriend.
    i regret everything so much.
    you ruined everything for me because everything was already ruined for you.

    and i still cry sometimes because of you… even though it was years ago… because i know that if it wasnt for you stealing that from me…

    i would still be able to live.

    i secretly hope that you’ll get paralyzed from the waste down.

  4. The man I have been with for almost 2 years took my virginity… all really want to to have sex with everyone else… is that wrong?

  5. I took the virginity of the first (perhaps only) man Ive ever really loved after 4 month of dating. I kept asking if he was sure and we set a special date and everything. It was beautiful and I wished so much he was my first too (only my second mind)… he turned into a total jackass afterwards and tried to get with every girl he could and treated me like shit but i stayed because I loved him. He dumped me a few weeks later and I feel that this could have been the way he thought too, and all his jerky actions could have been him trying to get me to leave him instead of having to break my heart. im a little bit sad now.

  6. he used me and showed me off to all his friends to make me feel special. an he did. i knew it wouldnt last forever but i didnt think that it would have ended like it did. now its all they want because they all know that i’ve already done it once

  7. I take offense to the term “took my virginity”, as it disempowers the person who decided to loose their virginity. It implies that a non-consensual theft has occurred. If you thought she/he was a good idea, and made a decision to have sex with she/he…it seems like you made a decision. Now you regret that decision. It may be helpful to own that decision so that you can move past it and have a great life, instead of victimizing yourself. Unless rape was involved (which I hope to God it was not)…nobody “took” anything from anybody.

  8. @womens’ lib? you take offence far too easily, i see where you are coming from but its a well used term, dont read so far into it, its just something people say. i dont exactly think its offensive, so stop picking offence outve everything,i think this is whats hurting society these days, people are far too sensitive, and look for offence in everything. just sayinnnnnn

  9. I gave my virginity to someone that I didn’t care about because I didn’t want to give it to someone that I loved for fear that it wouldn’t work out and I would end up heartbroken like alot of other people do. I have yet to regret my decision and that was 9 years ago…

  10. I lost my virginity to someone who liked to de-virginize girls. He made false promises but i didn’t really like him so i didn’t care when he left for another state. My second was a guy who was a virgin. We were together for three years although i didn’t love him for the last year. I was afraid to break his heart. He left me because he said he was bad for me. I told myself i wouldn’t have sex with someone until i knew we felt mutual love. I had sex with a friend. He now ignores me. I feel stupid and sleazy

  11. Took is what it means.
    ” he was a good idea, until he took my virginity”
    Took as in it was his decision to take…
    I’ve been there..
    And comment #14, you have completely taken the words from my mouth. Just be glad you
    don’t have a baby to remind you of him.

  12. We didn’t exactly have sex, but u broke my hymen and then i burst into tears, now I don’t know whether or not I am a virgin and I hate you for it.

  13. Said every girl…. I thought the same….only to find out he is bipolar. What a 3 year roller coaster.

  14. wow…..this is exactly what happened to me!
    Then he turned out to be a completely different person to what I had imagined….

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