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  1. You should never settle. If you aren’t happy in your current relationship, then leave. But stop pining after some dumb shmuck who doesn’t want you, and MOSTLY you should stop putting blame on the one you are with claiming that he/she is the reason someone else won’t have you.

  2. ‘the one we were meant for’? seriously? if you were meant for them, if they were your ‘soul mates’ then they would want you too. there’s enough people out there. If your not happy move on.

  3. This is so true. I used to be in a relationship which I knew would someday end because my partner was in love and obsessed with someone else (even though the other person was in another relationship). I knew I would only ever be the second choice, and you should never settle for that.

  4. Same situation.
    I’m in love with a guy who doesn’t like me back but at least I get to be his best friend.. and I’m also involved with a guy, who’s in love with a lesbian. And we both know that but we’re still together.
    Sometimes it’s good to have someone.

  5. when i read this, i kind of thought about siblings…parents gave them up or just don’t look after them properly, so they band together extra close. they wouldn’t be so close if they had their parents, but since they dont, they need each other.

  6. ive been in love and emotionally abused four years, and my off and on ex constantly left me for one particular girl over and over. even after i got pregnant and he promised to stay with me if i kept the baby, who is now my beautiful daughter

    im miserable being treated this way, but when we’re apart, no one else’s arms seem to feel right. as horrible as i know he is, im still deeply in love with him. if i was to be with someone else, i believe this postcard would fit me. i just don’t know how i could love someone who calls me stupid (i got perfect english scores on all my standardized tests AND my ged, despite my lazy typing), but nothing feels like it’s right when he’s gone.

  7. I used to feel that way…but then I figured it wasn’t meant to be, so I decided to move on…(easier said that done) my 2nd choice got hurt too…but now I find myself back on the search. still hopeful.

  8. this comment is so lame.. this is where you put secrets and people judge!!! wtf?! cant you just kudos them for being brave??

  9. Do you really read the website to criticize the secrets that others share? Perhaps you are the one who needs to ‘move on’. Also, your mean comment might be a little more effective if it at least had the correct spelling, it’s “you’re” not “your”.

  10. I know what its like. i found the only one I wanted to spend my life with many years ago but he unfortuantely died of brain cancer. Ever since then, I don’t feel like I can be with anyone without thinking of him and comparing them to him. I can’t even say I love you to the person I’m with because I feel like I’m betraying him. I always tell them about him and they understand, but it makes it so hard to really be together when you can’t love them truelly.

  11. My friend is going through the almost exact thing, if this isn’t actually you. There isn’t really much to do, besides hope he grows up and realizes what a beautiful family he’s missing…..

  12. I think I understand. They just want creature comforts, but obviously the one you like isn’t the “one for you” if they don’t want you. Maybe you should just break-up and both look for someone better than the ex in question.

  13. Maybe they weren’t meant to be and maybe you and the one you’re with now..are. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth..there are a lot of people out there who would be happy to have anyone to love.

  14. You ever think that maybe the fact that both of you lost someone, is what brings you together? Maybe that losing those people is how you were brought to the person you were actually meant to be with?

    I don’t believe in coincidence.

  15. sometimes having someone is better than having no one.

    the woman he loves left him as they were planning their wedding but married someone else and the man i love is getting married in 3 days.

  16. My current relationship is so beautiful, warm, close, and I really thought he was the one, although i never believed in that, but i felt it so deep. Untill i accidentely saw something he wrote about an other girl, and then mails to that other girl. I always had a strange feeling with her, but then it was clear for me: she is his big love, but she lives on the other side of the world and they just can’t be together. But he denies, and he keeps doing that. And i want to believe him more than anything in the world, but i just can’t, and the idea makes me crazy and i don’t know what to do. Just had to say this, maybe someone recognizes it: i’m feeling you!;)

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