I cheated on my boyfriend with his best friend

I cheated on my boyfriend with his best friend

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  1.  by  MAD

    this is called a post secret for a reason.
    “Frank Warren claims that the postcards are inspirational to those who read them, have healing powers for those who write them, give hope to people who identify with a stranger’s secret, and create an anonymous community of acceptance”


  2.  by  bader

    You are a lying whore. These idiots saying “don’t judge her” are just that…idiots. What you did is horrible and there is no excuse.

  3.  by  bader

    So someone who cheats on her boyfriend with his best friend is not an obvious whore? What reality do you live in?

  4.  by  Mad

    You can tell you haven’t been laid in a long time! you’re getting jealous!

    the dictionary meaning of whore….
    whore: noun, verb, whored, whor·ing.
    1. a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.

    last i read it doesn’t say she got paid for anything. Learn the English language and get the f*** over yourself

  5.  by  Mad

    You can tell you haven’t been laid in a long time! you’re getting jealous!

    So what if what she did was wrong? does it really matter about the past?

    the dictionary meaning of whore….
    whore: noun, verb, whored, whor·ing.
    1. a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.

    last i read it doesn’t say she got paid for anything. Learn the English language and get the f*** over yourself

  6.  by  Bob Dole

    And as you can see the dictionary meaning says USUALLY not always so you can still apply the word whore.

  7.  by  Jesus

    to tell you the truth, half of you sound like you need to get laid more often and stop bitching about the people who get more then you!

  8.  by  John Stiles

    I am so proud to have started this massive debate…. but for the record, she’s still a whore

    this is also the definition of a whore, as you can see words have more than one meaning, welcome to learning, oh and by the way same place where you got your definition, i saw yours right next to this one. “to seek that which is immoral, idolatrous, etc”

    Notice the word immoral, its a big one

  9.  by  Abbie

    i wish ppl wuld b nice 2 1 n other ur’re all so judgemental to each other! lyk all of u

    ur’re all f***wits

  10.  by  Cisher

    Anyone get the feeling all these angery comments come from possesive guys or people who have been cheated on?

    I think if your judging, your taking on all those negitive feelings. Go ahead, im no one to judge and happy.

  11.  by  Dillon K

    Excuse me I would like to comment on “Mads” comment…..EVER HEARD OF….GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!

  12.  by  mak

    Judging by the comments left here, I wonder why would anyone feel they need to keep secrets. Since we’re all so open and understanding here.

  13.  by  Marie Micaela

    I admire the fact that you own up to not regretting your actions. I have a very handsome lover 20 years younger than myself, and I have never felt so desired. I’m 50.

  14.  by  Happy yet sooo sad

    K I am going to do this systematically to the peep who are calling her names such as slut whore ect! I completely agree how dare you play with some ones feelings??

    To all of you who are defending her you guys are full of shit! Stop pulling out that non judgement crap we as humans judge fatal flaw if you want to call it that but regardless we all judge live with it!

    The people who are pointing out some of the people need to get laid I got laid twice this morning and I am still pissed about this cheating immoral whore so I think you all are full of shit too

    And finally to the cheating little bitch how dare you?

  15.  by  Mick's Yankie Girl

    Is this what this site is for? people who harp on someone they don’t even know who is getting something off their chest? you people are pathetic. and, ” happy yet sooo sad”, I’m not saying that it isn’t human to pass judgement.. I’m only saying that there are other websites to do that. It seems sad to me to pick at someone who posted on a website to anonymously reveal one’s secret. Did no one think that some, if not most, might be appalling? Grow Up. Yes, cheating is wrong. It’s not you who’s doing it ( though the amount of response says otherwise… that’s called deflection, kids) So why are you bothering with it? Get over it.

  16.  by  Betsy

    Bullshit. Just because we think she should be ashamed doesn’t mean we think it’s okay for a guy. Cheaters are scum, plain and simple.

  17.  by  Courtney

    Not all guys would be hive-fived. I think cheating is wrong, regardless of gender. Society may pat boys on the back more readily than girls, but you can’t tell me that her boyfriend isn’t devestated and she ruined a friendship. Anyway you look at it, male or female, gay or straight, its wrong.

  18.  by  Katie

    It’s not like they’re married anyway, and maybe he deserved it.

  19.  by  Andrew

    What person gets together with his best friend’s ex? … And what person fucks his best friend’s girl?

    P.s; For all of you people saying “gee don’t call her that”. Listen, if you put this out there, you know shit comes with it. Does it matter? no, it’s anonymous.

  20.  by  Kandas

    your crappy for putting that. people make mistakes its NOT YOUR JOB TO JUDGE.

  21.  by  jerry

    I have to say as a MAN/GUY it is reverse sexism and prejudice to say that if it were a guy he would be hi-fived.

    It saddens me that such a large amount of women feel men are devoid of morality or honor. The same is true of many men these days. I hear that women have agendas and are consummate liars. I find the act NOT the person deplorable and morally bankrupt. If a male friend of mine told me he was sleeping with his girlfriend’s best friend I would find it just as sad and disappointing as I do in this case.

    Suddenly this forum becomes a male bashing session? What that tells me is that many people here have a variety of issues. To think so little of me means you are destined to have dysfunctional relationships with men until you come to terms.

    The woman here shouldn’t be judged. No man has the right to judge another. Hate the behavior; not the one misbehaving. None of us can walk in someone else’s shoes or know why someone does what they do. Maybe she was abused as a child and promiscuity equates into love for her? That is not uncommon.

    Or maybe she simply hasn’t come to terms with what she has done or what it symbolizes. I am guessing she isn’t in love with the man she cheated on, and clearly doesn’t have a healthy respect for him.

    Who knows. I do know that men/women who think in such gender profiling and prejudicial terms are simply looking in the wrong place for a mate/lover.

    In other words, “Don’t look in the toilet for tangerines”.

  22.  by  John Stiles

    Well when all is said and done this girl is a bitch plain and simple.

  23.  by  Ramil Meza

    No he would not! if a dude told me he cheated on his girl i may not say anything to him but he sure as fuck is not getting a high five how much of a feminist are you to believe that? why is it that no matter what the scenerio of these kinds of situations thats always the first and only comment ever made by women. imagine me sayin this in a snobby bitchy voice as i just did reading yours, “if it was a guy they would get a high five” NO THEY WOULDNT!
    heres a post secret

    sometimes i feel like people that make dumb assumptions should be instantly slapped

  24.  by  Ash

    That is completely unfair. You shouldn’t judge what and who you don’t know.

  25.  by  Lara

    I honestly believe there is supposed to be catharsis in the anonymous sharing of something that a person felt they NEEDED to get off there chest. Everybody on this site is here because they relate. Maybe not to this post, but to something on here. You don’t deserve to be judged and neither does this person. You can look at any post, even a post from somebody considered more of a “victim” but as a rape victim, I can say you will still be called a whore, people who lost someone will still be blamed for not doing all they could, and so on. You wouldn’t want to be attacked for whatever secret you hold. Don’t attack her.

  26.  by  Hello Love

    Who are you guys to determine what is moral and what is not? Who are you guys to determine what a whore is? We all live our own lives, we all have our own secrets. I’m sure you wouldn’t want people judging you for a secret, so stfu and stop judging her.

    Hasn’t postsecret taught you anything? It’s supposed to be a safe community that accepts any and all of your secrets, no matter how dark they are. Stop tainting it with your hateful comments

  27.  by  Sarah Beth

    This is a website to says your secrets, things you’ve done, things you’ve regretted, things that have changed you. No where does it say you have the right to judge people and belittle their secrets or how they feel. People make mistakes, no one is perfect and I’m sure you’ve done things in your life you wish you hadn’t. I’ve been cheated on, I’ve cheated, and I’ve been the other girl. She’s brave for posting this. She’s not a whore, or a slut, or a skank, or any other name you want to call her. She’s a woman who probably made a big mistake and it’s as simply as that. If you’re going to judge her, you better be sure as hell ready to have people judge you for the things you’ve done in your life.

  28.  by  Tim

    To Sarah Beth,

    Can you not read what is written above? She does not regret what she did nor does she think she made a mistake. First off your correct, it doesn’t say we can judge or bash or talk down to, nor does it say we can’t. If I post something such as this above than i expect a harsh reaction because it’s a shitty thing to do, maybe if she regretted it I wouldn’t be so harsh but she clearly has no respect for anyone but herself, she is SELFISH. The fact is she is a bitch for what she did and there’s no changing that. Your kind of a bitch for cheating as well, someone put their trust in you and expected the truth, and you lied and disrespected them, talk about a double standard. Now you obviously regret what you did and everyone makes mistakes, that doesn’t change the fact that it was wrong. To error is human, it’s how we change that defines us. She’s a Bitch.

  29.  by  Randy

    Sarah Beth.
    Your reasoning is infantile. It’s no secret that I think you’re an idiot. And pick one first name.

  30.  by  Enoculum

    The issue is this ; This site started out as a haven for folks looking for absolution, and catharthic healing from whatever issues they are dealing with. However many people who are devoid of a conscience, remorse, repentance, or decency realize that they too can get relief and benefit from purging themselves here as well.

    Based on Sarah Beth’s argument murderers, rapist, child molesters and the like should be able to post here so that they can feel better about themselves although they care nothing about the wake of victims they leave behind.

    The woman who originally posted this secret, showed no sign or semblance of remorse. In no way did she give one the impression she felt poorly for what she did, or was concerned about how it may have hurt or damaged others. SO why should others be overly concerned with her feelings?

    If we allowed folks like this to post here and then support their actions, we become part of the problem and what is called in psychological terms an “enabler”

  31.  by  Slim

    Can none of you read? Clearly the op is a little off-put that she knows she’s done something bad, but has YET to feel the kind of remorse she thinks she should. The card is about questioning where morals come from, and why our feelings sometimes conflict with what we and society have generally accepted as right or wrong.

  32.  by  Nancy

    This debate can go on forever, but unless you know the person who cheated personally I don’t think you have any reason to judge her. I have been cheated on by the person I love, and I still love him, even though we are no longer together. I have also cheated on boyfriends, and do not feel guilty. Because instead of feeling lonely, I felt happy.

  33.  by  Sen

    This is true for me too. I’ve only slept with two men in my life.

    I cheated on my second with my first.

    And I still don’t know why it helped me understand so much about myself.

  34.  by  well fucK

    What has the world come to when it is admirable and not utterly discusting that someone whores around? Feel sorry for the guy who is dating this bitch:P

  35.  by  paradox

    Any of you guys ever stop to think for a minute? whenever you do something you have a reason for doing so. I’m sure that she had a reason for taking the actions she wanted.
    Not to mention she posted this one this site, Which to me indicates she has some guilt for what shes done to her what i assume to be ex-boyfriend. She has decided to show this publicly which also shows humility. Are you so naive to think she didn’t expect this nasty entourage of comments from people that apparently don’t have anything better to do than bitch about other peoples life, most likely on the basis there not even satisfied with their own…

  36.  by  Rachael

    I did the same way. I yet to this day to regret it. Just keep your head up, cuz there’s nothing more that can be done. It’s over and done with.
    I still love him.

  37.  by  anonymous

    I love my boyfriend of 1 year and 5 months with everything in me. I cheated on him 4 months into our relationship. I hate myself. My boyfriend is everything that I have ever wanted. He treats me like a princess, something I’ve always wanted to feel. I don’t know why I cheated. I don’t want to be with anyone else. He is the only person to make me happy. I cry every night knowing that I am everything he has ever wanted. Knowing that he loves me and does so much for me. I cry every night feeling the shame of what I wish I could take back. I didn’t realize how much he meant to me until I realized how life would be if he knew my secret. I’m falling apart.

  38.  by  ...

    I really don’t think the point of post secret is to pass judgement on people’s secrets

  39.  by  anonymousbubble

    I agree that this shouldn’t be judged. But cheating isn’t necessarily “getting some.” Because if you wanna sleep with multiple people, then don’t be in a relationship. OR b in an open relationship. It’s not hard to figure out.

  40.  by  Wulf

    This, of all the secrets, *deserves* judgment. We all make mistakes, but the lack of regret makes her a b****.

  41.  by  Shae dailey.

    I made this post secret over a year ago, and just recently have I regretted the choices that I made, and I have moved forward and grown and the man who I cheated on and thought myself to have loved with all my heart, is gone. I am doing fine now in a healthy relationship with a guy who I have no want or need to cheat on. I really don’t think my post is a big deal and for so many to argue over it is silly. Everyones opinion counts but I don’t see the point in shoving it down another persons throat.

  42.  by  Inbetween

    Tho I do not think she should be called a whore, I do believe what she did or is still doing is wrong. I’m sure she would be very hurt and heartbreak if her boyfriend did it to her as anyone would. She should choose which one she wants. You can’t eat your cake and have it too, or however that goes. It’s not fait to anybody.

  43.  by  Wow.

    How dare anyone talk badly about secrets, everyone does wrong. You’re mad because you’re effected by something similar.

  44.  by  Catherine

    i cheated on my ex with his best friend, his GF was my best friend and still is, it is a secret i shall live with forever. No one needs to know and no one needs to go through the same hurt. I am ashamed of wht I did and I feel teriible, Iknow it is wrong and nothing will make it right! And for those of you throwing the word “whore” around you need learn the true meaning of it; “a woman who engages in promiscuous intercourse usually for money like a prostitute”.

    I think its time everyone just gets of their high horse, remember you sheit stinks too!

  45.  by  Penny London

    You are all thinking about this the wrong way. This isn’t a place to respond to the postee, or ARGUE and tell people how they should feel about said post. It’s just to create a creative, therapeutic way to let go of some things. Everything happens for a reason. Usually it’s to teach you some kind of lesson. Those of you who find her to be so intolerably wrong that you had to post on an anonymous site about it, may just find yourselves in a similar predicament down the road..
    If you are intolerant and do not understand someone’s side and motives, someday you will probably end up where they are, just for the purpose of making you understand.
    On the other hand, I am a little bit upset by the fact that people wrote such angry and hateful responses here. She is recognizing it was wrong by putting it out there.. there is no point in being disrespectful and angrily commenting about it. Let it be.

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