123 thoughts on “I cheated on my boyfriend with his best friend”

  1. so, i thought this website was about being able to share your secrets without getting judged.. i am now disappointed and will keep my secret to myself forever.

  2. People put too much meaning on sex. At the end of the day, It’s just sex, a means to an end, in this case an orgasm. If you truly loved your bf or he was satisfying you, you’d feel guilty or you wouldn’t have done it in the first place. I see no reason to feel bad.

  3. I’ll never understand why people dont just end a relationship if they’re cheating… especially if its without regret.

  4. Same exact thing happened with me.. All I have to say is dont tell him, his “best friend” is an asshole, & you’ll forget about it soon enough. (:

  5. As I read this comments I keep telling my self : I’m glad I don’t trust women and vow to never get married… Three out of 5 female comments are agreeing with the women on cheating…
    I really did hope to find the one=\

  6. I belive its okay that she cheated because it makes me feel better when i do it.I personally like to cheat on my guy often and when i do i hope that no one is judging me for it cause i dont deserve to be judged for hurting other people right? I do not think she should be judged he is a guy she did this to people HE DESERVED IT.

  7. I dont think any guy would get a high five for this. chick is a whore, slut, bitch and I KNOW every girl that supports this is obviously a cheater. Whore

  8. I just put down two comments as a male and one as a female of basicly what this entire debate is about. representing what most women say and what most men say.

  9. I met my fiance because I was sleeping with his friend. I don’t talk to the friend anymore, but my fiance loves me and is ok with what happened.

  10. I feel sorry for the Boy friend. He is a going to be soo hurt when he finds out. She (and the boyfriends best friend) are terrible people

  11. Sex is meant to be between two people that love each other and would never do anything to hurt each other. People that sleep around or have sex without commitment are the most disgusting wastes of human life on this earth. People like this make me lose faith in humanity and makes me wonder how many girls out there are lying cheating mentally retard cum dumpsters. There is nothing more disgusting than a girl or boy that sleeps around no matter what the situation is or what intoxicant there on. People like this cause so much pain and heartache in the world. They have no self respect or any type of thought process for the feelings of others. The only thing people like that think about are themselves and how they feel,there wants and needs. I wish every single person on this earth that has ever done that gets put in a single dark cage with no food or water till they starve to death and rid the world of there presence and destruction.

  12. Worthless trash. you deserve to die a lonely, slow and painful death for you lack the human emotion of guilt. you are garbage that will be nothing but a used whore.

  13. I don’t know why people are even allowed to share their opinions about other people’s deepest darkest secrets. If you have a problem with what they did get over it and don’t live your life that way. I’m pretty sure this person sent this anonymously so that they wouldn’t be judged. Isn’t that the point of all this?

    P.S. I cheated on my ex-fiance, he still doesn’t know and I never felt remorse for it, I’m a fucking great liar and proud of it. If anyone thinks I’m horrible for that let me share something with you…I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.

    Find something more productive to do with your time.

  14. If you ready didn’t give a ####, then you wouldn’t have said anything at all anonial. Moreover, your admission shows a seriously flawed character, (not that we all ain’t seriously flawed) and nobody would expect you to “get it.” No pun intended. There is a reason why your viewpoint is in the minority. People appreciate integrity. People also share secrets that they keep secret because of fear, shame and embarrassment. Proclaiming to the world that you’re a whore hardly qualifies.

  15. I was born from an affair. One thing I despise more than anything is cheaters. I am sorry girl but you sound just like my father(the cheater)and thats really gross. Stop with the cheating. if you dont like your boyfriend than breakup. ur ruining a friendship and that the dumbest thing ever. Those who cheat should be ashamed. If you plan to cheat than you dont love the person. Just breakup. I think it seems easy enough instead of keeping it a secret.

  16. To anyone saying if you lack compassion you should be killed–1 in 100 people is a sociopath, fact. 1 in 100 people do not commit heinous crimes, become serial killers, or deserve to be killed. It is perfectly fine and normal to be slightly manipulative or to lack compassion, I’m not religious in any way but I believe the bible tells you to love everyone. So go spout your contradictory condemnations elsewhere, thanks.

  17. well it wasnt his best friend but a close friend is still bad…sad part is I had to tell him the whole truth which is even worse.

    I broke his heart and affected a lot of friendships or should I say family.

    I regret cheating, its the worst choice I could have made. I should have ended my relationship and then went and fucked up my life some more at least then I would only be destroying myself.

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