31 thoughts on “I am trying to feel more for my boyfriend”

  1. more than anything, i miss the fact that he’s no longer my friend. i try to make my boyfriend fill the void he left, but he’s not the same. every time he touches me, it kills me inside.

  2. ah I know. me too.
    I would leave my boyfriend of 2 years in a heartbeat if my high school crush said he wanted to be together. We were only together for 2 weeks at the end of school, and it wasn’t even that amazing, but every time I see him I feel alive, and desperate, all over again; it’s a passion that is just not there with my boyfriend. It kills me.

  3. i dreamt about my old friend with benefits the other night. its funny how when he moved away i was more heartbroken then i’ve ever been with my past boyfriends. i guess he just got under my skin. i miss aidan.

  4. I’m currently living this. I just recently moved out from my friend with benifits who has shared the same deep feelings I have since 6th grade. We are still madly in love with each other but now have to fail at finding someone to try and be with. If he’s reading this…id do anything to be with you again, plz know that. I despretly love you, and my heart is truly yours. I’m failing so bad its killing me everyday.

  5. I’m in love with my best friend who just told me he was bisexual but leaning towards men. Now my dream of us getting married and having kids and living in a big city may never come true. But I love him anyways, whole-heartedly.

  6. I understand. I’m in love with my husbands bestfriend, who is also my bestfriend. A year and a half ago, he confessed his love for me…we’ve been having an affair ever since. I love him more than I love my husband.

  7. Friends are always better than lovers, you can be honest with ’em. That’s the things with a friend with benefits, there aren’t any strings in a good way, no promises said aloud, all of it, is simply because both parties enjoy it, and both care about one another in a truly altruistic sense. It may not be healthy, but cake and gin is better than spinach and wheat grass anyway.

  8. Currently living this. About to get married and move to Hawaii for 3 years and all I want is to stay in Texas with the man that frustrates me to no end, who I didn’t know I loved with all my heart until we said goodbye. I hate this.

  9. I think you should tell your husband atleast for the sake of honesty… i think my husband is cheating on me and i dont have the guts to ask……

  10. i know how you feel, i had a friend with benefits, and then we stopped talking. everytime i see him, the feeling just comes straight back, its crazy. every boyfriend after him doesnt even compare, but the sad part is that after that we stopped talking, and now he even has a girlfriend. i miss him tho, a lot.

  11. I completely understand…my boyfriend became my best friend when we first started dating–we broke up 2 months ago to meet other people but I can’t go 1 day without seeing him or talking to him. We still do all the things we used to do, we still say I love you. I wish every minute of every day that we could be together again because no one else comes close to making me feel the same–I’ve tried. I love you jason.

  12. This was the first secret that came up on my screen and the only one that can describe exactly how I am feeling. Stay and pretend? Or bail and risk the unknown?

  13. egads! it’s truly comforting to know that i’m not the only one. jeez, it just honestly hurts, SO bad.

  14. @18: I was really hoping that would end in a different name.

    I was on the opposite side of the situation, being the boyfriend. This may not be sound advice, but while it was hell on me, she seems happier now that she left me for him.

  15. Things went boring with my boyfriend. I still love him, but my ‘friend with benefits’ R, gives me butterflies in my belly. With him I want have sex. My boyfriend and i haven’t had sex for over 2,5 years now.

    My boyfriend has back-problemens, while my ‘special friend’ carries me to bed.

    I think of my special friend even when I’m with my boyfriend.

    But my special friend is 10 years younger than me, still in his 20’s with a starting career. There is no future for us, even is we would have feelings for each other (which I doubt he has for me) so I will stick with my boyfriend and find pleasure somewhere else…

  16. I feel your pain. If you want to hear my 2 bits, then I think it’s best when your boyfriend or your girlfriends is a best friend with benefits.

    How many wedding toasts have you heard of, where they say that not only is their spouse the love of their life- but their best friend.

    Someone you can share such intimacy with, while still enjoying each others company all the time- that’s love…

    No one will fill that void.

  17. just mailed in a postsecret note very similar to this. god, i miss him, but i tried to break up with my boyfriend [of 4 years]-that was simply impossible. yet having him next to me isn’t making me completely happy, need them BOTH

  18. I know how it feels i got more feelings for my friends with benefits that i do if i have a bf its not easy

  19. Just Me…i am in the exact same situation.

    I can’t live without my boyfriend of four years. but when we were on a break i fell in love with my best friend.

    Now that were back together i may be happy but still feel incomplete. The secret of thinking about him everyday leaves me with a heavy heart.

    When i told you i loved you preka i really wish you would have loved me back. then we wouldn’t feel so torn and our friendship wouldn’t be a complete lie.

  20. I’m going through the same exact thing. I spent the best summer of my life with my “friend with benefits” we were both getting over ex’s when we met. I got over mine. He still isn’t over his. I met someone when i left home to go back to school, and started dating him becuase my logic told me the one i had fell for so hard would never really want me as more than a friend with benefits and i’d be wasting my time waiting for something that would probably never happen. I miss him everyday though. I dream about him all the time. And part of me is still holding onto the hope that one day we’ll be together, even though whenever we talk he tells me he never wants another serious relationship again. I feel horrible because i’m dating a great guy, but no matter how great my boyfriend is, i just can’t forget him. But i’m too afraid to live without my current boyfriend. I don’t know what to do. I know I love my ex friends with benefits… and i’m trying so hard to love my boyfriend, really love him. I’m afraid I never will, and will always look back at last summer as the happiest time of my life and wish i had him back again

  21. The sad day is when you realise that the Friend With Benifits is all you’ll ever be to any of them. When all you want is to be the one actually in love.

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