I am in love with my best friend…

I am in love with my best friend...

29 Comments on “I am in love with my best friend…

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  6.  by  NoLifeOnThisPlanet

    I’m bisexual. I’ve kissed more than 10 people in 2 years, 11 or 12, one I’m not sure of. I dated 5 of them. I haven’t dated or kissed anyone for just over a year. I have a crush on one of my 2 best friends, but it’s more than her not liking me back. She’s straight, she likes someone else, and she’s never kissed anyone before.
    She likes me, but I don’t think she likes me as much as most of her other numerous friends. The worst thing is I can’t explain to her that I hug her less often because I feel awful when I can’t help noticing how nice her hair smells or how soft her skin is when she believes that I see her as no more than a friend. I think my other best friend is starting to notice, I’m scared that she’ll say something.
    You’re not alone, but I don’t know that it’ll make you feel any better.

  7.  by  bibigirl

    been there… doing that. i get to listen to him complaining how she doesn’t care. i get to listen to her complaining how he’s packing a sad. i want to hit them both. then hide in my room and scream because watching them together hurts.

  8.  by  me

    i’ve been fighting the feelings i have for my best friend for over seven years now. it’s starting to become too much and i’m so terrified of telling him. I wish i hadn’t been such a bitch when we were younger, then i could have had him when i had the chance. Now… i’m happily with my boyfriend, and we’re planning a life together. But i’ll always love him and i miss him- i’d just like to know how it feels to kiss him just once…

  9.  by  lovey

    you’re not alone.
    i’ve always had one girl bestfriend and one guy bestfriend. my girlfriend and i have been bestfriends for eight years. my boyfriend and i have been bestfriends for three. i thought i was in love with him, but it turns out the more i kept it bottled inside, the more i pushed him away. it’s been months since i’ve talked to him and it hurts worse than i had ever thought it would. don’t pass up the opportunity to tell them how you truly feel. life could be regretted a lot more without saying it and always questioning ‘what if?’ than telling them how you feel and taking a chance. if they say no and nothing is the same, it’s meant to be that way. don’t choose to live life like i did. i miss him more than i’ve ever missed anyone in my life – but i never took the chance to tell him.
    if i could go back, i’d tell him the moment i met him.

  10.  by  Puffer Fish

    This secret actually kind of stung to read, because this is probably just about how a friend of mine feels about me right now. Or how he would feel if he knew I adore his best friend and that I have for four years.

  11.  by  same song

    I dont know when I fell in love but I am in love with my bestie and she is married! It sux! I really feel ya nolife about avoiding contact. I would spend the night with her some time and she’d offer me to bunk with her and I can’t. I want to hold her and cuddle her…kiss her. I fight the feelings hard because her husband is a family friend of mine. I love her alot! I dont know if she has figured that out but i play it cool.

  12.  by  K-Ev

    Story of my life…its funny though, well at least thats how I have learned to deal with it. We met in college and then he transferred schools, when i went to visit him, his friends told me that me and him would get married…joke. Now whenever we see each other in person we fight, but still talk all the time when apart. We live 10 hours away from each other now, talk every week, he is way out of my league…but I still get butterflies everytime we talk…its starting to hurt to much to even talk to him.

  13.  by  Kira

    I love my best friend and I watched him in love with my other best friend. She totally blew it off and then after two years of loving him, he tells me he likes me…and now he won’t talk to me…
    I kno how you feel.

  14.  by  kris

    my friend was in love with me for over a year and i never knew. she was the greatest friend i ever had. she hated my boyfriend and i was too oblivious to ever know why. she was never rude about it she just complained and stuff.in the end though in a mixed up course of events, me and her stopped being friends, and me and my boyfriend broke up. a few months later he and i started dating again, and months after that me and her started talking again. my mom says the first time she ever met my best friend she knew she was in love with me from the way she looked at me. and now, talking to my boyfriend about her is awkward, but talking to her about my boyfriend is even worse. the bad thing is that he proposed to me, but i think im more in love with her than i am with him.

  15.  by  meh

    Im in love with my best friend too and hes gay
    Things really suck

  16.  by  downfall562

    I know how you feel. I’m a free spirit when it comes to sexual orientation. and my best girl friend and I used to date, but we broke up due to distance. I got back together with a different ex, and ended up marrying him. In reality, I am still in love with her. He was just a secure future. Now I’m living with her as I go to school, and I haven’t told her I’m still in love with her. I play it off as though we are just friends. it KILLS me to hug her. To be near her. But not be able to have her.

  17.  by  becca carrizales

    Getting the one you pine after isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I was in love with the same girl for 7 years, when she got pregnant and her boyfriend left her I was there for her and her baby. 2 years later when I was in a relationship with someone else she told me she loved me. I was ecstatic and immediately dumped who i was with, breaking her heart in the process, and then 2 years after that my dream girl, the one I pined for, cheated on me and told me she didn’t want to be with me becuase I was boring. I hate her now and she’s still trying to be my friend 6 years later.

  18.  by  opal

    i liked a guy for years but didnt have the balls to actually say anything, one day my best friend tells me that she has a thing for him she pleaded with me to help her so i did, i tried my best and found out that he liked her back, it broke my heart but t5hey got together, they were really happy together for a little while,they just broke up, but in the month or two that followed my best friend kept inviting me places and of coarse he would be there, they would sit holding hands and making out while i would leave every five minutes to cry hystericly in the washroom and the come out to tell them, at my friends prompting that they were SUCH a CUTE couple
    life sucks.

  19.  by  Shell

    I have been in love with my best guy friend since the very first day of sophomore year in high school when I met him. Now I am a sophomore in college and we are even better friends than ever. I have been dating another guy for almost three years. I love him too, but If I got the chance to be with my best friend I might just take it…

  20.  by  ditzyblonde457

    I was mad about my best guy friend, I fell fast and hard and we shared everything and got closer and closer and closer. I’ve only known him a while and I know it will never happen, he doesn’t feel the same way and he never will. It hurt so much for so long, but I promise you it goes away eventually, you just have to let it. It was honestly the most emotionally taxing experience of my life. I was on fire/electric for months and months and I couldn’t sleep, his messages were like a drug, I was high on him. He happens to be an amazing person, but Mother Nature’s cruel trick, he didn’t want me and I have finally gotten to the point where I don’t want him like that anymore. A bit of distance, time, some dates with other boys(no they don’t compare initially) that burning desire to have him look at me the way he looks at other girls he’s hot for, well that goes away 2 and I’m happy for him when things go well with girls, he deserves it. I haven’t met the guy for me, I thought it was him, I was wrong. I didn’t think the feeling would go away, and until I asked I wouldn’t have been able to get over it – Don’t put yourself through pain, ask, find out and move forward. I’m ok now, the whirlwind died down, you’ll get through it. To the fantastic boy in question – I could never tell you this because it would terrify you and damage our amazing friendship- You are the first and so far only boy I have ever been (god, I think although I hate to admit it) in love with. I have never wanted something so much and not got it. You are a wonderful mess. And because I know you’d appreciate this- everybody has that person that they want they become close with, they try everything to impress, that one that got away…that one you want above all others, but never have – your that person for me and I think when I’m 75 I’ll still remember your name and face and smell.

  21.  by  deanna black

    ive been in love with this guy named brandon for a LONG time ive dated his brother a few times but ive always had feelings for him he is 1 year older but he always wanted to mess around he would awlays say im hot an beautiful i lost my virginity to him and he dont know it i made out with him 2 times and each time feels amaxing i love how he makes me feel. he said he wont date me bcuz he doesnt wanna mess with my heart. 🙁 he dates any other gurl but me …… is there something wrong with me . im an outgoing gulr i love to have fun and b wild and party wne i can but i dont understand y he will date any one BUT me?!?!?!?! if any of u know wht i can do email me [email protected] thank u

  22.  by  michael

    I’ve been in love with this girl for the past two years. From the very first time I met her, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her.
    Only problem is that she has a boyfriend. Its a long distance thing, so I never see him. I think their relationship is pointless.
    We’ve been best friends for the past year, then we started hooking up. It was the happiest three months of my life. I thought she felt the same way about me.
    But after a two week vacation she comes back totally changed. Doesn’t want to be around me, doesn’t want to talk. she’s pushing me away.
    I’m losing my best friend, and my love.

  23.  by  amberT

    Hmm I’ve loved my bestfriend for 5 years now. I found out he is in love with another guy(straight). I don’t know what’s worse, not having a chance or wishing I was a boy so that I can have that chance.

  24.  by  timbob

    I have been in love with my best friend for nearly 10 years. We spend nearly every day together, and people always ask if we’re a couple. It breaks my heart every time I have to laugh the suggestion off. Once I slept with her sister, thinking if I did I would know it would never be possible between us and I could move on. It was the worst move of my life. I still love her, and worse still when she found out I think it broke her heart.

  25.  by  taurus1287

    im in love with a great friend, have been for along time. and im afraid that if i say sumthing ill lose her as a freind for good ….. should i tell her? how should i ? or is it better suffering with a secret love and getting to spend time with them than telling them the truth and having her turn me down and stop talkin … what should a fatkid do? ive been in love with her since the first day i saw her , i know movie bs , but its true , suffered for years watching her love others . idk …..

  26.  by  IndigoGirl

    I fell in love with my best friend before his girlfriend (my ex-best friend) did. We started hanging out without her and soon he became my best friend instead. I kept my feelings hidden for over a year until one day he confessed that he liked me and we kissed. His girlfriend found out and her and I fell out, but I remained best friends with her boyfriend. Four months on and we keep kissing each other. After each time he says it’s the last time and he can’t keep doing this to her. But it never is the last time. I’m terrified of the thought of us having a last kiss. I know it’s wrong, but I don’t want to stop. He says he loves her, but when he holds me it feels like he genuinely cares for me and wants me. It drives me crazy thinking about it. She treats him so badly and I just want him to be happy. I could make him happy. But I’ll never be able to tell him how I feel. He thinks I’m over him…It’s been almost two years and my feelings just keep getting stronger.

  27.  by  chef who should know better

    ive been in love with my best friend for 5 years, my long term boyfriend is about to ask me to marry him and if my best friend asked me to leave with him i would be gone in a heart beat. and it makes me sad.

  28.  by  Just me and my best friend

    I have been in love with my best friend for 18 years. I meet him when I was 2 year married to a good man I wasnt in love with and had a daughter. He has been there for me, for us all the time, and sometimes looks at me in a way I tremble…for 18 years…he has become my husbands best friend too. Since I can´t have him totally, I have became his friend, confident, adviser, and coworker, partner, nurse, shoulder to cry on, everything he needs (but wife and sex). He has been divorced twice, and his last exwife (also became a friend of mine) said to me once:..No woman will be enough for him, since nobody else is YOU. I think we will be friends for ever and we will grow old in love…

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