12 thoughts on “He’s moving country to be with me…..”

  1. IF he’s moving out there to be with you, he obviously loves you. If i were you i would rethink taking a break and open my heart to the possiblities.

  2. I’m not sure taking a break is the solution. I guess if you accepted him, you do have feelings for him. Life is not always about planning things. Sometimes you need to try to find out, otherwise you will waste a lot of wonderful experiences in your life.

    As Brianna said, he obviously loves you. I’m sure he will understand if he goes there and then it’s not really working out for you, he will step off if you really need this break, and if he really loves you, he will wait for you.

  3. ummmm, are you “in love” with him or just love him? there is a difference “in love” is puppy love and wears off. if you love him thats with you for a long term. if nither take the big break.

    all in all be mature.

  4. I wanted to move country to be with someone I (still) love. But don’t work. If he had told me that he would move with me… I just woul be the happiest woman.. Don’t think about it, feel it.

  5. I understand, love can be so claustrophobic. Nothing in life is final, you have to live for yourself, and if that means telling him you want a break, it may be the best thing you could ever do.

  6. I once moved to another country for love. It lasted three weeks before I had my heart broken. Get out before he gets there. Don’t do to him what was done to me. I’ve never been the same.

  7. I only had one girlfriend till now, We met online. With time We got serious( at least i was serious ).
    She was from Australia. she made a plan with me that after we graduate i’ll go to Australia to meet her family( she told me, her family knows about me ) and from thereafter we will go to Los Angeles. but with time things started getting real bad with us.

    One day she told me, she will always love me as a Friend and we will be friends from now on we will just be friend. i thought there was still time for graduation and by time will again win her heart.

    after the breakup, we were friends for 4 months, just in hope she will accept me again.

    One day a guy (her former BF) used a secret letter page to confess his feelings for her, he maintained his anonymity. she shared his post on her timeline and when i saw that my heart was broken into pieces. i asked her who he is? she said, you can see there is no name of his given. after few days I said something to her which i shouldn’t have said and she blocked me.

    I’m still in love with her. i tried contacting her with several fake accounts but she blocked them too. i just hope, i get a chance to say sorry to her. just once.


    MORAL: Don’t get attached to someone over the INTERNET even though there are some good love stories of internet but there are also plenty of bad stories

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