30 thoughts on “You told me you were ready to spend the rest of your life with me”

  1. I would have spent the rest of my life with her, and I was convinced she felt the same. Things deteriorated so quickly, now my grandmother’s diamond will continue to sit in my top drawer.

  2. Is it too late?

    I was ready to spend the rest of my life with him. He ended it anyway.
    I don’t think I’ll ever know if I meant this much to him. I don’t think he’d ever send a postcard to Postsecret to tell me.

    But I check every week, just in case.

  3. I would have spent the rest of my life w the girl that was the first person I ever kissed. The first girl I slept with. The girl who was all of my firsts.

    She said she wanted me closest to her for the rest of her life. Then she got angry with me. And I found her car at her ex boyfriends house after spending a day with her in the ER.

    She left me for him. But I would drop everything to be with her again, all she has to do is tell the truth.

  4. A,
    i should have married you when you asked me.it was years ago and i still regret it until this day.now i’m with someone else and im scared to death he’s going to propose to me.i should be your wife and nobody elses.

  5. He told me he was ready to spend the rest of his life with me.
    I just wasn’t ready to spend the rest of my life being abused.
    I thought I’d never find someone who was willing to put up with me ever again, but then I met the most amazing man ever.
    Now I know what true love actually feels like. And I’ve never been so glad I left.

  6. I was ready to spend the rest of my life with her.

    I asked her to marry me so many times.

    She ended it anyway.

    Now she’s the one with the tears and I’m the one with the smile.

    I know it’s vane and cruel, but my secret is deep down I hope she pines over me for the rest of her life and never finds true happiness.

  7. He promised me everything, he promised me the world.
    We talked about marriage, children and growing old together.
    For three years he was my world, my everything.
    Randomly one night he told me it was all a lie.
    He didn’t love me and never did.
    That night he walked out our apartment door and we never spoke again.
    But if I could say anything to him it would be…

    “Thank you. Thank you for making me a stronger person and because of that I still believe one day I’ll find “the one”. He will love me for me and he’ll feel like the luckiest man on earth.”


  8. I said I’d spend the rest of my life with him, and he said that to me, then he ends it unfairly for me. Now I’m home and over everything and I don’t care about him and his boring life. If he thought I was his soulmate, then he shouldn’t have been such an ass. It’s funny too because this kid introduced me to postsecret, and now I can’t stop reading every week.
    If she’s truly worth it, go find your soulmate.

  9. I can relate to that. We talked about marriage a few weeks before.Then he lost his temper left some marks on my 9 month old baby.I couldn’t stay with him after that,esp when he threatened me and told me not to go to the police or else it would be the last thing I do. I still dream about him every night though and wonder when I’ll truly get over him.

  10. I think about this all the time. I should of stayed with you and married you but I was too afraid and left you for someone else that I’m no longer with. I’ve tried to tell you a few times but I never will. Still I’m thankful that we still talk.

  11. We spent 8 years together. Everyone we knew envied the relationship we had. I NEVER EVER had any reason NOT to trust him, but while he was out of town working he cheated, then I cheated to get even. We went our separate ways for a while. He went back to an old stripper girlfriend he had years before he met me. I got together with the guy I had my retaliation “fling” with. After a long agonizing year, we finally got back together, but it never was right. Not only could I not forgive him for the first affair, I couldn’t forgive him for moving on and not suffering enough after we split. One day I asked him to leave. For nearly a year he begged me to come back and I wouldn’t. I buried myself in my work and tried to move on. I kept thinking that I wanted to be with him, but I felt paralyzed by fear and mistrust. He eventually went back to the stripper. As soon as he did, they got pregnant and a few days after my birthday last month he married her. I was obsessed with her Facebook page, because she would always broadcast what was going on with them and the pregnancy. She took digs at me every chance she got. Then the final dig came when she announced their wedding and how happy they were. I haven’t looked at her Facebook since. I can’t even think about her status without crying. I lost my best friend, I lost the love of my life and I lost my chance at being with the one person that ever did make me happy….all because I couldn’t forgive. His is and always will be the love of my life.

  12. once a cheater always a cheater. If it was meant to be he never would have cheated on you.
    you’re better off without him.

  13. The love of my life cheated on me and abused me once 20 years ago. We had a daughter together that was put up for adoption. I put him out of my life and built a story around him to help me cope, I told myself and others how horrible he was. He was in some ways, but my story made him out to be even worse. The truth is we had true love even during our darkest days. 20 years later, he tracked me down and put me in touch with our daughter, they are both back in my life. I think now he could make me the happiest I have ever been.

  14. Why don’t you go tell A? It will hurt both you and your current bf less. At least there won’t be a what-if.

  15. I think you should tell your ex. Cold feet happen. Why not try? The worst that could happen is you could discover your soulmate is still out there.

  16. He was NOT the one for you. He hurt a BABY and threatened you? That is not the man you want to be with. You need a little psychological help if you’re seeking out negative men like that.

  17. I don’t think it was a lie. My ex told me the same thing, but he still looked at me with jealousy when I did find my true love and I just… didn’t care anymore. I was so happy. I think he was trying to make himself feel better.

  18. I took my boyfriend out to skip rocks. Each one I skipped I told him something I was letting go from my past. My ex, his, our past pain. Then I pulled a rock out of my pocket. It was a big heart and I handed it to him. I smiled and said “This is the last one left. Be my rock. Stay with me forever.” and he cried. I’ve never seen him vulnerable. Its been four years and we’re still together. I will never, ever let him go.

  19. I was happiest when you proposed to me…but then you came to be with me and your eyes showed me your unhappiness…I told you to go back to HER even though it honestly killed me inside.

  20. You told me you wanted to marry me.Then, you got drunk and told me how much you were in love with *her*. The girl you’d been chasing since high school. The girl you would have chosen over me in an instant, if she had been available when we started dating. After 2 years with me, she was single and interested. As your best friend, who was I to stand in your way?

    You cried and asked for me back. But only after spreading false rumors that I had cheated on you with my best friend, and using your status on our tiny college campus to inform everyone that dating me would be social suicide. And *only after she rejected you*.
    Ditching your fat, depressed ass was the best decision I ever made. I still think I’m destined to be unmarried for the rest of my life, because you were the only guy I’ve ever met who was intellectually on my level. Being alone for the last 2 years of college, unf*kable, did wonders for my academics and got me into a competitive graduate school. I should thank you for that.

    The man I am seeing now is no smarter than a boxa hair. But he always says, “You’re more beautiful” when a model passes by; he apologizes when he inadvertently hurts me. He can’t solve complex algorithms in his head like you; he isn’t popular, or charismatic, or well-educated like you. He’ll never be rich, or make a quarter of your income.

    But I’m NOBODY’S second choice. You lost me when you treated me like a consolation prize at a fair. I refuse to be the person you, or anyone, “settles” for.

  21. i left you because you wanted to marry me, because you wanted a life with me…now your getting married to someone else and i cry about it all the time

  22. I was ready to spend the rest of my life with her. I wasn’t perfect, but even after the horrible night that ended everything and seems too traumatic to move past, I still hope everyday that she will change her mind and come back to me. That thought is the only way I get through the day, and I would take her back no matter how long it takes.

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