This is the girl I love

This is the girl I love

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  1.  by  gilliebean

    I’m in exactly the same situation as you are and I can totally empathise with you because your secret is my secret! I’ve tried to get over the girl I love but I feel it’s impossible. She’s completly messed with my head and messed me around and confused me and I have no idea where I stand. It’s so frustrating. You’re not alone and I feel glad that there is someone else out there who feels like I do.

  2.  by  Cormamin

    It’s just like loving a boy or girl who’ll never love you. You accept it, you resist them…but it’s pointless because they were made for you.

  3.  by  JustThatGirl

    It’s nice to know i’m not alone. Thank you.

  4.  by  secretkeeper

    Welcome to my life dude. -.-‘ I’m her best friend and I get to hug her when she cries over guys she says she loves. Is it bad I that I almost enjoy those moments because she’s closer to me than normal and because I can halfway hope she wants me to hold her the way I want to, that every time I sleep over at her house and we’re in the same bed I can’t sleep because I want to memorize her face when all her worries drift off or because she cuddles up to me without knowing and I like to pretend I can lay there like that every night? I’d stand by her through everything, she thinks it’s because I’m a good friend, I know it’s because I’m in love with her.

  5.  by  Tope

    Keep trying, if nothing else, she’ll know you love her. Never let her go.
    My best girlfriend ever loves me madly, and I feel horrible, because while I love her too, I love my husband more. At least we know that we will always love each other, wherever our lives may lead. I pray that one day she’ll find someone she can love even more than me, I want to see her on her wedding/commitment day and tell her that she is the most beautiful, kind, loving woman I will ever have the pleasure to know, to love.

  6.  by  secretfilled

    I’m in love with my best friend who is marrying a girl i can’t stand. He has been there for me through all the heart ache i have had and held me close while i’ve cried. I wish he would hold me forever.

  7.  by  hiddenmystery

    i know what you mean, i feel exactly like this, its horrible, i still cant understand it after all this time, its killing me, dont want to feel like this anymore :(

  8.  by  Straight means Straight

    You really should get over it. Straight means straight, gay means gay, no means no. Get out of my sandbox you self-deluded moron.

  9.  by  JustThatGirl

    Well excuse me you less then sensitive excuse for a person. People who send these in aren’t looking to be insulted or told they should give up on people they love. So grow a set and font comment if you have nothing nice to say. Straight may mean straight but being in love with someone who doesn’t even like your gender is twice the heartache of someone who does so if you wanna tell someone to give up on their dreams, go talk to one of the other shitty insulting people who comment on the post secrets here.

  10.  by  Come-onnnn...

    While I realize unrequited love might seem romantic, really, it’s an immature way to think.

    This person, if she’s decidedly straight, may end up resenting you if you make too many advances or openly pine away when she’s made it clear that she’s not interested. It would be the same situation if a guy was in love with her and she didn’t return the feelings. You may think you’re hiding it well, but you’re probably not as sneaky as you think you are.

    Your best bet is to stop spending quite as much time with that person, and fill that time with socializing with other people. You won’t want to at first, but the more you do it (if you’re determined to get over this person), the more you’ll develop your own life, apart from this person who doesn’t love you back.

    Keep in mind…some of these girls you “love” may KNOW you love them, and it feeds their egos, and that’s why they’re keeping you around. Just a hard dose of reality right there.

  11.  by  Come-onnnn...

    While “Straight means Straight” voiced his/her opinion harshly, he/she is actually offering better advice than you think.

    To pine away for someone who does not, and will not love you is a waste of your time, and frankly, unhealthy. You may lose a friend that way, straight or gay.

  12.  by  JustThatGirl

    She knows I love her, and I never try to come on to her. She’s ok with it. She’s an insecure girl who just wants the world to notice her, and knowing that even if no guys love her, I do, means a lot to her. So bug off and respect anyone on here who shares there secret alright? People don’t send them to be ridiculed and made to feel bad, they send them to feel a little bit better.

  13.  by  leah

    that really sucks for you guys but im here to say eventually you will end up with ur bestfriend if its meant to be it will happen…my day finally came he loves me and i love him …

  14.  by  HerWolfboy

    If his name is Arthur. Call Geoff so he can move on.

  15.  by  Sympathizer

    Wow dude, that’s intense. And I know it sucks but hang in there, she’ll see your worth soon. Maybe you should try showing her you want to be more than friends though? She may feel the exact same way and you’d never know it.

  16.  by  Kim

    I know exactly how you all feel. The one person I have truly loved is getting married this year and moving to another country to be with him. I wish we could go back to when it was just us two even though she didn’t love me then either.

  17.  by  Courtney

    I was you. I’m terrified of flying and found myself praying for turbulence because she held my hand when there was turbulence. We have been together for a year now. I hope my story will be your story. If not, she’s out there. I promise.

  18.  by  Megan

    I’ve always been in love with my best friend, and I came out just a few months ago when I met the girl I’m with now. And after I met her, my friend stopped talking to me. Not only do I not have her like I want to, but she’s not in my life at all. And it kills me she doesn’t know. Best wishes.

  19.  by  lapetite

    that’s the sadest and the most beautiful thing I’ve every read. What girl could say no if you told her you loved her just the way you wrote it here?

  20.  by  Vicky

    I fell in love with my best friend too. She is in a relationship with a girl I don’t feel is good enough for her, but I never meant to tell her about my feelings because I don’t want to be the one to break up a relationship just for me to work my way in. Due to one of my careless mistakes, I told her by accident and now I feel like she’s going to pull away from me. I’m not sure which is worse, hearing her ask me to back off, or her slowly leaving my life altogether. It sucks because I was the one she would vent too also, and I’ve always been there for her, and I don’t know what’s going to happen now

  21.  by  Haruka

    I can completely relate to this… the girl I love is straight… yet I refuse to believe it because as hard as I try, I can’t get over her.

  22.  by  Courtney

    You seriously need some help. Obviously she’s hurting and there are plenty of straight women who try to “turn” gays. Let her fall to get back up.

  23.  by  Courtney

    I’ve been there. I think this is like loving someone who won’t love you back or a straight woman trying to “turn” a gay man. Don’t be her “experiment” it hurts even more. But, sometimes, you do need to fall on your face to find someone who DOES want you and the real love of your life. I did.

  24.  by  Anonymous

    I have been there too and there is hope. I fell in love with my best friend. When we met she had a boyfriend of several months and she kept dating him until we hooked up one night and she finally broke up with him. We are now together in the happiest and healthiest relationship of almost a year. Being around her while she had a boyfriend definitely was the hardest thing I’ve done, but I later learned she felt the same way the whole time. I don’t think we did a terrible thing, I think that in light of the way society has repressed its rampant homosexual tendencies and punished those who are brave enough not to, we did and are doing something that is extremely courageous. And nothing will ever make me believe otherwise. I only wish I told her how I felt sooner. If you think she feels the same way as you do, you should tell her. You know that a true friend will continue to love you even if she doesn’t feel the same way.

  25.  by  Anon

    As someone on the other side of the same situation, please don’t.
    I’m still straight, she’s still gay, and it made any time we spent alone together unbearably awkward because I knew she wanted to kiss me.
    We’re not friends anymore, but that’s for another reason.
    If she’s truly straight, for both of your sakes, try to get over it.

  26.  by  Name

    My best friend is in the same situation with a good friend of hers, she told her friend how she felt they kissed. The friend is straight and aint gunna change now that friend is using my best friend because she knows that she is in love with her and will do anything for her. Moral of the story is tell them how you feel, If they don’t feel the same way about you STOP fucking trying because it hurts US everyone, every single one of your friends hurts when she hurts you, please STOP.

  27.  by  WhoKnew?

    Gay or straight is irrelevant: either she feels the same or she doesn’t, and if she doesn’t, I hope you can move on and find someone who loves you back the way you deserve. Unrequited love is hell.

  28.  by  hidden realities

    I experienced this a few years ago in high school. The girl that was my bestfriend at that time was bisexual and I was straight, we were always there for eachother, she was an amazing girl. And one day while she hugged me I realize I was starting to fall for her. I was extremely confused because I had never felt that way for a girl before. And I was scared to admit to her that I was in love wit her. So I kept my feelings a secret, later she got wit her bf and I was completely heart broken, I hated having to b sitting down in the living room having to watch them kiss or knowing they were having sex in the other room. And one day she found my diary and read pages filled filled with confessions of my love towards her and in how much pain I was because I had to see her with someone else. After reading that she admitted that she also had feelings for me but she never told me because she was afraid I would walk away from her life. Finding that out was the worst feeling ever because I knew she felt the same way but it was to late now she was in a relationship with a nice guy. So don’t hold back, let her know because it could happen that she might feel something for u but she is to scared to admit it. And u will regret knowing that u could’ve had a chance to be happy but didn because u never told her

  29.  by  Fighting Moloch

    I honestly don’t know whether telling her would be better or worse. It is certainly a terrible gamble, either way. I’m a straight girl. One of my best guy friends was gay, and he told me one day that he had a crush on this other straight guy. That morning, I had finally admitted to myself that I liked the same boy! What a twisted circumstance! Worse, because I found this boy liked me at the same time gayfriend told the boy of his feelings. That sure put my gay friend in a spot.
    Now, I’ve been dating the boy for months and we’re still both close to our gay friend. I feel awful for him though. I’m no stranger to unrequited love.

  30.  by  Alena

    I know how you feel, I am a lesbian but I tell all my friends I am bisexual because I’m too afraid to admit that I only like girls. I ALWAYS end up falling for my straight best friends, and it makes sense, because those are the people you are closest to. And I know it hurts and it sucks, especially if you have to watch them be with someone else (like is happening to me now), but eventually you will get over them, I promise. I thought I was in love with my best friend a few years ago, I really, really, thought I loved her, but after we spent a little time apart, I realized I didn’t, and that there are so many other people out there, and somewhere there is someone who will love me back. I still like one of my straight friends but I know that it’ll never happen. You’ll be happier if you realize that sooner rather than later, and find someone new, that you can actually be with. You may realize you love them even more than you love this current girl.

  31.  by  nottie

    I was in the opposite situation – my best friend was in love with me. It must be hard to love someone that doesn’t love you back, but I promise it’s horrible to be on the receiving end. I felt so bad, but I couldn’t do anything to fix it. :/ It made things terribly rocky until she moved on to someone else.

  32.  by  Reality can suck but could be great

    This story definitely hits home with me. I was with my first & only boyfriend for 5 years (whether good or bad it was 5 years). During the last year we were drifting apart for a few reasons. About half way thru that last year I met a girl at my work and we became really good friends. About 4 months after we met she told me she had feelings for me, feeling she has never had before. After spending a ton of time together I realized I was having the same feelings for her, we kissed and later hooked up. I broke up with my bf shortly after and my girlfriend and I have been together 2 1/2 years strong. In the beginning she was terrified that I was only with her for the moment and would decide I wanted to be with a guy and leave her like 2 of her past girlfriends had done. She had a terrible complex about that and we would fight about. It makes me sad reading that the girl you are in love with knows you love her like you do and moves passed it to remain friends with you, like your feelings are no big deal. The harsh reality is, Im sure she accepts it because she adores the attention you are giving her, and that is it. I have been in a very challenging relationship, dealing with everything that comes with openly being in a gay relationship, but I wouldnt trade my past, present, and future with her for anything. My advice, if you tell her the depths of your feelings and give her time to figure how to deal with those feelings (taking into consideration yours as well) if she is unwilling to at least try with you or give it some thought, I think it would be best to move on. It is completely unfair to you of her to knowingly accept your feelings and forget they are there. I do not know what you are going through but I do know from watching my girlfriend cry about how her past girlfriends have made her feel. I wish you the best!

  33.  by  Vanaathiel

    I know you may not want to give up on her, but if a guy said the same thing to you would you become straight for him? I know it’s hard but she can’t change who she is just as you can’t. I’d try and save myself some hurt and move on.

  34.  by  Just a small town girl

    I’m falling for my bestfriend… actually… right at this very moment. The only problem is… He’s gay. of course the one guy that has everything i want doesnt like girls…

    this is my life.

  35.  by  Teddy

    This is how I feel, but I’m afraid that she will kill herself before I can tell her. I don’t think I’ll be able to live without her.

  36.  by  Brianna

    Wow there are alot of sick fucks on the internet these days. I had a similar girl try this BS on me. The simple answer is… DON’T. Its creepy and please get a life soon!

  37.  by  Ttololololol

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  38.  by  Ttololololol

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  39.  by  Trololololol

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  40.  by  Ana Blue

    You shouldn’t expect people to change their sexual orientations. It’s something we are born with- to expect it to change is to imply that sexual orientation is a choice. Not cool.

  41.  by  Jill

    this is my story .. i fell for my best friend in college and hid my feelings for years because I knew she was straight…i live my life with no regrets so even though i knew the outcome I still had to tell her how I felt right after graduation…we both had an emotional night and in the end i was happy I told her it was the closure that i needed to move on..we still remain friends today but not as close as before..its been a couple years since i’ve seen her and she thinks i’ve moved on and on paper i have…you’ll never forget you’re first love..good luck to you..

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