Just me and you…. like you said

Just me and you.... like you said

8 Comments on “Just me and you…. like you said

  1.  by  Ashley

    I know exactly how you feel! Why is it that the greatest pain of our lifes are the only thing that reminds us it was real?

  2.  by  Brea

    It’s worse when half the hit songs on the radio remind you.

  3.  by  Aoife

    I can relate to this so much. Years ago I fell in love with a boy and he broke my heart, but there isn’t a day that he does not cross my mind. Even though he has grown into a different person, someone that is not very nice, I miss and still love the fifteen year old boy who told me he loved me every day. I miss him so much even though he made me cry.

  4.  by  Olya

    I know how you feel, and i hate myself for that
    I hope that you feel better soon, and find someone who’s not a mistake

  5.  by  stkastiawikfhjaelj

    this made me cry, because it made me realize i feel the same way..

  6.  by  Mistake

    my ex best friend and i were in love until he was so scared of hurting me that he left me.. he always said it was just me and him, and we had our own place. i know it hurts but stay strong.. things will get better in time.

  7.  by  Angel

    He wasn’t perfect for me. Not even close. But I felt a warm, safe kind of happiness with him. We had a beach, and it was our place, our “somewhere,” and everything was perfect there. He told me that nothing in the world could ever compare to me. When I fell asleep on the phone one time, he talked to me and told me how much he loved me before blowing me a kiss and saying goodnight. He’s back with his ex-girlfriend now, and I think they might be soulmates. Which is fantastic, and I’m happy for them…but where does that leave me?

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