17 thoughts on “He forgave me for kissing another man”

  1. hmm i was the boyfriend receiving this kind stuff with my relationship with my ex. I forgave her for cheating on me with friend and even forgave her when she told me the truth one month later that she made out with him but after that it just didn’t feel rite anymore. i knew i still had feelings for her but after that hole was punched into my heart everything change. i didn’t say i love you to her as much and i was accused of cheating with a lot of different girls. I stayed true to her until the end of our relationship. but then i couldn’t take it no more. i had to break up with her. it’s just not rite to be hurt like that in a relationship.

  2. my secret: i hate you because i know you felt guilty, but you didnt regret it. all i wanted to hear was i made a mistake but im sorry and i know i want you. instead you told me you kissed her and now it was over

  3. I did the same thing… Steve and I were together 4 years, he was completely faithful. I cheated on him with his best friend nearly every weekend. I knew he had been talking to his ex but made a big deal out of it like i thought there was something else going on besides child support payments and visitation rights. It wasnt his best friend that totalled off his car, it was me. It wasnt his best friend that rushed his house, it was me. It wasnt his best friend that reported him at his work, it was me. It wasnt his best friend that tried to steal his new girlfriend, I told her lies and she never spoke to him again. Thank you James for taking the fall for me every single time. Half the time you didnt know you were doing it and the other half you didnt know why. The sex was good but Steve was better.

  4. my boyfriend was in the exact same boat. now i’m afraid he’ll never love me as much as he loved her. 🙁

  5. Just leave your boyfriend. Jesus. Why cheat? I’ll never understand. If you think you’ll be happy with the other guy, then GO TO HIM. It will hurt your bf a lot less than being lied too and trying to forgive you.

  6. I was cheated on by my gf. She cheated on me with a girl whom I knew had feelings for my gf and despite me passing along this info, she still cheated. We hadn’t been dating a year when she cheated. I was told about it 1.5 years after it happened. We have been in our relationship for 3 years now. I don’t know what’s worse…the feeling like I still do not trust my gf even though she is now my fiancee, or the fact that it seems she doesn’t feel sorrow or remorse anymore. I want to beat the shit out of the other girl…I find it is easier to hate the girl who cheated with my gf (yes, she knew we were in a relationship at the time, and yes, she met me and had spoken to me many times)than to think about my gf doing something that she knew would hurt me so bad…I’m still hurting…I still cry…I love her and just want to move on…I have an awful time forgetting all the lies and the yelling and pain I had to endure…sometimes, I secretly wish she never told me…sometimes…sometimes, ignorance is bliss

  7. …And he forgave her!!!
    Spineless men like this remind me of you, Dave. I PRAY you come across this posting! That night your beer buddy came over and started feeling my A$$ every chance he got & you both acted like it was just clean fun. What about when he got bold/drunk enough to put his fingers in me…you didn’t say a word. The second time I let him keep them there awhile & even moaned a little thinking that would make you be a man and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. No such luck. Then when you fell asleep – 15 minutes later I went back to the living room and we finished drinking. For that next hour he used me like I was his personal wh0re. he made me do all the nasty things you’re afraid to even ask for. And I LIKED being his wh0re, you wimp. When I came back to bed, stinking of raw, nasty sex, wearing only a tee-shirt (that was clinging to everything due to so much sweat) you asked where I had been. I told you I couldn’t sleep, so I watched a little TV with Joe. You said OK then went back to sleep. THE TV WASN’T EVEN ON, YOU IDIOT!!! The next morning when Joe’s stuff had leaked out of me and made a NASTY spot on the sheets, I told you it was just female discharge then slapped you [HARD!!!] for embarrassing me by even asking. Then you APOLOGIZED!!!

    Since then he’s been dropping enough hints to you that he’s had me that you should get mad and punch him out (“You’re a lucky man. She really is one hot piece-a-A$$. Heh, heh, heh.”), but you act like it’s all a big joke & laugh along. Well, come June, on the morning after our wedding night, I might have to slap you over another nasty, sticky stain being on the sheets. And it WON’T be YOURS!!! Any man that doesn’t love his woman enough to get jealous or stand up for her doesn’t love her enough, you spineless wonder!!!

  8. Well, MEANB!TCH.
    You deserve a spineless man. You are a spineless, heartless woman yourself. I hope you rip something painful and get AIDS.

  9. Dear Mean bitch, i had a friend who was in a similar situation because he was a good and trusting man his girl was also an controlled animal like you. eventually i found out and instead of telling him i did him a favor. the police report deemed it a no fault car accident. Why wouldnt it be ? why would a friend not try to stop behind his friends wife and best man, the husband is grieved but hes a good person hell get over her and find someone new.maybe should do your man a favor.

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