You’re my other half

You're my other half

You’re my other half, and you know it

Stop pretending

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  1.  by  Andrew

    And now I feel a little bit better about humanity.

    Its the simple things that make me realize that maybe, just maybe we’re rather misguided, but not stupid and childish.

  2.  by  Lissa

    I have the same feelings about someone and he does me, but he keeps pretending and in some ways so do I.

  3.  by  "Buddy"

    There is this girl i’ve had strong feelings for awhile now. I always try to push the feelings away by getting a new girlfriend.. and it works for awhile. Somehow the feelings always come back. I call her my best friend..
    But really.. I wish I could be something more. :[

  4.  by  Katie

    Thank you so much for this secret, i love this boy and he loves me but hsa a girlfriend. But he wouldn’t evergo out with me because what people would think as we have been out before and it ended badly. i wish he could put it all aside because it feels like we are meant for each other. i love you baby

  5.  by  nobody special

    you’re too good for me. as much as i want you, i don’t deserve you. that is why you will never know how i really feel.

  6.  by  Friends4Ever

    Everyone says we are perfect for each other….we balance each other so well….I don’t think he sees me like that….and I don’t find he physically attractive….but we will probably end up getting married in 5 years

  7.  by  myrrh

    I just lost the one person who made me feel whole becouse he though he wasn’t good enough. He was more then I ever dreamed of haveing. Now he realy isn’t good enough for me – but I still love him.
    I secretly hope we’ll end up back together…

  8.  by  chelsea

    i feel like i wrote this comment! it is so scary, bc i really don’t like anything about him, why am i so afraid to just break it off? i don’t want to have a miserable life, but i don’t want to have a lonely one either!

  9.  by  asherah

    I feel like he wrote this about me.
    I’m not pretending, I’m just scared of settling down.

  10.  by  susana rey

    I told you that I expect nothing from you. Really, I want everything from you. I love you.

  11.  by  just waiting

    He says we are best friends, we joke about running off together if our circumstances were different, he just broke up with his fiancee, my family doesn’t approve of my spending time with him, I’ve only known him for 10 months, so how can I be in love with him?

  12.  by  muffin

    I found out 1 yr ago that the one who has had my heart for 30 yrs feels the same way I do .. we can’t get back the last 30yrs… but we can have the next

  13.  by  L

    My highschool sweetheart – I never got over him. Sounds lame, it is a little, but we remained the best of friends. Fast forward 8 years – I’m still in love, he’s a little lustful – and otherwise (unhappily) entangled. *sigh* – I want everything that I shouldn’t want. Why can’t I get over him? Is he stringing me along? Am I going to settle for being left hanging? I feel like I should have posted this picture. Maybe even 8 years ago . . .

  14.  by  Tom Housenick

    bc of her last realationship i feel as though she cant love me bc he hurt her. i was there to witness all of it n that was 6 yrs of pain i felt n in a matter of months everything that she put me through she got the same. now were datin but she always talks about us not makin it together so……

    your are my other half
    dont deny it
    you know it as damn well as i do
    your in my body
    thats where i think about you
    Love Rushboy

  15.  by  just waiting

    Yeah, so I told him how I felt… He lied and said he wasn’t ready for a relationship yet. Then the next day I found out he had been dating someone for 3 weeks. What a poser my former best friend is!

  16.  by  charlene

    i wish my best friend would say that to me.

    say it to her.

  17.  by  everybody's special

    The thing about love….. it seeing the perfections in the imperfection, just because you think you don’t deserve them, they could be thinking the exact same thing about you.

  18.  by  giorgia

    I have a boyfriend and i love him insanely. But before that i was in love with my best friend. I know that if me and my bf break up i’ll fall straight back in love with him. If i’m truly honest, i still am. I’m in love with two guys at once, and just once, i’d love to hear my best friend tell me he loves me as more cause i know we’re meant to be together

  19.  by  please

    Everyone knows you love me, we both know we’re supposed to be together and the fact you won’t hurts the most. It would be easier if you you walked away b/c you didnt love me.

  20.  by  Jay.

    It’s hard to love another guy.
    Real hard.
    Especially when you know he had feelings for you.
    When you know it could’ve all worked.
    Then it slipped away.
    I still want it, so much.
    But I’m too scared to ask you.
    Do you love me as much as I love you? ‘Cause I think I want to spend every second of my life with you.

  21.  by  Leslie

    I’m in the same boat. I’m sure my guy knows, but since he’s in the Peace Corps for 23 more months he wont talk about it and risk holding me back while he’s gone. Truth is, there is nothing I’d rather do then wait for him to come home so we can start up where we left off.

  22.  by  Leslie

    sometimes loving them is what makes you deserve them (watch My Best friends Girl)

  23.  by  Emma

    My best friend in highschool kissed me once, long ago. I was afraid and didn’t know what to do. He found a girlfriend the next week. He broke up recently with her. She hated me for no reason, so we stopped being friends in highschool and post-highschool. Now that he’s single, (and so am I) the timing always gets in the way. I’m moving across the country, and he is still fresh out of his relationship. But I can’t help feeling this electricity everytime we meet. So I will do nothing and be the good, reliable friend I’ve always been.

    It’s a bitter sweet secret – I tell no one.

  24.  by  NoLifeOnThisPlanet

    Impossibly true. She just FITS. I go out with other people, it never goes beyond first date, I’m never the one to ask them out and I never kiss them. No one else is right, the dating never works. I used to tell myself they were too….loud if she was quieter than them, short if she was taller than them etc.
    The problem is that I’m me and none of them are her. Most of them are perfectly lovely people, but I just can’t bring myself to care.

  25.  by  Leigh

    I’ve been in love with my best friend for the last 4 years. We’re no longer the friends we once were, because of our feelings for each other. We’ve both just moved to a new city for graduate school. He currently has a girlfriend but I just found out that he told all his friends that he was going to marry me the day that we met. We went to dinner the other night and it was wonderful, like nothing had changed, and now I don’t know what to do…

  26.  by  m

    I’m so afraid you’d turn away from me again. I love you so much.

  27.  by  Game

    Same situation exept I am the girl, just tell her because she feels the same way and it’s so frustrating to see you with another girl.
    My “best friend” didn’t have the courage to tell me, we slept together, we know we love eachother, but he’s going out with a girl I hooked him up with.
    So messed up.

  28.  by  Courtney

    I think its hard for me because we’re young. I get scared because of the “statistics” on teen relationships so I try to pretend I’m not as vested as I am, but I know he’s my heart.

  29.  by  Suki

    This is perfect for me and my best friend. We are the perfect pair… but I don’t thin either of us will be able to tell each other how we really feel.

  30.  by  Manicrose

    I feel the exact same way about someone. I can’t feel anything romantic for any other man because they’re not him.

  31.  by  Lonely poet LU

    In an ancient book somewhere it was written about a promise made between two souls leaving for their journey. “I WILL FIND YOU” is what was said: In space only a blink of an eye to end a good bye, but on this planet, in this world it takes so long to find my girl.
    She was lost so long ago. Will she remember the words of old? There has been countless lives that pass us by, Missing each other as we fall from the sky. So many times I have searched ending up on this earth. Our words that we vowed so long ago, will bring back magic memories when left untold. In our hearts we will know, what was written in the days of old.

  32.  by  Nobody

    i’m a lesbian and i’ve fallen in love with a friend(who’s a guy) that i couldn’t be attracted to if I were straight… but in the back of my mind I can see us happily married. but i’d never tell him this

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