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  1. i told the boy i loved that i did love him, and i found out that all he was doing was using me. now i wish i had never told him so i could keep up the illusion that he actually loved me back

  2. Definitely tell her… it’s never too late. The worst thing that can happen is she doesn’t have the same feelings you do. Honestly, if she says she doesn’t feel like you do you may think you’ll be hurt forever and never find anyone else. But think how you feel about her every day now… When you find out that she does or doesn’t like you it will set you free either way. No more wondering and you finally have the freedom to move on and find someone else.

    I liked this girl for 5 years and she was dating someone else and I didn’t tell her how I felt. Finally I just told her and she felt the same way… However, we started dating and I was on my way out of the military so I was long distance for a bit and she started dating someone else. It hurt like hell for a bit but honestly after that I had a huge weight off my shoulders. I was a free man not wondering if I should be with her instead of the girl I was currently with. After that I knew she wasn’t right. Now I’m engaged to a different girl, the girl of my dreams. So TELL HER FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!! The worst thing she’ll probably say is aww thats sweet, I’m sorry I don’t feel the same way. She’ll be flattered you told her.

  3. i once drew the guy i liked, and i gave it to him, i just never told him i liked him. now i’m with someone i love, but i think i love that guy more…

  4. A guy once hid his feelings from me for two years, he was scared I would reject him due to the long distance between us.

    We’ve been together for over a year now. The rare days we get to spend together are the happiest of our lives.

  5. I fell in love with this guy from the first day that we met. I told him my feelings for him a year later and it turned out he felt the same way. We have been together for 5years so far. Tell her how you feel, it may seem scary but at least you wont regret it.

  6. I was in the same position with a boy I went to school with… 6 years I never could say a damn thing. I thought I had lost my chance until I realized that life is too short. We’ve been together happily for the past 2 years now. I will NEVER regret taking that chance, but I would have always regretted it if I hadn’t.

  7. Wow. I’m sending in a sketch of myself and in it I look just like this girl. If there was someone who secretly loved me for 6 years, I would be astonished. Because right now… I don’t feel loved at all.

  8. I think who ever she is, she is lucky and you should tell her. Even if your voice shakes and your knees become weak. If the butterflies become to much to handle just think of how much it would be worth it to hear her say that she felt the same way back. You only live once. Make the best of it!

  9. I’m in the same situation with a guy i have loved for 5 years now. He loved this other girl but she didnt love him. I still love him and always will if you do tell them be prepared for whatever answer you get, whether they love you back the same or not. I’ve told the guy i love how i feel about him 3 times before and we are the closest friends in the world. so dont worry about losing friendship. Just go and tell her. Have Faith.

  10. Don’t hide your feelings! Look for her. The biggest regret in your life will not be what you didn’t do, but what you should’ve done. Don’t live your life with a “What if?”

    from a 9th grade class.

  11. I told my best friend. Since then, we fought, hurt each other, ignored each other, became jealous of each other, hated each other and pushed ourselves apart. Yet, we never dated, never shared any romantic intimacy and we barely talk now. I torture myself every single day because I never figured out if she ever felt the same way. I still love her, but I hate myself for loving her and I regret ever divulging my feelings. Funny thing is… my friends were convincing me to do so by using those very same speculative “what ifs” and consequential “nothing to loses.” I lost the closest friend I’ve ever had and the respect and regard for her I used to have.

  12. I liked this girl for a long time. But didn’t have the nerve to tell her for fear of rejection. After a while I told her when j was drunk. She said she didn’t know how to feel about it. We stayed friends. Then one day months later I said to myself, just do it. So I took her hand, pulled her to me and kissed her. We are now together and I have never been happier. Tell her, show her. It’s worth the risk.

  13. TELL HER!! for 6 years you’ve been hiding this from her, tell her now!! if she hears that you’ve loved her for so long, i’m sure she’ll be astonished. you never know, she might have the same long-term feelings as you do. i’m rooting for you bud!

  14. tell her,

    it goes by so fast, and then they’re gone.

    you don’t have to let her slip away into the infinite future without you.

    be brave, and just tell her.

    <3 take care.

  15. Unfortunately, some times it doesn’t even matter…I’m not a teenager, in fact I’m twice as old as a teenager, and in the same boat. Most times things don’t turn out like they do in the movies – I’ve told her, she knows, it doesn’t matter. We’re still friends. It doesn’t matter. It’s about the worst damned thing in the world; it’s a curse. I almost wish I had never met her.

    I wish you luck, but should it not end as Hollywood would like you to believe all things must, just know that though the sun might dim a little, and all the lights of the world might follow in kind, the world will not end, and neither will yours.

  16. I’ve been in love with my best friend Alec for over 4 years. I’m only 19 and I wanna tell him because i think he might like me too… But I’m afraid of rejection and loosing my best friend.

  17. I have never stopped loving a girl I met 5 years ago. Even though I have been in two huge relationships since it is still her I think of when I am alone, in the middle of a busy crowd, when there is a knock at my door, hoping her face might appear. I wish I knew how it would have ended for us. It was like a strange dream one summer that I have never fully woken from. We have not seen each other since saying goodbye in the photobooth. Trust me.. Tell her. It hurts too much not knowing.

  18. Tell her.

    For five years I have loved a wonderful woman, without telling her. She left the area and started dating someone a year ago, and my thoughts continue to be consumed by her.
    I have just learned that she is getting married in two months.

    Did she ever have feelings for me? Could she have? Was I as “not good enough” as I thought? Would telling her have damaged the friendship which is now all but dormant anyway because she isn’t around? Would I have made a fool of myself?

    I don’t know any of those answers. What I do know, is that this is the greatest regret of my life. It plagues me. I’m depressed, sad, heartsick, apathetic, and otherwise damaged and being damaged from not telling her. I still function and get through the day, and there are actually days where I only think about her a few times or can stop myself from thinking of her for more than a minute; but my life, relationships, and business has suffered because of my troubled mind about this.

    SO IF YOU CAN, TELL HER! Don’t make the mistakes I made. Don’t be the fool that I have been.

    If she has no interest, if it costs you some dignity or even a friendship, it is worth it not to end up in this purgatory of uncertainty.

  19. You can still tell her, Weight of Untold Love. If it’s really only answers you need now, then why don’t you visit her? She’s your friend; take her out to lunch. Ask her how life is. As her about her fiancé.

    Congratulate her. Tell her she’s lucky he proposed because any longer and YOU would have. Start it with a joke like that. Ease into it. If she’s getting married then it really is too late, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a calm conversation with your friend about how you feel.

  20. I was in the same situation I told her she did not feel the same and in doing so lost my best friend but I think the pain of seeing her with someone else without knowing exactly how she felt would have killed me

  21. I have liked the same girl for about 2 years now and i have no idea what to do. We used to be pretty much best friends but now we’re just friends. i have no idea how to get close to her again and she has been the only thing on my mind for the last 2 years. I would say if u are close to the girl just tell her u like her because u might do what i have done and drift apart from the girl.

  22. I’ve been in love with my ex for the past 7 years. I was involved in several other relationships but in the end I still always think about her. My youth is slowly slipping away. I definitely know how you feel. If you love her, it doesn’t matter whether shes with you or not, you just wish to see her happy.

  23. Tell here! i mean, i waited for almost 4 years before i told the girl that i loved the truth. (but she had a boyfriend the first year).
    we where best friends though.. i thought there where no escape from “the friend zone” and i was very shy also. but when i told her at the secound year at highschool, she jumped right up and kissed me.
    Whe are engaged now after almost 4 years as a couple.
    my point about this is simple: you eighter may have found your soulmate (since you have loved her so long) or you are free to move on. if she’s not interested in you, then i bet it’s her loss, and you gotta exept that.
    sorry for my english, i am norwegian.

  24. I fell in love with the idea of someone…he was great friend…but then the things i told him in confidence/trust slipped out around the school i was in and i didn’t know if he was involved or if someone else i knew was reading my emails and spread it around. He didn’t know i was fallling for him-in fact i didn’t quite know myself because there was to much issues going on at home and my “friends” at home at the time i was developing feelings for him.
    And i had to dislodge myself from people for a while…not knowing who to trust…and to keep him safe from what was going on around me.
    Later, I found out it was those “friends” useing me for some social popularity with the bullies at that school and around town.
    It’s been almost 4 years after the fact, and I still feel my self searching for more answers…I think he might be at my college in one of my classes. But i don’t even know how to approach the subject…. because I’m wait on him to make the move and tell me what’s really still going on. Other than me guessing. I have the strongest feelings for him, and i don’tknow what to do with them because if i acept them it might hurt both of us.

    So if you still love this girl for 6years, tell her.

  25. My heart raises with the thought of you.

    Being friends was fun. . .

    It’s been years, and have felt the need to tell you

    Though you may not no what love is…

    You are not alone, in my heart is love waiting.

    In my heart you are my fish,

    In your heart you find a safe spot waiting and listening

    to your pondering head.

    Love is everywhere and no where, my lovely.

    And while you wait you could be with me.

    While i will wait on you love, to make the move to set things foward,

    my heart is waning…for love is fire and hearts grow cold, and we create our own rain.

    By which i love you still, and you love me more.

  26. I fell in love when i was 13, we were in school and i really loved her but never told her. She’s married now, happily,I never confessed, still regret, still miss that lovely unrequited love, I am now 25 and i still love her and will always do for eternity…………….

  27. I’ve been in love with the same girl for 8years I’m 25 now and she’s 35 I’ve finally told her and turns out she has feeling for me and has done for some time but we’ve been close friends for all those years but I’ve just come out of a relationship and she’s not ready yet but it’s looking promising

  28. Ive just realised that ive loved this boy for nearly 6 years, im 16 now and I finally got a chance to start something with him(relationship) it was weird at first because we had like a love and hate friend relationship school.,Things didn’t turn out okay and we split up I was wondering if he will ever come back! its been nearly 4months now and I don’t know what to do because hes really stubborn! I know that he loves me as a friend and Im definitely sure he loved me when we were together as he got jealous nearly over everything and he was really controlling, the reason I want him to come back is so that I can say I don’t love you anymore so I can get over him! I know that I love him but I need to tell him I dont so he knows how I felt when he finished it! I wish I was his friend again 🙁

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