I like popping pimples

I like popping pimples

I like popping pimples

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  1.  by  guest

    i think my secret was better and i’m disappointed.

  2.  by  Connie

    me too!

    and to the first commenter -> thats kind of rude to leave as a comment

  3.  by  David

    my girlfriend lovessss popping pimples but it makes me breakout… i hope this is her, that would be cute

  4.  by  dawnieangel76

    Same here!

    I’d rather see some red, healing marks on my face than ugly, yellow, pus-filled lumps or dark blackheads.

  5.  by  "Buddy"

    I do also 😀
    I love the ones.. that just explode everywhere..
    And your just like.. o.o that came out of my face?!

  6.  by  Jonpaddy

    LOL I also like popping pimples. This is disgusting, but I actually love feeling the zit empty and if it rockets, jackpot. Except for that, I am actually a pretty squeamish guy.

  7.  by  Yet another

    Whenever my mother complains about my face breaking out, I blame it on stress. But it’s not the stress giving me more pimples, it’s me picking at my face more when I’m stressed, because I enjoy it so.

  8.  by  himynameis

    Same, its like its relieving pressure in my face and even if it scabs, it feels better than the pulsing muck under my skin.

  9.  by  kevin

    being honest doesnt make you rude, your rudness does

  10.  by  Emily

    I know. Same here. And I pick the scabs after which makes it worse…..sigh I wish i wasn’t so gross. But at least I’m not the only one.

  11.  by  illyria

    lol I am grossed out by the comments, but I like the secret

  12.  by  Megan

    I do it too. I’m a total picker. I do it to my boyfriend too. He doesn’t mind except when i use my nails, which is all i know how to do.

  13.  by  Anon E Mus

    I do to!! I like seeing all that negativity come out of my body!

  14.  by  just someone :)

    Me too!!!! It’s gross but i can’t help it! I don’t like the idea of all that gross stuff stuck in my face. (I even like popping the pimples on my boyfriends back :/)

  15.  by  Mel H

    My gf used to pop them on my back, and I hated it!

    I’d say ‘Don’t do that!’ and she’d giggle and apologize

    then she’d keep doing it, and I’d start to get upset and she’d so oh no I’ll stop now

    Then she’d keep at it

    I get it, that it was kind of a thrill for her

    But it actually felt a tad like physical abuse, not so much that it hurt badly, but that she invaded my personal space when I’d say no

    Definitely not a trust building thing to do

  16.  by  Guest

    That’s definitely rude. Who’s to say yours is better?

  17.  by  megs

    Omg.. missy is this ur secret???? Haha it would fit!

  18.  by  Keith

    Lol physical abuse?? I was physically abused by my parents whom adopted me, and for those of us who have actually been physically abused some might get offended that you would try to lump that into there. You could put a shirt on then she can’t see your pimples, or wash you back better, or tell her if she doesn’t knock it off you won’t lay down or sit down anywhere that your back is exposed to her again.

    But yes… I don’t get pimples very often, but I really like it when I get the ones that you can’t see. They form beneath the skin and when you feel the hardened area and it pops a bunch of dried up pus and the pressure around the area is suddenly relieved… It’s an amazing feeling. Not as good as sex lol, but a good feeling.

  19.  by  Lynda Griffin

    im the same way. most of my friends get kinda annoyed, but i just tell them that its because if they have a big pimple on their face, i cant pay attention to what theyre saying me.

    secretly,i just love hearing and feeling that ‘pop’!

  20.  by  michelle

    I thought it was just me! Though personally my favorite is blackheads. I come at them with these disgusting tweezers and I cannot believe all that disgusting stuff was in my skin.

  21.  by  Andrew

    Only reason I clicked this secret/pic was to read the comments. I’m actually amazed people enjoy popping pimples. It’s sorta funny

  22.  by  guest

    I love popping my boyfriends, but he gets so mad. He dosent understand that ive never had a pimple in my life and well, im curious

  23.  by  Someone!

    I feel like I belong now that I’ve read these comments 🙂

  24.  by  Lola

    Me too! The sad thing is… I’ll even pop my boyfriend’s, and my brother’s… I felt like I was the only one!

  25.  by  ivanka

    i thought i was the only one! i just love washing my face, exfoliating, popping that sucker, and washing my face again, then i know theres nothing visible, which makes it easier to cover up the next day 😀 its so refreshing

  26.  by  Hehe

    I am obsessed with popping my boyfriends pimples as I have none to speak of and uh.. Well he has plenty to share. It drives him crazy, though. Often times I will have to make a bargain or bribe him in order to get the chance to just pop a few. But I just can’t get enough! Hahaha.

  27.  by  colleen

    I like popping other people’s pimples !

  28.  by  Devin

    being honest is sharing a secret. being rude is telling someone their secret isn’t as good as yours.

  29.  by  BB

    I love popping pimples too, my mom always yells at me, but i still do it haha. I also rip my nails, and this is gross, i drop the ripped off thing onto the ground. I even do it as people are talking to me, and this one man picked it up after i dropped it on the ground haha. Yay gross habits =]

  30.  by  mia

    I love doing it to the blackheads on my boyfriend’s nose and face. I try not to hurt him too much, but he always complains, and so I stop. It feels sort of dirty, but I love it, and its hard to stop once you’ve started… Sometimes I have dreams of him being unconscious so I can just squeeze them all away without him hurting or squirming! I think I should pay for him to have one of those cleansing things at the beauty therapist so they’re all gone, and I don’t have to have them eyeballing me!!!

  31.  by  secretninja

    same here.
    i have secretly been wiping the pus behind the facuet to compare to the next one i pop.
    my mom found it
    i said ive never seen it before.
    she believed me and i got a new mirror because of it
    I feel so guilty.
    But i can’t stop.
    My favorite website is popthatzit.com
    my parents found out.

  32.  by  Eireann

    Hahahahaha yessss! I love doing this. I find it weird that people would be grossed out if you’re trying to help their face. XP

  33.  by  Epical

    😀 I thought I was the only one. It’s just weird, I know it’s gross but I can’t help it.

  34.  by  Sepia

    It’s called “dermatillomania”. I have it. Not sure if the pimple popping thing is different or related, but I love popping pimples. My husband even understands so well how much I enjoy it (and how good I am at doing it without causing infection) that he allows me to pop his. I just wish I could leave the scabs on my own face alone after popping the pimples. I would be so much prettier if I could leave them alone to heal like I do with his. But it really is this incredibly overwhelming desire to get rid of all bumps and crusts on my own skin. It “feels” better to my fingers, even though I know it’s worse for my skin and worse for my looks.

    Having the name of the disorder has really helped me. Sometimes when it gets really bad, I get acrylic nails so it’s harder to pick. Also I start playing with picking at my fingernails which is not as damaging to my body. Good luck you all, hope this information helps free some of you too.

  35.  by  Rahe

    OMG, I LOVE POPPING ZITS! Both on myself and others! I am so glad I am not the only one who likes to pop others’ zits! I really like just hearing that satisfying “pop” when you’ve got a good one. And the ones that explode? I let the puss stay on the mirror for days as a mark of certain pride. PIMPLE POPPERS FTW!

  36.  by  Natachums

    OMG! I have to do the same thing. I always have to bribe him iin order to pop those suckes! He’s so used to it now that he’ll just lay there and say “you know you owe me for each oneyou pop right?” lol

  37.  by  dara

    wtf why would you say that, each postcard is a beautiful piece of art, no one is better or lesser, its all treated equally.

  38.  by  XP

    Popping pimples… it’s almost a fetish.But the worst I have is bondage… 😉

  39.  by  ooioo

    i loooove using those pore strip things…after i use them, i cant stop looking at whats stuck on there…this came out of my face??? 🙂

  40.  by  Courtney

    I do this! I feel like a freak, but I also clean up my boyfriend’s face (he can’t get the ones on his back). I don’t feel disgusted by his acne. I just clean it up and put medicine on it.

  41.  by  BlueCrimson

    To David (#3)
    Lol god I love you ^^ You remind me of my boyfriend who always says that I’m cute and what I do is cute even when most would find it weird. Your girlfriend is really lucky to have you, just as I’m lucky to have mine. <3 WISH YOU BOTH THE BEST <3

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