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  1. My grandparents love eachother so much after 66 years of marriage at an age of 87.. they always hold hands and always smile at eachother,, it’s kinda cute that after so long they’re still together and still love eachother

  2. I know I’m really late replying to this, but congratulations 🙂 6 months now-days is a quite an achievement for teenagers. I’m 17, my boyfriend is 19 and we just celebrated our 7 months. If you think it is worth it, then anything is possible 🙂

  3. I want this too, and I believe in young love, but I fear college is going to seperate us. I am too scared to tell him that i want to move out of state. He says he wants to stay in-state. 🙁

  4. Last month my wife of 6 years walked out on me and our kids, for a 21 year old. Two weeks latter he has dumped her. In order to put my family back together, I have to relocate meyself and the kids, find a new job in a new city, and find new houseing. I am beinging to think love may not be worth the trouble…or heart ache….

  5. “It’s okay to mourn your loss” goes without saying. WITHOUT SAYING. Zip it, life coach.

  6. well my love has yet to notice that im interested in him. id love for it to last that long. but whatever. somethings never happen

  7. I met my love May 12, 2010. It is complicated and I don’t know if it will bare out in the end, but this woman has meant to World to me. After knowing her for only a few days, I felt like we had been together for years. She is the one I want to grow old with, as I know we would be ageless.

  8. I met the man of my dreams when I was 14. I new from the moment i saw him i wanted to grow old with him. I thought I was being foolish but as time went on and after dating many other people i came to realise that 14yr old me was right all along. after 4 years of blind hope, fate brought us together.. Ive never loved someone more. We’v been together for 3years.. We are getting engaged next year =)
    never lose hope. doesnt matter how old you are.. after all statistics are just numbers not facts

  9. I thought I had this. I cannot get over the fact that it was so damn easy for him to give up our 7 year relationship and a lifetime worth of plans. It’s been 8 months since he left. I am 25 now and I’m scared that I’m going to grow old alone. Not because no one will ever love me and want to spend the rest of his life with me, but because I know I will never love anybody else but him… for the rest of my life.

  10. Kim, I understand your feelings so much. Over the pain, the empty place he left, there is the complete disbelief: how could he give up the projects, the life built together, everything…?

  11. you should just tell him. don’t wait for them to realize it. just say it. i know its harder to. but its better then to think “what if i told him i loved him” dont think that way. just tell him. get the courage and just do it.

  12. I want this more than anything. I met my boyfriend at 17 and it has been four years. I plan to put a lot of work into our relationship and make it last. I truly believe that ANY love can last, regardless of when you meet the person if the people involved are mature enough to understand relationships aren’t all sunflowers and rainbows. They take WORK and if you’re willing to do it you have a way better chance than other teen couples. Best of luck to everyone whenever you find love and WHOMEVER you find it with (gay is okay!)

  13. all i want….is my pain to be gone. I work with animals and everytime i hear about one of them passing away or their owner getting rid of them, I greive for them like they were my own. And even after years it still seems to hurt…I know one day I will die from a broken heart.

  14. I love this post. My best friend of which I dated introduced me to this site. Awhile back I had a career choice to make that affected our relationship and friendship. I pray that she would allow me back into her life. She will forever be in my heart.

  15. I posted this secret so long ago and completely forgot about it until I got onto post secret today and realized they got my secret 🙂 it makes me happy that the put it on the website. I’m glad others feel this was as well about my secret. 🙂 much love for everyone out there. Still haven’t found the one, but still wishing I can find this love someday…

  16. thank you guys so much 🙂 and again, im so glad i posted this. its makes me so happy that i have people see this and agree with me. i hope everyone finds this love and can grow old with their significant other. best of luck to everyone and thank you for sharing your comments. everyone on postsecret means the world to me 🙂

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